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It has been 3 months

My naughty boy is 3 months old today!! ^^
Time flies even though I am doing the same thing everyday.. Feed him, bath him, play with him, put him to sleep and the list goes on.........
Well, life a mother................... ;)

Brought Aden for his 2nd DPT/HiB Polio injection yesterday and he only cried a while.. Good boy!
He is now 6kg and 62cm tall.

Apparently he has quite tanned skin compared to most babies at the same age, I don't think this will change anyway...... But nevermind, since he's a boy it's ok to have tanned skin, LOL!
And many commented he looks more like me at the moment, haha I am very pleased when I hear it ^^
(I mean hey, I carried him for 9 months+ and went through the labor pain for 7-8 hours to give birth to him!)

Despite the tiredness of looking after him, and the lack of sleeps, I am still pretty enjoy life as a mother. Its amazing how much Aden has grown since day one and I love taking photos of him and record his daily behaviours. I even thought of creating a blog for him but time doesn't allow right now, may be some times later.

Shall write a more proper updates very soon!


  1. congrats! he looks healthily tanned and the weight / height proportion is just right :) enjoy your motherhood with BabyAden. god bless.

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  2. so fast three months already!! wow, time really flies huh, and the more Aden grows up, the more he looks like you.. maybe facing you 24x7, that's why looks like a biscuit from the mold.. hahaha~~ :D

  3. ur baby so cute! feel like pinch his face!

  4. wow! aden is very 'long' la...n i dint realise that theres a jap during their third month! got tofind out tomorrow!

    my yogurt's skin is very tan too, not like her sis at all..

  5. hm, he is already a big boy.


  6. 62cm!好羡慕!我bb8周时才56,哈哈!我希望bb boy要高要高,哈哈!



  7. wow baby aden is so adorable and he is growing up....
    you did a great job as a mummy

  8. awhhhh! hello baby aden! guchiguchi!*
    hahahha so cutteeeee!
    my mom was asking why am i talking to my monitor-_-!

  9. Aden is getting more chubby and cuttier... I wan hug him dear ^^

  10. Ohhhh so cute and cuddly... You are doing a great job Hayley... aww

  11. Oh gosh, ur baby is cute! Hehehe, chubby face babies are cute~

    I agree baby boy doesn't need to be fair lar. Hehehe, tougher looking also good mah!

  12. Aden is getting chubbier obviously. You are becoming very skillful already ~~

  13. Aden is a happy and adorable baby. Time flies, he looks so "long" now.

  14. Aden is really looked more like you , Hayley. He looks like a very happy baby. Good job to you , Hayley.

  15. cute baby! Love to see them moving their tine arms and legs.

    I noticed he is a bit tanned too... my girl also very tanned. Like a malay girl. haha.....

  16. Fish, Rachelle, Filip, SP, Evelyn, Kitty, Genskie, YT, Yvonne, Inspired Momx1, Yan, mNhL, thank you!

    SK, hmm ya may be! It's a good thing!

    janelle, hehe may be yogurt will become fairer later...

    珊姑娘,哈哈对,黑皮肤比较像沙滩男孩,哈哈(自我安慰) =_=

    ms bulat, haha you're so funny!

  17. tanned skin? means macam daddy already hahahah :P

    tanned skin punya male dam hot 1 :P unless is well body builded hehe :P

    just kidding

  18. Aden is very cute! Wah, you sound like a very experienced mummy already :)

  19. Hi Hayley, wow! you got a tough little guy there.
    Why the gloves and socks?
    Kids grow real fast.....
    Have fun.....

  20. Kian Fai, yes memang macam daddy, haha.

    ChloeRuoyi, thanks!

    Willie, yes he is!

    Lee, that's mittens to protect him from scratching his face, booties is to protect from cold.. Hehe.

  21. awww..look at him! he's getting cuter and cuter!

  22. Barb, yes he is! Hehe thanks! ;)

  23. yes, your baby looks cuter and certainly will blossom into handsome prince in future....yeah why not blog or dedicate special blog for him..?.. Seems a trend many mommy does that

  24. He is such a handsome little baby..^.^

  25. Aden is so adorable and handsome. He follows Daddy la about him being tan.

  26. Robinson, I hope so but just not enough time now...Btw why no more blogging these days?

    Agnes, thanks ya!

    Mummy Gwen, yep! Certainly from his daddy...

  27. He's absolutely adorable...very leng chai!

  28. "blackhawk down" phase in my life now....haha i will fight the adversities in life....haha i might be back later in blogging...haha thanks...haha i am not out of my mind yet....haha roger and out

  29. Robinson, ok wish to read about your updates soon!


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