Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sweet Me!

There's a newly opened dessert house in town lately, called 甜蜜蜜, Sweet Me.
First thing I want to comment about the supervisor's service, he is super friendly and talkative, til I feel abit uncomfortable, LOL.

Official opening will be held on 3rd May, but it's already operating now

They offer quite a number of tong sui..

As well as food

More dishes

Here are some of the desserts and food:

Sweetened peanut paste with ice blender, RM 5.90

Red bean soup with glutinous rice ball, RM 4.90

Honey dew with sago, RM 5.90

Mango sago pomelo, RM 5.90

Double boiled snow jelly with red dates, RM 12

Snacks, RM 4.90

Sweet Me mushroom and sausege noodles, RM 6.90

Overall, the desserts are nice! But some dishes are quite expensive to me.

Here's the address and contact, and for every bill spent above RM 30, you're entitled a stamp and collect 10 to redeem a cash voucher worth RM 30.

Business hours: 11am - 1am

*Charges are inclusive of government and service tax*


  1. not bad woh, but then not only dessert they also got other things to eat... the peanut paste looks good, comes with an "ice blender" also?? :D

  2. thanks for dropping by my blog! :-)

    Congrats on your pregnancy and have a smooth delivery ya, we are only 2 weeks apart :-)

    Those desserts look so delish!

  3. wow nice place...no harm to try it out..

  4. That is an original name for a restaurant.


  5. 哈哈哈,是不是因为店名的关系,所以那supervisor特别热情甜蜜!哈哈哈!!xD

  6. SK, I also wonder, haha, but thats the name written on the menu ;)

    Kristie, thank you and you take care too!

    珊姑娘, 哈哈或许是吧!:D

  7. Wow @ the price list. I thought Yang Sheng Ge's dessert is pricey, looks like Sweet Me overtakes it.

    Hehe, I'm such an auntie of Taiping - only look for cheap and fresh food :p

  8. Hayley,
    you no need to eat here also already sweet. Make sure you take in more calcium to protect your teeth.:D

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. sometimes being overly friendly is not good. well, the desserts look really good :) love the icy ones

    Latest: The Healthy Bar

  11. The desserts look yummy. Yeah I also think the price is a bit expensive.

  12. oo the supervisor is a HE.. ;)
    the dessert looks very good .. especially the mango sago pamelo..
    very nice.....
    yummy .. just had my lunch and it is will be perfect if i could get one of this...

  13. Too bad there is no spaghetti in the menu. My girls like spaghetti when eating out.

  14. Johnnie, haha I will :P

    Yan, who knows in the future they might have it on the menu..

  15. The Sweetened peanut paste nice meh? I can imagine it tasting like Peanut Butter.

  16. that bowl of blended peanuts look so heavenly!

  17. Oh ha! that's cool! I hope they paid for your meal since you blog about it!

  18. 甜蜜蜜Okay~but sweet me very weird in hear lar,hahah~

  19. NOt bad..... New dessert shop! It's getting popular nowadays!

  20. Pregnant mommy crave for sweet stuffs huh, haha next time your boy sure have sweet tooth like you then can accompany you for hunt for desser.

  21. Gosh, I LOVE DESSERT!

    Can never get enough of sweet stuff in my life hahaha.

  22. Thristhan, yes it's nice~

    Willie, haha I hope so :P

    min~aris, yea, sounds weird right?

    Vicky, that'll be GOOD! ;)

    YT, high 5!

  23. Mmmmm...mouth-watering food. I guess the supervisor is being overly-friendly because he/she wants more business..hehehhee

  24. Barbara, I reckon that too...

  25. It seems like you have had lots of fun :)
    Yummy :)

  26. Izdiher, yea yummy desserts!

  27. man I wan that sago sago dessert argh!! so bad XD U make me drumming!

  28. Hmmm... Looks real nice but price a bit expensive for Taiping...

  29. Shirlexia, yes quite expensive~


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