Friday, April 6, 2012

Insomnia, I don't need you

I did some light exercises and took a warm bath, and went to bed as usual last night. Rolled left and right and my mind just can't find peace.
I din't bother to look at the clock, just tell myself to relax and tried to sleep. But things din't got better and worst, the heavy sleeper beside me was snoring away.. grr...

Just when I thought I could sleep, hubby's alarm rang T______T Well, there goes my night.

I've posted this annoying problem in FB and many commented to listen to soft music or to read. Well, I don't read much so I think I'm going to try listening to music tonight, and see if things get better.

Sorry to bored you on such boring topic on a Friday, but I just to need rant it out.

On another note, I went for another check up this morning and everything is alright. Baby is weighing about 2.3kg and still kicking hard. But for myself, I have gained another 1kg in only 2 weeks time :0 But then doctor din't mention anything about overweight so I guess I'm still ok ;)

EDD is approaching in approximately 7 weeks time, I've started to ask around and read people's labor experiences. But I don't dare to watch any labor-related videos, I think better not =_=
But by listening or reading, at least I've a 'picture' what labor is going to be like....

Enough ranting, I'm going to catch a nap now. Wishing you folks a great weekend and see you next week! ;)


  1. Get rest and sleep well tonight dear.

    Have a nice weekend

  2. You know dear,I used to suffer from this "kaw kaw" but i really think,may be the only solution is sleep only when your body wants to,,,, you see now I am okay already, sometimes if my body wants me to sleep at 10 PM, i wont fight it,I sleep lah, then if I wake up 3 or 4, then wake up lah,,so slowly, I listen to my body and it listens to me in return and so far so good,,,

    take care ya,,,stress not

  3. errr, just last night and not every night right?? sometimes it just happens, tonight sure you'd have a good sleep.. :p

  4. Thank god i didnt have such problems when I were a preggie. I slept very well, even with my hubby's snoring at my side.

  5. Don't worry so much, dear and give so much stress to your self. What you need to do now is to relax.

    Well, I always believe that whatever it is, things will be just fine when time comes as the chinese always says 'shuen doh qiu tau, zi yin je' (direct pin yin from cantonese - hope you get what I mean).

    When you can't sleep, then take this 'opportunity' to think of what you wanna to do when your baby first say 'hi' to you in 7 weeks time like what is the first word that you are going to say to your bundle of joy. There are so many more sweet and nice things to think about instead of all the negatives one and I'm sure these will bring you to your sweet dream even without you knowing it instead of keep thinking that you can't sleep and stress yourself up.

    Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter to you.

  6. I had insomnia during my second pregnancy, nothing much that I could do about it... But to bring my sourish face to office the next day. I was so afraid to 'wake' up in the middle of the night, as I ll stay awake for the next few hours. I even tried counting sheep, lol!

    But try not to thing about it too much, dear. The more you fear, the hard you fall asleep. Over-anxiety. Just sharing my experiences.

  7. happy weekend to you. don't listen or read too much about labor. it will add more stress :)

  8. No ppl love insomnia ~
    you can try wash your leg by warm water before sleep ~ Or ask ur hubby give u a help for massage ~

  9. If you are a coffee drinker, try to cut down on caffein related drinks such as coffee and coke, maybe it helps, cos normally the coffee will last around 8 to 12 hours.

  10. Thanks everyone!

    Eugene, hmm you got a point too..

    SK, luckily not every night, otherwise I'll become a zombie..

    Little Kit Boy, well I know what you mean, but I try not to think so much when I'm about to sleep.

    Yvonne, yea I agree, don't think too much.. thanks for the tips!

    Libby, nope, I don't drink coffee at all, hehe.

  11. know how u feels, been through that during my 2nd pregnancy till i cannot tahan, im willing to be induced 2 weeks b4 due date! really stressful , men...

  12. Iyson, oh really.. that sounds terrible..

  13. Hayley, insomnia will leave you when the baby is born. It is the hormonal change make you insomnia.

  14. Yan, I know! I just need to hang in there, right? ;)


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