Friday, April 20, 2012

A day to Penang

Hello peeps!

It was a public holiday here in Perak yesterday, the gang and I headed Penang for a day trip (regardless of the Tsunami thingy which happened lately).

Initial planning was to try Kissa Koyotei Japanese restaurant, and dinner at Full House, Times Sq. But both was not being executed due to certain reasons, LOL.

Anyway, our first stop was 1st Avenue which we were there for 30 mins only cause nothing much to shop. Next headed to Gurney Plaza which we had Sakae Sushi as lunch.

Total 8 couples, with a 5 mo baby, and 3 babies in the tummies ;)

Gosh, I really must reduce photo taking, cannot accept the all-puffed-up face of mine!! :0


Chawan mushi

Teriyaki chicken udon

Haru set


Unagi rice set

Tea time was Hokkaido ice cream, at our 3rd stop, QB mall.

Matcha ice cream and Ferrero Rocher, yumz~

We shopped more at QB, but all for our baby, hehe.. nothing for hubby and I. Well, guess that's a nature pattern when you're expecting a baby, or when you have kids.

Dinner was at TGI Friday's.

Tennessy chicken set shared between hubby and I

Grilled salmon set

Championship BBQ chicken set

I suffered from a swollen legs and back pain when I reached home. I even rest and sit down several time in the malls, so-not-me!!

But only about 5 more weeks to go, I can do it!! ;)


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  2. Pregnant women are the most beautiful, especially in the eyes of your husband. By the way, it is almost time to pop, don't travel so much. You take care and rest more.

  3. I bet it was a breeze to get parking in the shopping malls, as it was Penang's workday :D

    So, did you get any cute stuffs for your newborn?

  4. wah, you go to Penang so often, i've not been there for so many years lah!! the ice cream looks so so so so delicious, slurrrp!!!

  5. 三个孕妇!你们那里好热闹哦!我觉得与朋友一起怀孕最开心了,嘻嘻^^

  6. wow.. u r very geng too! Big tummy can still go walk walk mall mall... :)

  7. A very happening holiday ya....
    Especially go out with bunch of good friends....

  8. so fun to get a day off :) i also forgot about the Sultan's birthday :P

  9. mummies and mummytobes gathering there? :) Enjoy more of such days ya!

    Latest: Best Milk Ever

  10. Yvonne, yes, bought more stuff for my baby ;)

  11. Yummy food! Yes preggie women can't walk for long... must take breaks in between k :-)

  12. hang in there, 5 more weeks more, you can do it...

    its norm lah for preggy mama, with a big belly sure cannot jalan lama mah..but for me, i can hv my shopping marathon for 8 hrs non stop at Mid Valley when im 8mths pregnant, even the gynae also commented im

  13. You still look great. With my 1st one I also couldn't walk much..felt so heavy..haha. I have Sakae Sushi almost every weekend for lunch.

  14. Mummy Gwen, me too, feeling so heavy now..

  15. You jalan-jalan quite a lot during pregnancy eh? Salute!

  16. Walking is good for you... it's a form of exercise anyway :) It helps during delivery... making your cervix dilation quicker and easier, I heard. I walked a lot during pregnancy and had a rather easy birth ;)

  17. Merryn and ChloeRuoyi, yes I heard the same, so trying my best! ;)


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