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Last day of September

Ahhh I hope I am not too late to wish my readers Happy Mooncake Festival!
Internet was down at my neighbourhood since Friday hence it explained why I dint visit you guys.... I am now at somewhere else so just gonna make it short~

I shall write a proper post soon! I really hope 'those people' do their job cause I already report the issue on Friday and according to them, service will be restored tomorrow.

Til then, Happy Mooncake Festival! 中秋节快乐! ^_^

Would you?

We finished our dinner and already in the car ready to go home. Suddenly someone knocked on the car window and it almost gave us a heart attack.

It was an old lady, probably in her 70's, asking for help. She was small in size and a little hunchbacked. She said she needed a ride back home in Kamunting (a place bout 10 mins away from Taiping town).
In the end, hubby told her we were not going that area (it's true, we are not staying nearby there, not even pass by that area) and said sorry, then off we go.
Ok, you might think we were cold hearted rejecting to help an old lady. But in the society these days, there're just too many crime cases and sometimes even a kid or elderly could be a thieft. I did feel sorry for leaving her like that but you just can't blame us. What if she was only pretending to get our sympathy and who knows what will happen if we let her into our car?

But I did pray that someone else could give her a ride back home safely.

Well, what would you do…

Health foot patch

I came to know about this foot patch through a friend. It's something popular at Japan and now slowly becoming a trend at other countries as well.
I bought 20 pieces from an online store recently (search for 'Caroline Fashion Shop' in FB) and used them every night, have not really see significant improvement but I believe it's good for our body if use for long term.
 This is how the patch looks like. It's made from charcoal and other natural herbs and plants. Only RM1 per piece.
 Stick it at the bottom of the feet during bed time and remove during the next morning, and you'll see.........
... that most part of the patch is wet, which means the patch is working well.

Actually the benefits of using this health patch is that it helps tackle legs soreness problem and also edema issue caused by pregnancy/menses. For those who stands alot and ladies who wear high heels everyday, this is an useful tool!
Most importantly, it works as a good detoxification agent so it&…

What to expect when you're expecting (2012)

Image taken from HERE
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Brooklyn Decker

I spent 2.5 days in order to finish this movie, haha! Not because it's a long movie (just less than 2 hours), not because it's not good, it's because I am occupied by my fussy son, and also helping out house chores since my MIL & SIL are away for holidays (I don't expect the men in the house to do... =P)
For the passed one week, I am like a super woman, dealing with Aden, the 2 dogs, and all kinda house chores, as well as attending yoga lessons. So I am quite tired actually =_=

Anyway, let's talk about this movie.

Basically it's all about a woman's life from trying to conceive, getting pregnant, to labor and taking care of a baby. Of course many situations are mentioned in the movie like miscarriage, difficulties in conceiving, adopting a baby, all sorts of pregnancy symptoms and etc.
Not to say a very very nice movie, but fun to watch, as it really tells wha…

I need help and thank you in advance!!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!! It's a holiday but I already awake at 6am, who else but by my little naughty boy? zZz.....
Anyway, Aden is joining a baby contest in FB and baby with the most 'Like' will win something, hence I need your helps by clicking 'Like' at the picture in the contest album.
Here's the photo I submitted, just in case you can't recognise which one is Aden :P
Cute or not? ^^
So here's the simple steps:

1. First, like the page Bibi Kidshop II in FB.

(Note: if the above link doesn't work, kindly please search for 'Bibi Kidshop II')

2. Next, click Like at Aden's picture in the contest album 'The Most Cute Baby Contest 2012).
(Note: if the above link doesn't work, kindly please search for contestant 088, Aden Chan. You have to click Like at the picture, not at any links shared by me (if you're my friend, you'll notice I've shared a few links)
Contest ends at 18th Nov 2012.

 This is Aden's firs…

Please lah!!

I have resumed my yoga classes since mid July and I enjoy and love every bits of it, except for a few very talkative and inconsiderate aunties lately.
One of them looks familiar to me, and the rest are 'new faces', I haven't seen them before, may be they were already joining the class when I was pregnant (I have stopped yoga since last December).

I am trully annoyed with these aunties. I think they are very inconsiderate, they love chit chatting loudly during the lesson, even when the music is very loud during the aerobic dances (Fyi, the first 30 mins is aerobic dance with loud pop music, then followed by 30 mins of yoga with soft music).

I don't care if they're a beginner or expert but we all here for one reason, to learn yoga and not to chit chat. Everyone else pay fees to learn, not just them. So please be fair!
Although there are no written rules saying that we cannot talk throughout the whole 1 hour, at least please be considerate, we are not interested in wha…

125 days-old

Aden turned 4 months old last Friday (I know, time flies right!) and according to some Chinese beliefs, it's time to perform the 'saliva collection' ritual, so that he won't have excessive drooling of saliva in the future.
Besides, other than milk, a 4mo baby can started to try solids (Of course not all babies are the same). I have yet to let Aden try any rice cereal, kinda worry to get him started at the moment, as the paed strictly said NO and gotto wait til he's 6mo, as it might triggers allergies. But some of my mummy friends commented it's ok to give a little bit to see how baby responses, so that it'll be much easier for him to take solids few months later.  Kinda dilemma now, so perhaps my fellow mummy bloggers can share with me your experiences, million thanks! ^^
Anyway, we did a simple 'saliva collection' ritual for Aden over the weekend.
 Just a few Marie biscuits (tie them up like a necklace) and a piece of cooked drumstick. Actually…


Just a quick and short post before we welcome the weekend.
I was really happy when I saw my name as one of the top 2 commenters at Libby's blog, (My Blog, My World, My Memories). Immediately mailed her to thank her and also inform her about my mailing address.
Yesterday, I received a postpac from Singapore and I knew it was from Libby ;)
It's an A4 sized file and a small note were included.

Though it was nothing expensive, I really appreciate it, since I can use it to keep any documents.

Well, thank you Libby! Nice knowing you thru the blogsphere! =) I think this is one of the benefit of blogging, besides knowing new friends from around the world, we get special surprises through contests and giveaways!

Speaking of giveaways, I realise that I did not organize any giveaways in my blog even after years of blogging. So I have decided to organize one as a token of appreciation to my fellow blogger friends.
But I have no idea yet on what is the question and what to give, so I wi…

Busy like a bee!

Ahhhh, I know I have been MIA for a week! Life's too busy recently, can't help it.

Anyway, just to say I am doing ok as usual... Aden's growing up and is getting naughtier, really. He started to recognise people and voice, and usually wants me to carry to sleep at night, and of late, he has been crying and throwing temper alot even during daytime, really frustrated!!

For the recent Raya and Merdeka holidays, I dint really go anywhere, except for the short KL trip, moreover it's the ghost month now, I refrain from bringing Aden out at night.
I assume I will not have any holidays as well in the coming Malaysia's Day (Of course, being a full time mummy doesn't have any leaves......). But I am very looking forward to the year end trip this November!! Time can you please fly?? Haha :P
I shall reveal the venue next month *blek*

Last but not least, for those who still visit my blog and leaves me comment, thank you! I promise I'll try my best to blog properly, soo…