Friday, August 10, 2012

The Versatile Blogger (The 3rd Time)

Thanks Angeline for the blogger award. Actually I already did this 'tag' for 2 times, if you're interested please refer to these links: Award 1, Award 2

I am going to do this 'tag' again simply just to share more about myself, and I won't be nominating the award to anyone.

Here's 7 random things about myself:

1. I wish I know more foreign languages like Korean and Japanese.

2. I used to dream of having own business like a cafe or boutique.

3. I love exercising. I always believe it's important to stay fit and healthy.

4. I love taking photos. Took a photography course back in University time but all knowledge had returned to the lecturer, LOL!

5. I always wish to have a sister.

6. I hate watching football.

7. I love pampering myself, a body massage, facial, manicure+pedicure, hair treatment and etc.

Ok, time to entertain my son =) Wishing you guys a lovely weekend!


  1. It's still not too late to learn new languages :D
    - go watch K-drama or J-drama :p

  2. congratulations to you again!! hahahaha.. BTW, does anyone knows where does this Versatile Blogger Award originate from??

  3. I hate watching football too and I love exercise too. I wish I can speak Korean and Japanese when I wake up tomorrow, no need to go through the learning stage.

  4. Korean language......always watch the lovey dovey Korean drama kah?!

    Have a nice weekend with your family!

  5. too, I don't like watching football.

  6. Congras!

    I like number 7! Wish I can do it on a regular basis!

  7. Congrats! Simple and interesting facts about yourself, I am your opposite, I love watching football :P

  8. Hi Hayley, other than receiving this blogger award, you have been awarded the top commenter by me, visit my blog for more details :)

  9. SK, sorry I don't know :P

    Yan, haha I wish too..

    Pete, yes used to watch alot of korean dramas last time.

    Libby, yes thank you so much! I have replied you...

  10. Hayley, you deserved the award dear. Thanks for sharing with us your 7 lovely random. Although I'm still learning my Jap language, but I wish I can speak fluently too.

  11. it's beneficial to be able to speak in different kinds of languages..

  12. Now I know more about you.

    And..didn't know you don't have a sister. Hehe...

  13. 疼爱自己是女人一定要做的事啦!body massage, facial, hair treatment, mani pedicure....哦!爽!哈哈。



  14. Oh same goes to me, I always wish to have sister. I have 2 brothers and I'm the middle one. Haha totally different with you, I don't live exercise. I dun like the feeling hot and sweat, therefore I'll love to swim.

  15. No.2 achieavable with right support....hope u achieve your dream soon :-)

    Have a good day with your family

  16. You like to watch Korean drama? I also wish I can understand korean those korean dramas!!

  17. アンゼエリン , its ok, I am sure you'll be good in it one day.

    wenn, yea!

    Willie, yep I am the only girl.

    珊姑娘,哈哈当然当然。。尤其是当妈咪过后ho ;)

    Vicky, I love swimming as well.

    Robinson, only in my dream..... hehe.

    Kitty, annehasanyo~ hehe.

  18. 哈哈,有几点我们还蛮相似的~比如:宠爱自己、多懂外语、讨厌足球等等!!Btw,身为女人要懂得宠爱和增值自己,条件才能加码。:)

  19. nawh, not interested to do tags :P hahahaha

    yah who dont hate watching football . . . opps many of them :P


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