Wednesday, August 22, 2012


My house internet is finally back!

Internet was down since Saturday and this explained why I dint visit you guys... Sorry!

I reported the failure twice and problem only resolved today, good job to S******x!

Anyway, I hope you guys had a great holidays. I went for a short trip to KL with hubby while Aden was at home with MIL and SIL. I miss him but I enjoyed the shopping marathon which I have not done for some times already.... Managed to grab things I wanted too.

Shall write a proper update soon so please bear with me =)


  1. No wonder I never hear from you these few days, I was wondering where you gone to, hey do post on what you bought from your shopping trip.

  2. haha, just a short trip and you are already missing Aden?? i bet out of your shopping spree, 40% at least are things you buying for him?? hehehe~~ :p

  3. well maybe your internet is having a break for S******X ? lol
    I understand how your felt and it is good to hear that everything is ONLINE....

  4. Welcome back.

    Once in a while going for a short trip w/o our little one, sometimes quite relaxing too.

  5. Oo~ glad you enjoyed yourself during the long holidays.

    I just stayed at home - relax and rejuvenate my mind and body, since I yearned for this holidays the longest~ :p

  6. To 杨东妮, Mr Lonely, Little Kit Boy and Genskie, thank you!

    Libby, I will =)

    SK, haha you are so clever....

    SP, ya I miss the Internet world...

  7. Yvonne, I heard you guys had 5 days of holiday right! Actually relax at home can be very nice too!

  8. Hello York Mei,sorry I mean mama York Mei,sorry not been visiting your blog of late,busy here and there particularly during school holiday,

    take care ya

  9. No internet means nightmare for me! hahaha...welcome back to Blogging!!

  10. went KL boh jio? hahaha

    KL traffic dam smooth right? :P

    unlike those town in Perak / Melaka and others, all jam like hell :X

  11. Good that you have your internet back. I would have a real problem without internet.


  12. 我也是刚回来,哈哈哈哈!!!

  13. like YT's comment!!


  14. Hate it when the Internet connection is down. Anyway welcome back!

  15. I find that I cannot live without the internet nowadays.

  16. Eugene, it's ok.. I understand ;)

    Fish, yep, short trip but fun ^^

    Johnnie, Filip, Mummy Gwen, thanks!

    Claire, haha same here, nightmare!

    Kian Fai, traffic was ok on the big roads but jam inside the shopping mall carpark, haha!

    珊姑娘,真是24孝妈咪 ;)

    YT, okok ;)

    janelle, 哈哈要酱假啊?哈哈!:P
    其实我有约珊,不过她说你不在 KL,所以没安排咯。。

    Libby, haha I think most people also same~


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