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I will be back

The title says it all..

I will be on hiatus until dont-know-when.... Confinement lady has left since Tuesday and I take care of Aden myself from then onwards.

Being a new mum is especially a challenge and is a 24 hours job seriously. The most challenging part to me is the midnight milk time, Aden need to be fed like every 2-3 hours so I feel like I dint sleep at all. I miss my beauty sleep actually... So now whenever he sleeps during the day time I'll make sure I catch up some naps as much as possible. Aden can be very fussy at times that even add more stress to me. I have thought of getting a maid or part time helper but on second thought, maid could means trouble.. So I better dont take the risk.

For the past few days I was so stressed out and tired. I feel like I am alone and am going to break down. So I googled alot of child care infor, I joined forums and post questions. Fortunately many mothers out there gave me some valueable comments and encouragement, and with MIL and my mum's helps, I am feeling better eventually. I know if other mums can do it so can I, I just need more times and patience. Many told me it is just a phase and I will get through it soon. Well I guess thats true, nothing is more important than seeing my baby grows healthily under my care (no matter how tiring or hard the journey is).

So, I wont be visiting you guys so often already but I wont give up blogging definetely.
Til then, take care and see you soon! ;)


  1. I am sure you will be able to go through this...
    we all will suport you mentally..

  2. take your time Hayley... being a mom is not an easy task but i know it's worth it... you have a fantastic time with your lil Aden though it's a bit tough... you can do it.. :)

  3. think of Aden growing healthily and happily under your care. and i think all your sleepless nights are worth it.. hey, mommies are always the best right?? you sure have all our support, take care and see you soon :)

  4. Just hang on there. Things will certainly be difficult in the beginning but it will get easier as Aden grows. Raising him on your own is the best thing you can give to him. Watching him grow is very rewarding. Enjoy every moment. You can do it! :)

  5. It's tough beginning but I sure that you able to adopt it soon else! Take good care and kampateh dear.. u sure can do it!!

  6. Take your time! and I yes... find yourself a companion with other mothers too, they can really encourage and help you to get through the hard time.

    Being a mom is not easy and I salute you Hayley! Praying the best for you, baby Aden and the whole family :D

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  7. Yes, when baby sleeps you also snooze. It's going to be exhausting taking care a newborn. From 3 months old onwards it should be better. Hang on there dear.

    Don't worry about blogging. :)

  8. Dont worry Hayley, you will do fine. As he grows older he will be more manageble.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi Hayley,

    I know how you feel. I shared the hard times with my wife when our son was a baby.

    Be strong! Your baby is precious.

  11. Maid can help around the house, let you rest a little more. Most of the maids are quite efficient in taking care of babies because they are used to taking care of their siblings and also their own babies....

  12. We understand how you feel. But don't worry so much. You will get used to it. You take care and rest when ever you can. Like you said, taking care of baby is a 24 hours thinggy and many many years to go

  13. Plus words of encouragement from your readers/friends!

  14. Hope u find that balance soon juggling btw many things..& keep up blogging where u feel can find support from fellow bloggers esp the mommy ladies.. Take care & enjoy your parenting moment as time pass by quick!

  15. Hayley加油!!!



  16. Hayley, I wonder how are you recently since the CL is not around and I'm very sure you can do it. Hang on, you can Mei! Baby sleep, we sleep too. This is what we call the stealing nap time! Baby have mood too. Probably after 3mths, baby habit of sleeping, taking afternoon nap and feeding will be almost certain. Gradually you'll know and catch what baby Aden wants and so on.

  17. The key is a routine schedule. Once the routine is set, you'll find yourself more manageable with Aden. Just to let you know, babies are 'routine' creatures :)

    And for certain, you are not alone dear. All mommies go through this phase.

  18. 这种时候家人的帮助及关心很重要!



  19. Thanks all! Things are getting abit better now..
    Its great to know you all supporting me there, hehe ;)
    Have a nice day ya!

  20. Things certainly will get smoother after you master it. It need times and soon it's an easy pie for you haha.

  21. Vicky, yaya thanks for the comment!

  22. Hi Hayley, you have fun and stay easy.
    Best regards.

  23. I understand how you feel, Hayley. Hang in there. Don't feel depressed. A baby arrival will change your life totally. You have to stay positive with the change. Please stay happy and strong.

  24. Yan, thank you! I will keep motivating myself and stay tough! ;)

  25. no worries, me also busy like hell too :P

    yah, taking care of baby need lots of patience . . .


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