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Of Aden and Japanese food

Happy Saturday everyone!

First of all, I think I'll mainly talk about my motherhood life and Aden in all my coming posts. I hope my readers won't feel bored, hehe :P

Many friends and relatives asked me a same question, am I going to be a full time stay-at-home-mum? Well for the time being, yes (at least til this year end). But from next year onwards, I don't have the answer yet.
I have to be honest that though I was so drained out in the beginning, I am glad that things are getting smoother eventually and I am adapting well in the life of being a mother. I enjoy every moment now watching Aden grows and gain weight week by week.
But at the same time, I miss the feeling of earning own money! Arggg it's a dilemma whether to work or not. But I'll say let's not think so much now and there'll be an answer when the time comes. But one thing for sure, hubby STRONGLY support me to go work (May be he doesn't want me to share his salary... =_=)

My son's big head photo taken by my brother, Aden looks so tanned in this photo! Obviously it's from his dad la!

Mummy loves you boy~

My son started to smile and laugh alot, when he's sleeping or awake. They say when baby started to laugh, the mum started to suffer from hair lost, SO DAMN TRUE! T.T

Aden coos and blabbers more these days, especially after his nen nen time... But of course depends on his mood also...

Had been thinking of doing this long before Aden was born, LOL

Anyway, there's a new Japanese restaurant in town (Such a good news for Japanese food lover like me, YAY-ness!)


Situated at Raintown Plaza. Ambience is nice, service is good, and I am satisfied with the food too

Chawan mushi, RM5.80

Ten Don set, RM 11.80

Katsudon set, RM 12.80

Ebi Tempura Nigiri, RM 4.80

Tamago Nigiri, RM 3.80

California Maki, RM 18.80

Total bill is RM 63.40 including service charge for the 2 of us, slightly expensive but worth a try.


  1. awww Aden is growing so fast and he got your pretty smile...
    The food pics made me hungry :( lol

  2. yeah, nothing is more happy than seeing your baby growing up everyday right?? wow, nice japanese food, have not had japanese for quite some time already..

  3. Aden is so adorable! I enjoy watching him grow too so do blog more about him :)

  4. Oh mine! I love Japanese food! Aden looks so cute, beautiful smile, see him makes people happy :)

  5. I went back to work when my boy was 6 months old after "resting" for almost 2 years. I saved up every penny I could during the 5 years of working and quit when my boy started primary 1. Now at least I can pamper myself once a while with my own money with no feel of guilt. Haha.. But then again it depends on individual, some prefer to work full-time than becoming a yellow face woman.. Haha..

  6. He's growing up so fast. I never get bored with his updates!

  7. 呵呵。。。感觉上有多一个人‘陪我’当家庭会主妇了~

  8. 很想念日本餐啦~

  9. A paradigm shift in life...of course more baby and family centric more movies reviews, trip, bds postings etc....but its normal circle of life.... Have a good weekend

  10. Your boy so cute :') I'm a j-food lover too ! Too bad this place in Taiping, I'm in KL :'(

    xox, c

  11. Hmm I'm going to try out the Jap rest very soon.

  12. Aww.. so sweet lar your post.. ur baby's super cute !! Congratzz ^^

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  14. 哈哈哈不急不急, 就好好享受今年的全职妈咪生活吧!明年再打算,哈哈!

    你的aden很好笑,可爱!!他真的有你的眼睛,like mother like son =)

  15. Oh, do keep Aden's photo pouring in, who can ever get bored of cute things~

    I have yet to try the new Japanese restaurant, but from your review here, it's quite expensive!

  16. Thanks everyone!

    janelle, 哈哈,我每天都有用 Sebamed Facial Cream,所以他的脸比较滑。。嘻嘻。。

    Carolyn Tay, I am sure KL has even more choices of Jap restaurants.


  17. your little boy is getting chubbier! i wanna pinch his cheeks!

  18. seeing japanese food makes me love them but seeing the pricing making me hates them LOL!-

  19. hahah where got such thing as when ur baby laugh, u lost ur hair 1 . . . if ur baby laugh everyday then . . .

    that sounds horror already :X

    mebbe u need more nutritious food :D

  20. aden looks very cute....
    I guess that Taiping has less japs restaurant and I think the food looks good...

  21. such a cutie pie. Whether work or stay at home, both have the pros n cons.

  22. To be very frankly with you, I wish to be a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) the day I gave birth to April. 8 years and I am still working. Reason? We can't survive with single income. Now, I still long for being a SAHM. So in order to make myself feeling better, I pamper myself with the money that I earn.

  23. Barb, haha no pinching please :P

    Kian Fai, true! Jap food here are quite pricey right!
    Oh about that myth, it's true.. You know most mums suffer from hair lost after delivery....

    Simple Person, thanks. You're right, only 3 Jap restaurants here...

    mNhL, I agree. Both have pros and cons....

    Yan, I totally understand.. Yes you should pamper yourself, actually everyone should! ;)

  24. Your baby is cute!! Well, just relax and spend time with your baby first, instead of thinking about job. Take your time!

  25. To me the best in life is being able to be with own baby and see them grow everyday. I still remember when my sons were small, they were also like Aden, very cute.

  26. Aden is so cute. Like Yan, I also long to be a SAHM...*sigh*...must go and buy lottery first. Nice japanese food. I love jap food too!

  27. ChrisAu, yea thank you!

    molly, hehe I think all babies are cute when they are small.. ;)

    Kitty, thank you thank you and good luck in your lottery :P

  28. Wah the Japanese food are more expensive than those here in KL!!!

  29. Shirlexia, you're right! So I wonder how long can it survive here...

  30. Hi Hayley, stay home till your boy at least a year old or 2. He needs you at this babies learn from their mothers, yes....even at this very young age.

    Regret Japanese food not on my food list, ha ha.

  31. Lee, haha yea, I will consider that ;)

  32. You have not resign yet have you? Well, if money is not an issue, I think it is better you be a full time mother la. You will have more time with your baby and be more closer to him lor.

  33. Johnnie, oh I had resigned since last July ;)
    Yea thanks for the advice!

  34. HeLLo Hayley,

    It's ok to blog about your son. People move on and you have a new chapter in life. Sorry for not dropping by your blog for quite some time. I was blogged down with school work.

    Anyway, will try to spend time for yours and maybe, you should consider working if you got someone to care for Aden.

    Have a nice day yeah?

  35. Very cute smile of Aden. Oh be a SAHM now. Well the future 见一步走一步 lah, maybe later a SAHM life is so bored to you and you eagerly wanna back to work keke.

  36. Willie, its ok, I understand school life can be hectic too!
    You too, enjoy your day!

    Vicky, yalo, 见一步走一步.. Will surely update you guys, hehe.

  37. Love that family pic of yours. Very nice :)


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