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125 days-old

Aden turned 4 months old last Friday (I know, time flies right!) and according to some Chinese beliefs, it's time to perform the 'saliva collection' ritual, so that he won't have excessive drooling of saliva in the future.

Besides, other than milk, a 4mo baby can started to try solids (Of course not all babies are the same). I have yet to let Aden try any rice cereal, kinda worry to get him started at the moment, as the paed strictly said NO and gotto wait til he's 6mo, as it might triggers allergies.
But some of my mummy friends commented it's ok to give a little bit to see how baby responses, so that it'll be much easier for him to take solids few months later. 
Kinda dilemma now, so perhaps my fellow mummy bloggers can share with me your experiences, million thanks! ^^

Anyway, we did a simple 'saliva collection' ritual for Aden over the weekend.

 Just a few Marie biscuits (tie them up like a necklace) and a piece of cooked drumstick. Actually if I were to follow the tradition, I gotto prepare 12 pieces of biscuits.....

Introducing the crying machine, 哭胞den. Really, Aden cries alot, I keep telling him 'You are a boy ok! Baby boy doesn't cry so much one!' =_=""

Let him licked the drumstick.. I think may be because the drumstick was cold already, he showed not much interest.... 

Then we proceed with the biscuits. He cried at first but.......... 

... kinda enjoyed in the end, Aden looked so 'high' here, LOL!

 In the end, his burger fingers is still the best! *pengsan*


  1. 这样的传统习俗,我是第一次听,都以食物为主吗?看到鸡腿我笑了,饼干还比较合理一些~XDD

  2. 哈~我只前看过台湾朋友弄的,真的很隆重!

    我大女儿以前等到6个多月才开始吃solid food的,day care那里这样做,pead也是这样建议,所以我就跟了,比较安心嘛。。。

  3. Hey York Mei,

    Sorry been busy lately but when I saw your FB update just now,I thought I should check out your post here,,,time really flies,doesn't it?

    I remember you were sharing your pregnancy,followed with your delivery now,Aden is already 4 months old,,so the very fast.

    Anyway,enjoy every moment with him,cos I am sure Aden will grow up very fast and please don't spoil him too much ya hahahahahah.

    take care now

  4. I didn't know got such ritual. I started give Gwen rice cereal when she was 4 months plus. Maybe you can buy the organic ones and try. Alternatively you can make yr own baby food.

  5. wow such a ritual... He is really cute...
    and the burger fingers win! hahahaha

  6. huh?? got such tradition one meh?? that's the first time i heard of.. i only heard of letting them to choose profession from things like abacus, scissors, pen etc when they are one year old only.. hahaha!! at first i so shocked and thought he really eats the drumstick!! :D

  7. I did this too for my 2 kids. I have another one with "beansprout+kuchai". My mum said after doing that, usually baby teeth will sprouts with no sign of pain and fever.

    Many books and research said 6mths is the best to start intake solid food. Calvin started at 8mths. Hebe started at 6mths+.But some baby are slow it depends.

  8. oh.. I never did this.. never know got this ritual.. guess I am not that tradition la.. and my baby only start solid at 6 months mark...

  9. Heard of this ritual but I skipped it for both my kids :)

    I didn't start solid on my kids until they were about 7-8 months. Scared of allergies.

  10. Hayley, if you ask me, I will say "No solid until 6 months old." Please do not hurry into giving him solid. Do it one at a time to see his response towards new food. 4 months old isn't ready for solid. Later baby makes fuss, mummy also stresses up.

  11. I din know there's such ritual but ur bb boy looks really really funny in the pics! So super cute! I like the one that he looks "high" hahahaha.

  12. erk . . .means ur son is more fancy towards oat ?? :D

  13. 12 pcs of biskut = 1 drum stick? @@

    hahahah anyways . . . gimme the drumstick la LOL :X

  14. hi,
    i would give solid food when my baby is 6 months. And i think you need to go to salon too for your hair treatment. Hahaha! :-)

  15. I've never heard of this "saliva collection" ritual before. Now I know :)

    I gave Chloe fruits as her first solid food. Cereal is processed food to me and I prefer something more natural. I think I started with banana... scraped a little for her to try and she was ok with it but some old folks will say banana got "angin". Like you said, it all depends on the babies.

  16. drumstick to taste as starter, not bad.

    Yes, I still remember this ritual which my mom always does for her grandchildren except Shenny because we stay too far away from her. :)

    I think I am kind of 'kiasi', only began to let Shenny try cereal and porridge at the age of eight months old, just to make sure her stomach and intestine are well-form.

