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The 7th week

Hi all! I miss blogging so much!

Just a little update of myself and baby Aden...

1. Hubby brought him to the hair salon during his fullmoon 3 weeks ago. Aden has his head shaved, and I think he looks even cuter with botak, haha :D
He din't cry, he was rather 'enjoyed' instead, LOL.

2. I bath him every morning. Aden is one of the baby who enjoys bath time. Sometimes he would even 'he he he'... I think he is quite happy... ;)
Bathing him was quite 'scary' during the first time cause of his soft bones... But of course practice makes perfect.. I am now very good in bathing Aden :P

3. Usually it's nen nen time after bath, and he would sleep after that. But he can be very fussy at times and when he don't sleep, mummy also cannot sleep >.< So I have to coax him, carry him, entertain him or sing him songs to make him sleep.. And another thing to do is to camwhore with him la, haha :D

4. During Aden's fullmoon, we invited closer relatives and frie…

Aden's arrival aka the birth story

Note: Long post ahead, don't say I din't warn you! :P

It has been 6 weeks since Aden was born. But the labor thingy is still vividly stored in my mind (Well of course, only we women know how unforgettable it is).

My EDD was supposed to be around 22nd May onwards so everyone were pretty surprise when they knew I delivered (including myself of course, haha). Fortunately I had packed all things ready weeks ago.

7th May, 3am, I woke up feeling wet down there. I knew it wasn't urine leakage cause the flow was heavy. I got up steadily, went to the bathroom, checked and yea I think my water bag just broke :o Called to the hospital and asked if I needed to be admitted right away and the nurse on duty told me YES. Hubby was awaken by all the noise and he was shocked when I told him my water bag broken.
So we left home to the hospital. I felt uneasy cause water kept dripping down =_=

Upon reaching the entrance, the nurse wheeled me to the maternity ward and hubby waited outside. I …

I will be back

The title says it all..

I will be on hiatus until dont-know-when.... Confinement lady has left since Tuesday and I take care of Aden myself from then onwards.

Being a new mum is especially a challenge and is a 24 hours job seriously. The most challenging part to me is the midnight milk time, Aden need to be fed like every 2-3 hours so I feel like I dint sleep at all. I miss my beauty sleep actually... So now whenever he sleeps during the day time I'll make sure I catch up some naps as much as possible. Aden can be very fussy at times that even add more stress to me. I have thought of getting a maid or part time helper but on second thought, maid could means trouble.. So I better dont take the risk.

For the past few days I was so stressed out and tired. I feel like I am alone and am going to break down. So I googled alot of child care infor, I joined forums and post questions. Fortunately many mothers out there gave me some valueable comments and encouragement, and with MIL and …

Day 26

Firstly, thank you for still following my blog and leave me comments.. I won't be able to blog so much like before (but I will keep visiting your blogs whenever I have the time) as I got to take care my little monster and learn as much as possible from the confinement aunty, she won't be able to carry on the 40 days confinement for me as promised due to some personal reasons, and she will be leaving next Tuesday, sob sob.

Honestly I am abit worried as a new mum, taking care of a little one really is not an easy task. I even think that actually labor pain is nothing compared to the 'pain' of handling a baby.... haha :D

Anyway, I know I will be ok, just need time and patience (thinking positive is always good, haha).

Just to share some photos with you...

My favourite picture at the moment, haha. Aden looks cute here right!
I certainly din't teach him to do this... LOL
His favourite sleeping position
Little fingers...
Muacks muacks from mummy~
Aden's actua…