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I always wanted to blog but time is really not enough. My son needs my attention all the time. Well that's life as a full time mummy....

Anyway, time to update about my naughty son. I mentioned I wanted to create a blog for Aden but I really don't have the time now, but nevermind, this blog of mine will always be here and he is able to read it when he grows up, haha!

Playgym from my friend Annie, I received it even before Aden was born. We put him in it and in the beginning, he wasn't really interested. May be some times later.......

We already brought Aden out many times, don't know why he seems to fall asleep in his seat, regardless of the noise or weather. But it's a good thing at least we don't need to entertain him.........

Do I still look good? Haha :P
Oh ya some of my friends commented that Aden looks more like his dad now, really meh?

He can now turn his body to the side and on his tummy, but he doesn't know how to turn back on his back, yet. Sometimes he'll fatt mang zhang after few tries and cry for helps, haha!

Just think this photo of him looks like girl girl ;)

Bought him some baby rattles and he's only interested in them for the first few minutes... To him, his burger fingers is still the best! But I am not giving up, giving him toys and let him touch can stimulate his sense of touching =)

The Bumbo baby sitter I ordered online arrived last 2 weeks. It helps alot as we don't need to carry him all the time, he enjoys his VIP seat very much. But of course we never leave him unattended even though he is sitting nicely on it.

My happy boy whenever he finishes his nen nen. He is now 3 months and 3 weeks, how time flies!

 He loves to exercise now....

Hubby and I went for a short trip to KL during the Raya holidays. We din't bring Aden along as it's a long journey for a 3 months-old, plus it's the Ghost month now, we avoid bringing him out especially at nights. So he was at home with my MIL and SIL.
It was my first time not seeing him for 2 days (32 hours to be exact) and I missed him so much!

Saw this Candylicious at 1U and I know Aden is going to love it when he grows up, haha!

Wanted to try 许留山and 糖百府 dessert after so many tempting reviews from bloggers, too bad they were very crowded, so we ended up eating at Meet Fresh (鲜芋仙). No wonder it wasn't crowded, cause it is only so so..... =_=

Lunch at Italiannies, I actually like this place ;)

Managed to grab some clothes, but most of them is for Aden, well it's expected, when we have kids, we are not the priority anymore.

Just to share my most satisfied shopping loot, it's a baby care cart for Aden. Finally something nice and not so space consuming to keep Aden's clothes! Well I think it can be used for quite some times, at least we don't have to custom make a closet for him for the time being.

Opps, I actually have another satisfied buys, brand new Lumix GF5. Blame it on the TV advertisement la, it says 'For every photonista' and I think it's very attractive :P
I admit I am a slave of camera, now I have 5 cameras included the DSLR (but am selling the DSLR).
Ok, actually the purpose of buying this is to shoot more of Aden and for our year end trip later ^^

Alright, I am feeling better now at least I managed to write another post before September comes.

Til then, good night y'all!


  1. Wow..really tai sau wok woh...i love ur camera too..

    U didnt mentioned also i didnt realised that Aden now a bit 'jao yong' his daddy shadow..hehe

    Btw, how much u bought for the munchkin closet?

  2. Wow..really tai sau wok woh...i love ur camera too..

    U didnt mentioned also i didnt realised that Aden now a bit 'jao yong' his daddy shadow..hehe

    Btw, how much u bought for the munchkin closet?

  3. Ya Aden looks like daddy dy...but sometimes he looks more like you.

    Wah so many shopping loots eh. So fast plan for your year end trip eh, so will Aden tag along?

  4. Yup Aden looks like ur hubby..
    Too bad you didn't try the hui Lau San..
    Is very nice...

  5. hahaha, and i think now that you have time to blog, you will try to write as many as you can right?? hehehe..

  6. maybe the next time you go to KL, you will be bring Aden with you along already?? either he'll be sleeping on his stroller, or he'll be too excited inside Candylicious and doesn't want to leave~~ :D

  7. Aiyo baby Aden looks so cute, and I like your baby care cart.

  8. Love the camera. So glad you find time to blog!

  9. aden很可爱!!




    你当然look good啦dear ^^

    哈哈,觉得尤其在车上走着时bb一定睡觉的 xD



  10. Being a full time mum is very tiring and hectic I see... Mayb cos it's a 24/7 job :) But worth every moment right?

    Wow, new camera!!! Yay, hoping to see more nice pics coming. Where is your year end vacation?

  11. I like that "girl girl" photo... so cute :)

    Nice camera! I always like to see your shopping loot ;)

  12. wow... good purchases!! good that Aden can sleep while you shop.. :D

  13. Aden越来越可爱! 我好喜欢他的笑容~ 我觉得他不笑就像爸爸, 笑了就像妈妈.. hehe ^^ year end去哪里玩啊!?

  14. So many shopping loots~~ must be a very satisfying trip. Hey, you know how they say about retail therapy, kekeke~

    Aden really looks like his daddy from the photos above. But sometimes he looks like mommy :)

  15. Aden is sooo cute!! I wanna hug him!! I agreed with you when we have kids, our shopping priority goes to them :P

  16. oh he is just so adorable. i feel like pinching his chubby cheeks:) though it was a good shopping trip to kl, i bet you were thinking of your baby every minute huh?

