Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sitiawan food

After the visit to the Tua Pek Kong temple, we went searching for a nearby seafood restaurant called Ah Pek Lee Kou Hock, situated at Kampung Cina. I googled about it earlier on and many recommended this restaurant because of its unique dishes.

GPS managed to bring us there but unfortunately, it opens at 6pm and it was only 4pm when we reached.
So we settled our late lunch at Laut Villa restaurant, which is also nearby. Fyi, there're a whole strench of seafood restaurants at Kampung Cina and almost all are full.

Non air conditioned, and we were all sweating...

The lady recommended this, spicy and sour steamed siakap. Suit my appetite!

Stir fried chinese cabbage

kong pou mantis prawns

This is another signature dish, fried oyster cake aka 'oo chien'

Marmite chicken

Total bill for 6 adults with 2 bottles of homemade of sugar cane juice is RM 127. We were all satisfied with the food and serving!

It was a hot and tiring day! Guess no more trip to Sitiawan for the coming months... I feel that the journey is quite long (though it is only about 80 minutes), probably because of the trunk road. The trip would be faster if there's a highway.


  1. the fish is really appetising, wow, i am drooling now leh.. and the fried oyster also good~~~~ :)

  2. I have my eyes set on the oo chien, but it's a lil different from ours here, huh?

  3. Hayley,
    wa, you so clever to cari makan one. I think whole of perak also you cover already. ha ha.

  4. The bill is cheap. Oh yes I drooling over the spicy and sour stem fish.

  5. Sitiawan seafood is very famous. Why no crab?

  6. Yvonne, yep. It's more crunchy and bigger!

    Johnnie, LOL, no la! :P

    Yan, no crabs cause there were 2 pregnant ladies that day :P

  7. wow those make me drooling now. :D

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  8. I love Kg Cina in Setiawan....lots of nice restaurants here....must go again during year end school!

  9. That oh jien and fish is so good leh! why no crab? I eat crab too while I'm preggy.. hehehe...the bill is cheap too.

  10. the fish must be very very jeng :D.....

    *saliva drop*

  11. spicy and sour steamed siakap
    Yum yum!!!~~~

    with this i can eat a bowl of rice d !

  12. Hi Hayley, wow! Love that fish! The last time I was at Sitiawan wayyy back in the 80s. Used to have lunch at Kg. Koh as well Pantai Remis, and Pangkor Island.
    My wife still has relatives in Sitiawan.
    Have a nice day.

  13. Angeline, haha, just din't feel like having crabs...

  14. 宫保虾膏是我喜欢的!yummy~

  15. 珊姑娘, 我也很喜欢 ;)


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