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Hi all!

Hello to all my readers! Today is my second day in confinement period and so far everything is ok.. Oops just in case if you don't know already, my prince reported early,hehe. He was born on Monday 7th of May, about 2 weeks earlier than the EDD. His name is Aden ;) He weights about 2.93kg when he was born, which was a slight difference than what the dr told me during my 3D scan last week. But he was fine, in fact he was a very good boy. He cries very softly and sleeps all the times, hehe. But this morning he was brought to the hospital cause of jaundice, and will stay a night for monitoring. Hopefully it is not serious so that he can come home tomorrow because I miss him already! :( I'm going to enjoy my confinement period as what been told by everyone, and rest as much as I can. So I won't be visiting you guys so frequent already. So you guys take care and I shall see you soon! P/s: now I truly understand what my friend said, 'everyday produce milk like a cow!' LOL!


  1. HI., congrats! just came across your blog. Feel free to join 'the breastfeeding advocates network' via FB. You can share your breastfeeding issues n get alot of tips there. Happy moo-moo-ing! :)

  2. Hayley...Ive seen your and your baby's photo in Yan's blog... yay! congratulations he is a very cute prince. I am always excited seeing new babies and new moms. Happy Mother's day to you as well

  3. Congrats Hayley! Saw your baby's photo on Angeline and Yan's blog. He is very cute.

    Do enjoy your confinement and rest rest rest. Take care.

  4. Congrats again! Jaundice is very common among newborns. I'm sure baby Aden will be alright with proper monitoring so don't worry too much. Rest well and enjoy your confinement :)

  5. Aden birth date was same with the my ex-colleagues 2 yrs old gal :) Take care mummy Hayley :)

  6. Take care and rest well, mommy!

    ** psst, ain't you feel proud of the newly upgraded title?

  7. Hayley, 再次恭喜你!!!!


  8. hey, congratulations and welcome Aden to the world!! i also suspect that already since you've been missing from the blogsphere for a while.. hehe, enjoy your milk-production confinement then~~ :)

  9. Take more rest and eat more nutrient during confinement month, ok?

  10. Congrats, Hayley! Saw your baby's pic in Yan's blog.. A charming prince that you have! Enjoy and confinement period and rest more ya.

  11. Congratulations! Do share pics of Aden when u r free.

    Have fun during ur confinement, rest more and take good care of yourself :)

  12. Rest more, eat more, enjoy your motherhood life...

    Take care mummy...New title ler..Here wishing a very happy Mother's Day.

  13. congratulation.......
    milk (moooooo) and rest more... LOL

  14. Congratulations!

    My bbreported one day earlier than Aden:)

  15. Hi Hayley,
    congrats well, as you will be kept awake most of the time by your prince.

  16. Congrats...Gong hei....Tahniah....Kong Hi :)!!!!

    Thus your journey begin as a mother...Aden is a peculiar name!..

    The heralding of your "new play BEST toy"...the baby...jz kidding.. hahaha

  17. Congrats Hayley. I'm anxious for you as you said earlier your gynae is on leave! Glad everything went smoothly. Rest well and enjoy motherhood! :)

  18. congraz hayley!!!!
    Aden is sound nice ^^ love this name.
    Take care urself ya ~ especially this month must very rest well~

  19. Congrats my friend. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you.. Rest well.

  20. Congrats once again ^^
    Take more rest & good care! Will visit you on July~~ ;)

  21. Happy mother day to you York Mei, this time around you are the eligible mom already ,,good good

  22. Congrats again Hayley! Rest well during confinement.

  23. wah! Just one day I missed your post and you are into your confinement?? So fast! hahah! Congratulations, dear!

  24. Oh btw, Happy Mother's Day to you. You have little Aden to celebrate with you. :)

  25. Congrats my dear!!!!!!!!! So happy for u :-)

    Just in time... your very first mother's day :-)

    Happy Mother's Day to you :-)

  26. not to forget u too .... Have a Happy Mother's day !! 母亲节快乐!

  27. Congrates to you and welcome baby Aden. Don't worry he will be fine with doctor and nurse monitor at the hospital.

  28. Congrats! my bro in law's son name is Aayden.

  29. congratulations! :) welcome Baby Aden. a nice name by the way.

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  30. wow Hayley, you make child birth sounds so joyful!! New mamas to be will love to read this... yes, it is indeed very amazing to see our baby coming out to the world.. to hold them and to love them in real...
    Congratulations and Happy Mother's Day to you!

  31. Congratulaion Hayley and baby Aden!!!! SOoooo happy for you all! Happy Mother's Day!

  32. Congrats newly mommy. Take good care of yourself and enjoy your motherhood journey.

  33. Thank you all! I m doing great, so as Aden!

    Will visit you guys soon!

  34. congrats congrats HAYLEY!! So happy for you! same with me - my little munchkin came two weeks early!

    jen @

  35. Congrats. can't wait to see baby's photo

  36. hope to read about your next update soon :)

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  37. congratulation ahaha :) *wipe tears*


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