  17. oh..Aden is so cute. yes..I think most babies will sleep in their stroller when parents go shopping. Last my boy too...sleep while on the way in the car and also sleep in his stroller while we shopping, but reach home, very 'jing shen' while we half dead. :)

  18. awww he is growing so fast... and yes you are still pretty!

  19. 呵呵。。。全职妈咪想的好像都一样,我也想过给孩子们另外创一个部落。可是最终想到连自己的部落都没什么时间打理了,再来一个的话分分钟两头不到岸,两个都荒废@@



    其实我家很靠近one u,里头有许留山但我还是没去品尝,不懂做末最近有点抗拒甜食。


  20. Oh ya I found Aden has some daddy look wor. Good choice for the new camera. Imagine with so many bags travelling with young baby, it's always good to have a smaller compact EVIL rather than bulky DSLR.

  21. Wow wow wow! So many loots and you got a new camera again. Very soon, you will be able to bring Aden along wherever you go. Aden is getting chubbier and adorable.

  22. Hi Hayley,

    I understand that as you son grows, you will have a little time blogging. Most moms are facing it. It's a heavy responsibility to have kids.

    And it seems that your kid starts to be active. Soon, your hands would be tight. Haha! But worry not, I'm sure the Dad will help.

    Have a nice day.

  23. bought so many things. Love yr new camera. Seems like alot of ppl choosing Lumix. Must show us some pics using yr new camera later k.

    Of course you still look good and I think Aden still look like you.

  24. Seriously, trust me, you look the same, especially your face! I wonder how you guys manage to slim down so fast!

  25. Wyson, the munchkin baby cart is about RM 200+ after discount ;)

    アンゼエリン, yea very looking forward to the trip ;) Nope, he is not coming as it's a very longggg flight for him.

    SP, yaya I know! Haih, may be next time la!

    SK, yes I am trying!
    Well, may be! Haha, let's hope he'll be sleeping quietly in his VIP seat ;)

    Libby, 东妮ChloeRuoyi, Mery, Cynful Pleasure, Genskie, thanks! ^_*




  26. YT, it's tiring but yes, it's worth ;) You'll know it when you become a mummy!
    Hmm, paiseh... gotto keep the venue as secret for the time being, will reveal it when the time is near :P

    Evelyn, 嘻嘻到时你就知道! :P

    Yvonne, ya glad that he's still look like me :P

    Kitty, yes.. Plus baby's clothes is so cute, really cannot resist from buying...

    Barb, you're right! I am thinking about him all day!

    Little Kit Boy, it's true. When we wanna sleep, they'll wake up =_=

    janelle, 不一定,Aden有时还是会晃。。要一直看着咯。

    Vicky, correct. This camera definetely saves more space~

    Yan, thank you! I also hope to bring him go gai gai more often ;)

    Willie, yes of course daddy must help! :P

    Mummy Gwen, ok I will! Yes, Lumix is becoming hotter these days ;)

    Shirlexia, I do slimmed down but not til my target yet! Hey, pictures can be deceiving sometimes :P

  27. Hi Cutie! He is soooo cute! Feel like pinching his cheeks. :p

    Nice camera. And wow! 5 cameras. That is a lot.

    Invite you to visit my blog and leave comments of yourselves

  29. Rose, haha ya, that's too much for a girl, right? :P

  30. Aden does look like his Dad more now. Hehe..

  31. Hi Hayley, nice pics. Your boy really cute, growing bigger too.
    Nice pics.

  32. Merryn, opps another vote for daddy :P

    Lee, yes he is! And getting naughtier as well =_=

  33. 很明显,你真的没时间,所以来了篇集合文。Aden笑起来很迷人,整个小王子的模样。Munchkin Baby Care Cart实用性大吗?介意透露能在哪家专门店找到吗?谢谢~

  34. How much do you pay for the GF5 ? ;/

  35. it is good that baby keep quiet and slowly fall at sleep in the noisy environment :))

  36. Eugein, 就是啦!一个字,忙!所以你要好好enjoy现在的生活,等宝宝出世了就忙了。。:P
    嘻嘻谢谢,他不吵时的确满可爱 ^^
    那个cart不错不错。。不过就不能装太多咯。。我是在The Curve的The First Few Years买的...

    Queenie, it's RM 2499 ;)

    Kian Fai, yes, its better for us the adults too =)

  37. oh yeah resemble his daddy and that proves his look is contribution from both cheers and forever happy family :-)

  38. Nice camera you got! Photos are important as it keeps memories.

    Shopping very shiok hor.. haha...


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