Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Those big changes

Happy mid week everyone! =)

Aden is turning 3 months old next week, how time flies right? This also means it's almost 3 months after I gave birth, looking good and losing weight are my main concern now.
Speaking of losing weight, I have lost about 11kg up til today, I still need to shed off 5kg to go back to pre pregnancy weight.
11kg might sounds alot but stubborn fats are still here on my tummy, thighs and hips, they are super difficult to be shedded off! >=(
But I wont give up la! So I get myself the following items to help me...

Body Sculptor Shower Gel from Alqvimia, Julia's Shape Oil, leopard print body shapewear, Julian Jill  Velcro belt, and the white belly belt (only wear it during my confinement). Besides all these, I already finished 2 bottles of slimming cream for my urut session during confinement.

Apart from the weight issue, hair lost is another big change I noticed ever since delivery =_= I actually planning to color my hair this month but I think I'll have to postpone the plan. I have no idea how serious the situation will get, but I have the following items to help me as much as possible.

Black sesame powder (recommended by other mummies), energy shampoo for postnatal and hair tonic liquid.

Last but not least, I got myself a new spec, I do think it looks better than the previos one ^^

What do you think? ;)


  1. I think waking up few times at night to feed Aden will help you lose some weight?? hehe.. you still seem to have lots of hair in the photo mah, or those tonic really very powerful?? hehe~~

  2. Continue your afford on slimming mission ya. Oh I use Shiseido hair tonic, seem ok to prevent hair drop wor. Ya like this new thinner frame glasses.

  3. You still look gorgeous, Hayley! That stubborn fat will go off gradually, as long as you work hard :D


    p/s: I prefer your hair dyed~

  4. You look good!! You know what to do to lose those weight. But dont worry too much, it is just 3 months. Give yourself another 6 months you will lose some more and soon you can go for jogging and exercise to shed more weights!!

    Good luck!

  5. I like the spec. like a professional woman...
    I am sure you could able to reduce to your normal pre pregnancy weight.

  6. Still looking great, pretty mama!

    I think u are awesome, shredding off 11kgs within such a short time, that is really quite good. Work hard, u will definitely go back to ur awesome size.

    I am also trying to lose 2 more kgs, not for anything (no post-natal fat, jus me being tam chiak LOL).

  7. Wah!! you manage to lost 11kg! You must share with me your secrets liao! I am still carrying my baby fat especially on my tummy :(

  8. Apart from taking care Aden, I hope you can find time to exercise. Eat healthy and stay active are two important element to keep fit. Just my 2 cents.

  9. wow 11kg! thats good progress isnt it? and i never knew one will lose hair after giving birth! O_O so far does the black sesame powder helps? normal people can drink too right?

  10. u looking great dear!!美丽妈咪^^

    我很羡慕啦!!!我真的很努力减肥,每天工作都好像没吃这样,周末也control着,还很努力减肥,但是我真的减轻得很慢很慢!!!到现在才5~6.5kg!! =(=(=(

  11. 好羡慕你可以恢复的这么块哦!

    不过上周末为了满足购物欲在bb fair那里签了trail package的减肥配套,不过那销售小姐建议至少产后过了6个月才能做

  12. I bet you already look amazing! The weight will come off easily! Once my little man arrives I will be doing lots of walking in hope of shedding the baby weight. You're doing great keep at it!

  13. 我在想,会不会是你钙质流失,所以头发容易掉落???我也是乱猜,可是听说好多妈妈们也有这个困扰,你可以试一试何何首乌,不但对头发有益,而且对女生也很好 =)

  14. SK, I thought the same too but no leh =_=
    Haha ya I still have lots of hair but my hair falls is more than usual...

    Vicky, I have never try Shiseido ones but I am satisfied with this current one.

    Yvonne, Barb,
    Little Kit Boy, thank you!

    Rose, ok I hope so!

    SP, haha professional woman ar? :P

    YT, hey welcome back! ;) Haha, but judging from your latest photos I think you look great~

    Kitty, no big secrets actually.. Just those stuff I listed in the blog..

    Yan, yep I'm going to yoga class thrice a week now.

    ms bulat, thats a common change after delivery. Yes, that powder is for all people ;)


    janelle, 我也很想签这种配套呢!我想会比较快,也不用到那么辛苦 (short cut)。。嘻嘻。。

    东妮,thanks gal! Cant wait to meet your prince!

    min~aris, 何首乌?好像有听过。。不过我现在有额外摄取钙质了,而且听说那黑芝麻粉很有效,所以会先尝试咯!

  15. 11公斤真的是个很厉害的数字!!你应该是找对了适合自己的瘦身法,应该公开分享让妈妈们受惠~:)


  16. Eugein, 其实真的没什么秘诀,就是那几种相片中的'道具'咯。。

    头皮护理啊?暂时没想过,不过谢谢你的分享。。我先尝试hair tonic和黑芝麻粉再打算!

  17. what do I think? hahah , I think nothing :X

    still . . . u Kar Yao! heheeh :D

  18. Hi Hayley, you look a bit different with the new glasses, but nice, stylish.
    Pssst, no lipstick? Ha ha ha.

  19. Lee, different in a good way or bad? Haha :P
    Nop, I dont like lipstick, LOL!

  20. Within 3 months you have lost so much weight..that's very good Hayley. Still has a lot of time and only a few kilos to go, you can do it. Take care dear.

  21. Mummy Gwen, thanks for the encouragement!

  22. Wah losing weight fast....very soon back to hour glass figure....

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