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What I packed for delivery

For the baby, I've packed the following:

- baby clothes
- mittens, booties and hats
- napkins
- handkerchiefs
- new born diapers
- baby wipes
- towel
- blanket
- new born wrap
- feeding bottle

Note: I think I've packed more than enough, as the nurse told me just to bring a set of clean new born clothes/mittens/booties when baby and I are discharged from hospital, they will provide the rest.
But I feel it's better to get all necessary things ready, who knows right?

And for myself:

- pyjamas
- t shirts
- sarongs
- face and bath towels
- nursing bra and pads
- cardigan
- socks
- disposable panties
- undergarments
- maternity loops
- dry shampoo
- toiletries

Not forgetting my camera and phone, am thinking to bring along my mp3 or iPad....


  1. 嘻嘻,我也是在整理待产包,过后也要Blog了。
    但是那个dry shampoo之类的我不会带去医院,因为开始几天真的不能怎么动头发或洗澡,回来再洗,嘻嘻。

  2. Hi, littlelamb here. For yourself, you need maternity pad (sanitary pad). Also a plastic tub to fit your buttock. I didn't know about this but sunway charged me rm35 for this plastic tub and pasar malam only sells less than 5rm. This tub is for you to sit on to clear the blood clog. Not sure if your hospital practice this, but u can ask. They will fill up with warm to hot water and add salt. Then you sit on it. Do check it out. Then, wear those shirt with button is better cos easier for you to breast feed. Also you may want to bring some food like milo3in one and biscuit cos surely you will be hungry.

  3. 珊姑娘,我有想到的。。不过没关系啦,就带去 spare 咯。。

    Littlelamb, I know about soaking salt water.. Will ask hospital about it, thanks for reminding!

  4. 呵呵。。。我也要留言(看了你的blog几个月都没留言过)


  5. You are very well prepared. Be careful of your belongings while in the hospital.

  6. It's better to over-pack than to under-pack :) Try not to use the baby bottle and go all out to breastfeed first ya!

  7. wow, really alot oh...last time , my hospital provide everything , for mum & baby... i basically only bring a pair of jeans( dont be surprised, i really can fit in my jeans the next day after i delivered) and a tshirt to wear when discharged..different hospital different policy, maybe u can check with urs first...

  8. Have a smooth delivery..takecare.!!

  9. As I know I won't be staying there for too long. I always think of going back home early...tsk tsk! Sometimes too many things we have to take care our belongings. With my 2 experiences, baby just need their new born baju,booties,mittens,hat and blanket. Is enough the rest they will provided. For myself which is important sarong, socks, pajamas which with button in front easy for breast feeding, toiletries include pads. Take care ya mei. Remember to sms us.

  10. You're so well prepared! Makes me kan cheong now haha... Better make my stuffs soon also :-p

    Yes better to overpack than underpack. Buying stuffs at hospital always more expensive ya ;-)

    Just enjoy the rest of your pregnancy babe!

  11. wow.. really fully equipped!! ipad somemore.. hahaha.. i think u wont have time to use it.. either you would be sleeping or nursing the baby.. :)

  12. i am just curious, are you going to hold your camera and video-shoot yourself when you are delivering?? hahaha~~ :D

  13. Hi Hayley, what if it's twins? Ha ha ha.
    No Teddy bear?
    Have fun, and best wishes.

  14. janelle, 谢谢支持!

    Mummy Gwen, I will ;)

    ChloeRuoyi, yes, no harm over pack right?

    Mery, thank you!

    アンゼエリン, looks like I have packed what you mentioned, hehe.

    Kristie, yep better get prepared now ^^

    Claire, haha I thought about that too~

    SK, LOL.. If I do that you dare to watch ar? :D

    Lee, definetely not twins this time, hehe.. Thanks!

  15. Believe me, a pair of newborn clothes, booties, mittens, hat and towel will do for the baby. Moreover after discharged, you'll head straight home (in like 10 minutes drive), no need feeding bottle or napkin or diapers.

    As for mother, sarung, loose shirt, maternity pads and undergarment. Phone is a must in the list, but not camera or mp3 or ipad for me.... too tired after giving birth and just need a good rest~~

    Take care!

  16. Yvonne, thanks for sharing!
    Ya, phone is a must.. Since I can surf net using phone, guess I no need to bring iPad already..

  17. 预祝你一切平安顺利啊~

  18. :) Looking forward for your news when you're back!

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  19. min~aris, 谢谢你的祝福!!

    Fish, haha sure ;)

  20. u r well prepared mummy..
    i m sure you are getting more n more excited ..

  21. Have a safe delivery! :):)
    Can't wait!

  22. Simple Person, yes I am!

    ms bulat, thanks!

  23. Ya, agree with the nurse, just bring one pair of clothes for checking out......others the hospital will provide....
    Can't wait to see baby....I love!

  24. wow, you are so organized. I only packed a handful of things during my delivery time.

  25. Pete, I can't wait too! ;)

    Barb, hehe it's always better and safer to be well prepared..

  26. Drop by to said hi, first time visit your blog...

  27. Well prepared and organized are so good. Have a smooth delivery, Hayley.

  28. Good luck! :) expecting more pictures of baby !

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  29. Oh my oh my, i'm getting really excited for you already! haha.. i see flashes of me delivering ethan pulaks now! all the best to you and what can i say? cute lil prince is gonna see you soon :D

  30. hahaha!! Now you are anxious and excited for the big day. hahah! I also overpacked, but really you just need to bring clothing, mittens, socks and wrap for baby to hospital. And for yourself, ic, phone, toiletries, disposable panties and maternity pads, clothing to wear when discharge.

    But more is better, it is just for the sake of mind.

  31. hahaha!! Now you are anxious and excited for the big day. hahah! I also overpacked, but really you just need to bring clothing, mittens, socks and wrap for baby to hospital. And for yourself, ic, phone, toiletries, disposable panties and maternity pads, clothing to wear when discharge.

    But more is better, it is just for the sake of mind.

  32. I over-packed too during my time but as long as the bag can put in, it is ok.

  33. You nvr knw whn the baby choose to come out, so have a safe delivery, all the best friend!


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