  17. 我的朋友给保姆照顾的,也是四个月给bb尝试这些食物的味道。
    我的家婆说那天听到电台新闻说bb六个月吃副食最佳, 所以我们应该会在bb6个月的时候才开始给副食吧。
    但是应该四个月开始就会忍不住要给他try些kua @@


  18. So cute. Never heard of this ritual before. I like the photo of Aden eating the drumstick! Adorable!

  19. I din know about that saliva ritual. What my MIL did was hang the baby's hanky high up (the highest the better). true, i'm not sure.

    Aden looks so chubby.

    I started solid for both my kids at 6 months. Only plain porridge then gradually add some fish / meat + vege.

  20. Wow never heard of such ritual too! Really an eye opener.. Don't hurry into giving him solid, you have a long way to go! Haha

  21. Eugein, 嘻嘻,其实我也不知道的,是看了朋友酱做,我才向她了解。。

    janelle, 对,台湾的真的很跟law!我只是意思意思罢了,呵呵。。

    eugene, its ok. I know you're still MIA-ing ;)
    Yea time sure flies!

    Mummy Gwen, thanks for sharing! I think I will wait til Aden's 6mo.

    Genskie, ya, nothing beats his fingers!

    SK, haha now you know!

    アンゼエリン, I heard of the 'kuchai' too! Will do it soon~

    Cynful Pleasure, actually I am not really superstitious also la! But since it doesn't require much works, why not? =)

    Yvonne, oic! I think it's better to wait at least 6mo..

    Yan, thank you for sharing! I will listen to you and wait til he is 6mo+!

    YT, haha I like that one too!

    Kian Fai, I don't know, gonna try on him to see how he responses. No, biscuits and drumstick stand for different meanings ;)

    Wil Est, hey I don't think I need one right now, my hair looks great as always, keke:)

    ChloeRuoyi, ya, fruits is a better option I think.

    Shenny's mommy, sometimes 'kiasi' is not a bad thing at all ;)

    *还好罢了啦!可能是角度问题。。最近一直抱Aden,让我觉得自己的手臂粗了。。 @.@*

    Johnnie, no problem ;)

    Kitty, hehe thanks!

    mNhL, well I never heard of the hanky's method.. thanks for sharing!

    cryst, haha yea I know!

  22. hmmmm.... didn't know got such ritual also! enjoy motherhood! :)

  23. I never head of such tradition. I first let my boy try solid when he was 5 month old. We started off with cereal and porridge. Aden is so lucky to have a drumstick. haha

  24. I never head of such tradition. I first let my boy try solid when he was 5 month old. We started off with cereal and porridge. Aden is so lucky to have a drumstick. haha

  25. 我们不知"收口水"这习俗所以没给Ethan这么做. 而他还真的从小到现在都是口水王 ==' Ethan从四个月起就开始副食了! 当然是由米糊开始,一星期一两次,适应了之后再吃糊糊的粥, 然后慢慢地米饭和其它的。所以真正吃副食时已大概是六个月左右了! 重要是要注意看宝宝会不会吞咽,要很细心慢慢地让他们适应。加油哦 ^^

  26. ChrisAu, hehe I will!

    Andrew, oh I bet your boy was ok with the solid?

    Evelyn, 是咯。。得一步一步来,也要留意着宝宝。。我想想还是等6个月咯。。

  27. I didn't know such ritual. For both of my kids I really started to introduce solid food around 5-6months. But my bro-in-law's kid started taking around 4 month plus. It's depend on the babies and parents I think. As long as it is safe for babies then it is fine. Some babies develop faster than others

  28. Both my boys start solid at 4mths+...and my eldest start on soft rice when he reach 5mths+...coz he rejects porridge/cereal..we also kiasi but the paed said its ok coz his metabolism very high...and my son turns out fine, didnt hv allergy...but like u said every baby is just follow ur instinct lah..hehehe

  29. cute! but he probably liked Marie coz its really quite sweet:P

  30. Oh he was okay with the solids, in fact he like it. We started off with the nestle cereals from supermarkets. After 2 weeks, we give him blended porridge. We put apples, meats and an additional vege to sweeten it.

  31. My mom did this tradition for my younger bro when he is 100 days old. But I never do that for my kids. Haha yummy licking drum stick, Aiden is so cute.

  32. Rose, I know.. Gotto observe the baby's response right!

    Iyson, lucky for you, his metabolism is high!

    missyblurkit, yea..

    Andrew, glad to know your boy liked it!

    Vicky, yea some people do that during the 100th day.. thanks!

    Jobless Girl, haha right!

  33. He is such a cute little boy. Good luck on your FB contest.


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