Friday, August 24, 2012

The Expendables 2 (2012)

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Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Van Damme

Hubby and I have been anticipating this movie for so long! Astro had replayed the first installment on and off and this made me even more excited to watch the second ones. Finally we had our movie date with Mr Stallone last Friday =)

As expected, this movie is no dissappoinment! Besides the previous super stars, Van Damme (as the super bad guy) and Liam Hemsworth (Bill the kid) are the new face in this movie. The actress, Nan Yu (as Maggie) is the only lady in the team, but to be honest, I'd prefer if someone more attractive else replaces her character, then it'll be more interesting, hehe..

Basically the storyline is pretty much the same as the first installment - to revenge and fight against the bad guys. But no single moment is boring, in fact there're some hilarious parts which I really like! And similar to the first episode, there're many bloody scenes and guns shooting.

I really enjoy watching all the big guys especially Sylvester Stallone, he's looking very muscular and strong despite his age. But one thing which surprise me is that Jet Li only appear in the beginning of the movie... How come?

Anyway, it's a nice movie which I think worth watching =)

Rating: 4.5/5


  1. it's nice to take time off to enjoy a good movie..I do that by watching Korean dramas..^.^

  2. eih, seems like there are so many who watched this a blogged about this.. the movie is so action packed with the grandfathers playing stunts!! at least heavy duty celeb grandfathers all in a single show, worth the ticket!!!

  3. Can't afford to miss this ! All the big action guys of the retro era in one movie !

  4. I came across at least 3 persons who have blogge about this movie :)

  5. I wait for Astro to screen this movie.... most probably next year, kakaka. Not going to watch it because it's rated 18 and I got 2 under-aged tagging along.

  6. April had watched this with her ex-nanny. I guess we will give this movie a miss too.

  7. It isnt showing in my country i think... or they did but i missed it

  8. Agnes, I used to watch Korean drama too last time!

    SK, haha grandfathers, LOL!

    ChrisAu, yes dont miss!

    Libby, hehe cause it's good!

    Yvonne, haha yes, probably next year or so...

    Yan, April is allowed in the cinema for this movie?

    Genskie, oh then may be you have to look for the DVD...

  9. Hi Hayley....I have not gone to movies many years....
    Don't even know what's showing at our many cinemas.....
    This movie looks interesting.
    Best regards.

  10. 这个第一集我就很喜欢了,这一集一定不可以错过!

  11. Lee, yes it's interesting!

    Willie, yep. He is hilarious~

    珊姑娘,我也是耶!那你就好好enjoy这戏吧! ^^

  12. some people told me that this movie is not a good movie and definitely not worth watching. Now that I see good review from you, probably can consider watching it :)

  13. Caught this movie too. Made more sense to those who have watched the other movies that these grandpa actors acted in:D

  14. Ok, from your comment, I would be looking forward to watch this in cinema. i enjoyed the 1st instalment.

  15. I haven't watched the first part yet. Looks like going to get the DVD la.

  16. ahlost, well, I heard more positive reviews than negative ones...

    missyblurkit, haha, grandpa actors....

    Rose, yea go watch it!!

    Mummy Gwen, ya.. But too violent for your bb inside la! :P

  17. Haven't watch yet.....maybe this weekend...

  18. Must get the DVD! Don't have a chance to visit the cinema nowadays.

  19. Pete, well then I hope you'll enjoy ;)

    Kitty, haha I see...

  20. in the first movie, jet li say want more "dough" aka money in his character in the movie....could that be the reason for cameo only in the second?...speculation only..hehe

  21. I like the movie too even tho some say it's overrated. hehe. And i agree with maggie...shd be someone else less spooky-looking

  22. Sylvester Stallone so old already still look great with his muscles.

  23. huhuhuhu..nowadays very seldom set our foot in the cinema and if we do, we will be watching something more suitable for kids...

    But I'll get the DVD later for a mid-night show at home with hubby :)

  24. I think is because the girl (Nan Yu) got thick lips.. maybe guys like it ..
    but not for me.. lol

  25. Robinson, haha may be!!

    Coffee Girl, haha high 5!

    Vicky, I agree with you~

    Little Kit Boy, haha hope you enjoy!

    SP, no leh.. My hubby also dont like her :P

  26. didn't realize that I havent comment here yet :P

    still . . . CHUCK NORRIS FTW :D


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