Monday, September 17, 2012

I need help and thank you in advance!!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!! It's a holiday but I already awake at 6am, who else but by my little naughty boy? zZz.....

Anyway, Aden is joining a baby contest in FB and baby with the most 'Like' will win something, hence I need your helps by clicking 'Like' at the picture in the contest album.

Here's the photo I submitted, just in case you can't recognise which one is Aden :P

Cute or not? ^^

So here's the simple steps:

1. First, like the page Bibi Kidshop II in FB.

(Note: if the above link doesn't work, kindly please search for 'Bibi Kidshop II')

2. Next, click Like at Aden's picture in the contest album 'The Most Cute Baby Contest 2012).
(Note: if the above link doesn't work, kindly please search for contestant 088, Aden Chan. You have to click Like at the picture, not at any links shared by me (if you're my friend, you'll notice I've shared a few links)
Contest ends at 18th Nov 2012.

 This is Aden's first time participating in a contest and to be honest, I hope he can win something but then again, there're so many other cute babies so I actually don't put very high hopes... Just play for fun. hehe ^^

Aden and I thank you from deep of our hearts!


  1. Hi Hayley,
    Already done. Hope you and your baby win.

  2. Done! My hubs saw this pic and said sooooooooo cute! haha.. da FACE! Aww.. macam mau cubit ni :D

  3. Hi Hayley, he is cute! Good luck and I'm sure he'll win.

  4. Hayley,我那天就要帮你按了,可惜我的mobile fb进不到里头,不知道为什么。我今晚开电脑帮你案,在公司上不到fb。


  5. I have liked his photos. He is cute.

  6. Aden这张的表情好可爱,好一脸的无辜,超想捏他小脸蛋啊!!

  7. ini daddy eye mode ke? LOL

    aden too tired I think? :P I clicked hehe

  8. Hi Hayley, ok ok! You will get my vote. :)

  9. Will hop over there :)

    And wishing you all the best in winning.

  10. aiyak me no fb..
    but I wish you good luck

  11. Dear all who voted, thank you very much! <3

    Willie, well you don't necessarily have to be friend with me in order to vote, just follow the steps I mentioned ;)

    Merryn, haha! No cubit cubit, only can sayang sayang :P


    Eugein, 嘻嘻,谢谢你哦!不过不能捏捏,只能sayang... ^^

    Kian Fai, haha not tired.. may be just abit emo....

  12. I wish you all the best Hayley... i really hope Aden can get it :)

  13. Genskie, thats very sweet of you! Thanks~

  14. Click "Like" no.117. Good Luck!


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