Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just an update

Hi my dear readers! Do you miss me? ;)

About 10 more days and my confinement is done! But most probably I will extend to 40 days cause I heard that's the best... So far, confinement is okay for me.. I got to rest alot and enjoyed most of my meals and the confinement aunty prepares most of the stuff, best of all I get to order hubby to do this and that like a queen, kakakaka :D

But of course the hardest part is to cope with the oily smelly scalp and hair... =_=
So far I've only bath once during the 12th day and I scrub my scalp like nobody's business that time, to me shower never felt so good!! Now I have to wait til baby's fullmoon to enjoy my shower again.

As for Aden, he is becoming naughtier and 'smarter'.. Sometimes he cries and screams so loud for milk until the whole family come to see what's wrong, LOL. The only peaceful moment is when he is sleeping ;)
But one thing I am happy about is that he has started to drink more and poo more since last week (He was quite 'weak' during the first 2 weeks due to prolong jaundice).
The nurse came this morning to check on him and he has gained another 400grams! ;)

At the mean time I am learning how to be a good mum because I know I will be on my own when the confinement aunty leaves.

Alright I guess that's all for today! I know it's the school holidays now, wishing all of you happy holidays and happy weekend! ^_*

Friday, May 18, 2012

The 12th day

Greetings to all!

Time flies and my baby Aden is now 12 days old.
I'm still in my confinement period and am doing great. My daily routine apart from breastfeeding is to eat and sleep only, LOL. Of course when I'm boring I'll watch abit TV and surf the net for a while.

Confinement aunty takes care of Aden most of the time, she is a nice lady and I cannot imagine life without her helps when my confinement period is done. But then again I'm a mother now I know I can handle it! (Well may be a bit tough in the beginning)

Aden, day 2 in the hospital

1 week-old. Many said he looks like mummy from this angle, hehe...

Smiling while sleeping, must be dreaming something good... ;)

He's cute when he's not making any noise...

Aden already gained 200g since day one. His jaundice has reduced after being admitted into the hospital for phototheraphy sessions for 4 nights in total. I know it's common for newborn to have jaundice but it's really a heartache seeing him under the phototheraphy, and I miss him like crazy when he's not around :(

Anyway, we've heard alot of methods to help reduce jaundice and will try them out. 

Time to rest and wishing you guys a nice weekend ahead! ;)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hi all!

Hello to all my readers! Today is my second day in confinement period and so far everything is ok.. Oops just in case if you don't know already, my prince reported early,hehe. He was born on Monday 7th of May, about 2 weeks earlier than the EDD. His name is Aden ;) He weights about 2.93kg when he was born, which was a slight difference than what the dr told me during my 3D scan last week. But he was fine, in fact he was a very good boy. He cries very softly and sleeps all the times, hehe. But this morning he was brought to the hospital cause of jaundice, and will stay a night for monitoring. Hopefully it is not serious so that he can come home tomorrow because I miss him already! :( I'm going to enjoy my confinement period as what been told by everyone, and rest as much as I can. So I won't be visiting you guys so frequent already. So you guys take care and I shall see you soon! P/s: now I truly understand what my friend said, 'everyday produce milk like a cow!' LOL!

Friday, May 4, 2012

What I packed for delivery

For the baby, I've packed the following:

- baby clothes
- mittens, booties and hats
- napkins
- handkerchiefs
- new born diapers
- baby wipes
- towel
- blanket
- new born wrap
- feeding bottle

Note: I think I've packed more than enough, as the nurse told me just to bring a set of clean new born clothes/mittens/booties when baby and I are discharged from hospital, they will provide the rest.
But I feel it's better to get all necessary things ready, who knows right?

And for myself:

- pyjamas
- t shirts
- sarongs
- face and bath towels
- nursing bra and pads
- cardigan
- socks
- disposable panties
- undergarments
- maternity loops
- dry shampoo
- toiletries

Not forgetting my camera and phone, am thinking to bring along my mp3 or iPad....

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pregnancy week 37

Went for another 3D/4D scan today and doctor said my baby boy has a beautiful nose, LOL. But as he was moving actively inside, I couldn't really see other features clearly. But doctor said everything is ok and baby is now 3.2kg! Such a big baby :0
To me, 3.2kg at this stage is quite a big number.. I'm concerned even though doctor said it's 'normal' =_=
Guess I shall control my food intake already....

This is the only clear shot which can see his face.. Based on this picture, I think my baby is quite chubby la! haha :D

I can still feel his strong strenches and moves, though I read that he has lesser space to move now due to his growing size. And these few days, his strenches are so powerful until I could see 2 huge bulges on my belly and when this happens, I have to stop whatever I'm doing, concentrate on my breathing, and rub my belly for a few seconds, before he relaxes and I feel better (Or I think it's called the BH contractions in this case) It happens a few times a day.

 Gifts are slowly coming in from most friends... Baby stuff already occupied almost half of our room, I can see more to come...

Doctor said I might pop anytime hence I already get things packed weeks ago, and informed hubs which bags are to bring to the hospital. But most people said first child is usually quite 'late' if not 'on time', it's about 3 weeks away to my EDD anyway.
The gynea doctor whom I consulted is currently on long leave and will only be back on 14th May. I do hope my prince could wait for at least another week or so, but things are hard to say at this point, right?
As long as everything is fine, I'm thankful.

Baby bump at 37 weeks. Strench marks (tiny purple dots) had started to surface on the sides of my waist since 2-3 weeks ago, hur hur T___T

Whatever it is, I am still counting down ;)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First ever maternity shooting

Finally, after about a month of waiting, I got the maternity photoshooting softcopies and album back.

Weeks before the photoshooting, I asked hubby whether he wanted to accompany me as I know he's not those camera-person. To my surprise, he said yes (for the sake of my safety) provided he'd be in only a few photos... hehe.

I sorta did a 'survey' before deciding and in the end, I decided to do an outdoor shooting rather than an indoor ones, as it's more natural with all the sunlight and surroundings.

Here, I'd like to share a few of the photos which I like.

 This is my favourite picture and it's the album cover

 The photographer is a lady friend of mine and she recommended Sentosa Villa, a very nice relaxing place for photoshooting

 This is a must in every maternity photoshooting, I guess ;)

 For this photoshooting, I brought a few baby's clothes, new born socks, a blue ribbon, baby's ultrasound scan and one 'coming soon' cardboard ;)

 Photographer asked if it's possible for me to lie sideway on a thin bench, ok, I'd do anything to get a good shot, haha :P

 Only 2 suits, which is enough as we shot at only one place. It was a beautiful hot morning but luckily the photoshooting was fast, about 90 minutes

I was about 32 weeks preggie that time
 Hubby and I were talking to our baby here, hehe....

 I only did a very minimal make up (which didn't really show in the photos) to cover my puffy face, as I wanted to look as natural as possible

So this is what I got from the package, 40 prints in 4R, one 20pages album (6"x8") and softcopies

It's a wonderful experience and I'll keep all these and show them to my prince when he grows up, hehe.

I hope you enjoy the photos ;)