Friday, August 17, 2012

17th August 9 years ago...

.. was the date when hubby and I dated for the first time ^^ Lazy to upload more photos so just one here will do.

 Photo taken in Aug 2003 at Genting, our first outstation trip.

See how 'young' we were! Haha :D Sometimes really cannot tahan but to laugh when I looked back at our 'old school' photos, very cincai in wearing and still makeup-less. But I kinda miss my long straight hair back then.. And I certainly looked much slimmer, haha!

We dint really celebrate this date for the passed few years. I think this is just a 'normal' anniversary which doesnt need to be so grandly celebrated. As long as we remember this date in our hearts, right?
*Edited: Anyway, we have a movie date with Mr Sylvester Stallone tonight ;) *

From 2 of us, to 2 families( mine and in laws) and now, our humble family of 3 with Aden, I wanna say thank you hubby for everything you've done!
I love you and I know you too, kekekek :P

Happy 'paktor' anniversary darling!

p/s: Wishing all of you happy holidays! Drive safe on the road....


  1. it is really so funny when we look back on our old pictures.. and wish you a great holiday...

  2. Happy courting anniversary to both of you, Hayley!

    May there's many many years to come~

  3. So sweet! Wishing you both love and joy forever :) Our 1st date anniversary is approaching too hehe. Hub and I will never forget this date cos we use the day, month and year as our password for many things :p

  4. wow, you can still remember this date after so many years and so many changes!! happy anniversary BTW..

    very true, i also laughed at myself in those old photos!! i really look so fulgy last time!! but what i don't have now is the 青春 i had last time lah, hahaha!! :D

  5. Happy "paktor" anniversary to you, Hayley.

  6. 呵呵呵,拍拖九周年快乐!!!好长久哦!!!


    我也祝你假期快乐!(虽然你没有做工,但是你要出走几天,算是fulltime mummy的假期呀!)enjoy ^O^

  7. Happy "paktor" Anniversary to you and your Hubby! Our first outstation trip was also Genting hehe.

  8. 九周年纪念愉快~



  9. Your "lao gong" hair got centre parting? Last time's trend? Haha. Wish you two happy pak tor anniversary. Many more blissful years to come.

  10. Congrats! I can't even remember my first date with my wife...hehehe....

  11. Aww.. that's so sweet! I don't remember when I first paktor with my hubs. I can't even remember da date we registered! yikes!

  12. Happy änniversary" you look beautiful as always. why your hand stretched like very tense. :D

  13. Ohh! Very sweet! Happy anniversary.

    it reminded me on my 1st trip with hubby (boyfriend then). We went to Langkawi then stop KL and went to genting for a night stay. Great time as it was my first time to Langkawi and Genting. Sometimes in August in 2003.

  14. if u everyday paktor, sure very very hang fukk :P

  15. I mean pak tor with your hubby la hahah :X

    anyways, I am posting horror post these few days, pls avoid if u dun wan ready it lo :P

    next week no movie post for me coz raya season hahaha :X

  16. hehe happy paktor anniversary....many many more to come. ..may your hubby be reminded of that first love when u all start the paktor game...cheers

  17. Happy Belated Anniversary to you and your hubs. It's always funny to look back at the 'old' photos and see how young we look :)

  18. Dear all, thanks for the wishes!! ;)


    janelle, 蛤我那时瘦罢了,因为还在读书。。。过后就开始发胖了。。呵呵。。

    Libby, haha last time 'center parting' was a trend.. But nope, my hubby dint have that..

  19. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

  20. Happy courting anniversary to you and your hb.


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