Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meme: Most frequently heard compliment

Firstly, thanks Yan for the Happy Blogger Award~ 
This is a meme which the question is:

What is my most frequently heard remark?

Well, the question sounds easy but I've spent a long time thinking about the answer (Does it mean I seldom hear compliments about myself?? =_=)

Anyway, I think the most frequently heard compliment about myself is that I have good complexion of skin.
I remember hearing it from my relatives, friends and the make up artists who did my wedding make up and during the pre wedding photoshooting.

Picture of yours truly taken in Aug last year

I think part of the reason is my hard works in taking care of my skin conditions, haha. And of course, I'm just lucky to find a skin care product which suits my skin type (I've normal to combination skin).

I used to watch alot of beauty shows and also read about beauty tips from magazine. I've learnt that our face, especially the under eye area and neck are the most obvious areas which will reveal our age. And actually after the age of 25, our skin will started to 'aged' so early caring is very important.

Anyway, I din't spent alot of money on skin care, what I did are simple routines:
-Double cleansing, toning, mosturising, sun protecting, weekly facial masque and exfloating at home and monthly facial by my favourite beautician and lastly drinking lots of water.

Sounds 'troublesome' but for the sake of my skin condition, it's all worth ;)

Ok, I'm done. Here I wanna pass this award to the following bloggers:
1. YT from My Warm Nest
2. Shan from 珊言凉语
3. Evelyn from My Diary


  1. having good skin complexion is definitely a girl's dream!! well, this sure is a compliment right?? :)

  2. Hi Hayley, yes, you really have a swell complexion....
    the kinds that make men look 3 times.
    Must be all the tau fu you mom had before giving birth to you, ha ha.
    Have a beautiful weekend, keep well.

  3. Yes your skin complexion is good. But I'm the lazy type of women...people say lazy women kenot become pretty...hehehe. Have a nice weekend dear.

  4. Thanks for the award :)

    But I am a bit busy and lazy to blog recently... very tired at work. I've got many things that I've been dragging and dragging...

    Seriously, I donno what ppl compliment me usually... Hmm, need to think think :P

  5. SO envy ~ my faci condition is the worse place on me ~so hard to fit it completely ... aiks ~

  6. SK, of course!

    Lee, アンゼエリン, LOL, thanks!

    YT, it's ok, take your time la~

  7. Hayley, you have a very perfect complexion, poreless and flawless. I hope you can pass this good gene to your kid.

  8. Oh dear, thanks for the tag ^^
    As u said, it's simple but quite hard to answer it. Well, give me some time and I will reply soon. =)

  9. Having good complexion is a blessing, isn't it? :)

    Your skin is flawless~

  10. 你的皮肤真的很好!赞同!女人真的要保养^^
    嘻嘻!谢谢你的tag,但我不玩tag的,但,是你,我到时就找一篇文章纳入回答你的tag啦,muaks ^^

  11. i wish to own naturally good skin too :(

    Latest: FiSh Castle

  12. Evelyn, haha take your time!

    Yvonne, yea, yours too!

    珊姑娘,哦,没关系,saja tag 你罢了。。如果有兴趣就写啦!^^

    Fish, your skin is good too, cause you're still so young~

  13. Yes you have very good complexion. Even now a pregnant lady you still look great.

  14. You have flawless and beautiful skin. You really take good care of your face. :)

  15. Vicky and Mummy Gwen, hehe thanks~

  16. Oh now i know. I thought you were born with good skin complexion without needing all the beauty products. Anyway! Beautiful!

  17. Willie, haha well, may be a few percentage from gene la!

  18. Kian Fai, LOL.. something fun..

  19. Yes, agree with everyone's compliment that your complexion is good! Fair, smooth and beautiful :)

  20. That's like a baby skin! haha...very nice and glowing. Skin for pregnant lady are even better coz of the hormones. They glow and shine!

  21. mNhL, yes.. Hope it stays the same after I give birth, hehe.


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