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This and that

I always wanted to blog but time is really not enough. My son needs my attention all the time. Well that's life as a full time mummy....
Anyway, time to update about my naughty son. I mentioned I wanted to create a blog for Aden but I really don't have the time now, but nevermind, this blog of mine will always be here and he is able to read it when he grows up, haha!
Playgym from my friend Annie, I received it even before Aden was born. We put him in it and in the beginning, he wasn't really interested. May be some times later.......
We already brought Aden out many times, don't know why he seems to fall asleep in his seat, regardless of the noise or weather. But it's a good thing at least we don't need to entertain him.........
Do I still look good? Haha :P Oh ya some of my friends commented that Aden looks more like his dad now, really meh?
He can now turn his body to the side and on his tummy, but he doesn't know how to turn back on his back, yet. Som…

The Expendables 2 (2012)

Image from HERE
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Van Damme

Hubby and I have been anticipating this movie for so long! Astro had replayed the first installment on and off and this made me even more excited to watch the second ones. Finally we had our movie date with Mr Stallone last Friday =)

As expected, this movie is no dissappoinment! Besides the previous super stars, Van Damme (as the super bad guy) and Liam Hemsworth (Bill the kid) are the new face in this movie. The actress, Nan Yu (as Maggie) is the only lady in the team, but to be honest, I'd prefer if someone more attractive else replaces her character, then it'll be more interesting, hehe..

Basically the storyline is pretty much the same as the first installment - to revenge and fight against the bad guys. But no single moment is boring, in fact there're some hilarious parts which I really like! And similar to the …


My house internet is finally back!

Internet was down since Saturday and this explained why I dint visit you guys... Sorry!

I reported the failure twice and problem only resolved today, good job to S******x!

Anyway, I hope you guys had a great holidays. I went for a short trip to KL with hubby while Aden was at home with MIL and SIL. I miss him but I enjoyed the shopping marathon which I have not done for some times already.... Managed to grab things I wanted too.

Shall write a proper update soon so please bear with me =)

17th August 9 years ago...

.. was the date when hubby and I dated for the first time ^^ Lazy to upload more photos so just one here will do.

 Photo taken in Aug 2003 at Genting, our first outstation trip.
See how 'young' we were! Haha :D Sometimes really cannot tahan but to laugh when I looked back at our 'old school' photos, very cincai in wearing and still makeup-less. But I kinda miss my long straight hair back then.. And I certainly looked much slimmer, haha!
We dint really celebrate this date for the passed few years. I think this is just a 'normal' anniversary which doesnt need to be so grandly celebrated. As long as we remember this date in our hearts, right? *Edited: Anyway, we have a movie date with Mr Sylvester Stallone tonight ;) *
From 2 of us, to 2 families( mine and in laws) and now, our humble family of 3 with Aden, I wanna say thank you hubby for everything you've done! I love you and I know you too, kekekek :P
Happy 'paktor' anniversary darling!
p/s: Wishin…

No money no talk

Ever since the arrival of Aden, we've spent quite alot of money on his clothes, diapers, formula milk, toys, stroller, bedding, baby bottles, monthly check-up and medication and etc etc... In fact, money already spent when I got pregnant (tried to give him the best when he was still in my womb ^^)

What I wanna say is baby stuff is really not cheap at all these days. I only got abit hands-me-down from friends so we have to buy most of the stuff. They say baby doesnt need much clothing as they grow up very fast but, how can you resist from buying? Baby clothes are so so cute! Especially the girl ones... hehe.

One thing we need to spend for sure is the formula milk, I think that's the most expensive thing. Aden is taking Dumex formula milk and a tin of 1.5kg cost about RM 120. He finishes a tin in about 2 weeks time =_= I think that's why breastfeeding is greatly encouraged, and that's also one of the reason I am still giving him breast milk, though not every meal.


The Versatile Blogger (The 3rd Time)

Thanks Angeline for the blogger award. Actually I already did this 'tag' for 2 times, if you're interested please refer to these links: Award 1, Award 2

I am going to do this 'tag' again simply just to share more about myself, and I won't be nominating the award to anyone.

Here's 7 random things about myself:

1. I wish I know more foreign languages like Korean and Japanese.

2. I used to dream of having own business like a cafe or boutique.

3. I love exercising. I always believe it's important to stay fit and healthy.

4. I love taking photos. Took a photography course back in University time but all knowledge had returned to the lecturer, LOL!

5. I always wish to have a sister.

6. I hate watching football.

7. I love pampering myself, a body massage, facial, manicure+pedicure, hair treatment and etc.

Ok, time to entertain my son =) Wishing you guys a lovely weekend!

It has been 3 months

My naughty boy is 3 months old today!! ^^
Time flies even though I am doing the same thing everyday.. Feed him, bath him, play with him, put him to sleep and the list goes on.........
Well, life a mother................... ;)

Brought Aden for his 2nd DPT/HiB Polio injection yesterday and he only cried a while.. Good boy!
He is now 6kg and 62cm tall.

Apparently he has quite tanned skin compared to most babies at the same age, I don't think this will change anyway...... But nevermind, since he's a boy it's ok to have tanned skin, LOL!
And many commented he looks more like me at the moment, haha I am very pleased when I hear it ^^
(I mean hey, I carried him for 9 months+ and went through the labor pain for 7-8 hours to give birth to him!)

Despite the tiredness of looking after him, and the lack of sleeps, I am still pretty enjoy life as a mother. Its amazing how much Aden has grown since day one and I love taking photos of him and record his daily behaviours. I even thought…

Those big changes

Happy mid week everyone! =)
Aden is turning 3 months old next week, how time flies right? This also means it's almost 3 months after I gave birth, looking good and losing weight are my main concern now. Speaking of losing weight, I have lost about 11kg up til today, I still need to shed off 5kg to go back to pre pregnancy weight. 11kg might sounds alot but stubborn fats are still here on my tummy, thighs and hips, they are super difficult to be shedded off! >=( But I wont give up la! So I get myself the following items to help me...

Body Sculptor Shower Gel from Alqvimia, Julia's Shape Oil, leopard print body shapewear, Julian Jill  Velcro belt, and the white belly belt (only wear it during my confinement). Besides all these, I already finished 2 bottles of slimming cream for my urut session during confinement.
Apart from the weight issue, hair lost is another big change I noticed ever since delivery =_= I actually planning to color my hair this month but I think I'll…