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The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

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First movie in the cinema after giving birth! ;)
Haha actually nothing to shout about la, just that hubby and I managed to paktor again after almost 3 months of not stepping into the cinema...

Anyway, as most people know this is the last installment of Batman and despite 2 hours 40 mins sitting in the cinema, I enjoyed watching it and no dissappointment!

Christian Bale as the Batman is still looking good and I'm still loving his unique voice! Anne Hathaway as Selina which is a new character adds more excitement in the movie. The bad guy aka the masked man, Bane (Tom Hardy) does look and sound scary to me..
Overall it's a great show to watch, but I dint expect the ending would be like this, now we know the next episode is not about Batman anymore but Robin hood! ;)

Rating: 7/10

Of Aden and Japanese food

Happy Saturday everyone!

First of all, I think I'll mainly talk about my motherhood life and Aden in all my coming posts. I hope my readers won't feel bored, hehe :P

Many friends and relatives asked me a same question, am I going to be a full time stay-at-home-mum? Well for the time being, yes (at least til this year end). But from next year onwards, I don't have the answer yet.
I have to be honest that though I was so drained out in the beginning, I am glad that things are getting smoother eventually and I am adapting well in the life of being a mother. I enjoy every moment now watching Aden grows and gain weight week by week.
But at the same time, I miss the feeling of earning own money! Arggg it's a dilemma whether to work or not. But I'll say let's not think so much now and there'll be an answer when the time comes. But one thing for sure, hubby STRONGLY support me to go work (May be he doesn't want me to share his salary... =_=)

My son's big he…

A little bit from here and there

Life as a mother is never easy, especially when the baby is still so small, and it's indeed an 24 hours job. But I am glad that things are getting smoother, as I have learnt to multitask and do things quick =)
Of course, it's still a long journey and many things yet to be learnt.

Here's to share some updates of myself as well as my naughty boy.

1. I have to at least snap a photo of Aden everyday, as he grows up very fast and change everyday, I surely don't wanna miss this amazing moment. I love him more and more each day ^^

2. Aden is still very cranky, but sometimes when he is in the good mood, he will play on his own and mummy can do the things she wants ;)

3. No more beauty night sleep for me, but I love the napping time with Aden.

4. Recently, he wants to be carried and sit straight up like this....

5. Aden is 2 months and 5 days old today! =) Photo below taken last Saturday.

6. Brought him for first DPT/HiB Polio injection last Friday, he was sleeping when we we…

Confinement food

Confinement is over almost a month now and to be frank, I'm missing the food already, haha.

To me, aunty Lisa (the confinement lady) is quite good in cooking and she has fast hands. But of course, this is my first confinement thus I can't compare much, but I'm very satisfied anyway.

Below are those food and drinks I had during my confinement.

1. Mum bought me Wincarnis medicated wine which said to strengthen the body after childbirth. Besides this, I finished 2-3 bottles of DOM (mixed in food), also chicken essence and Eu Yan Sang american ginseng tea.

2. Sheng Hua Tang (生化汤) to help clear the lochias.

3. So Hup pills (苏合丸) in ginger juice, to dispel wind from the body.

4. Chicken essence soup with DOM, I had a big bowl of this almost every night...

5. My only drinks during confinement, red dates boil with dried longan, wolfberries and other chinese herbs. I like this and already drinking even before I deliver.

6. Pork ribs with black fungus in sweet sauce, one of my fa…