Friday, September 14, 2012

Please lah!!

I have resumed my yoga classes since mid July and I enjoy and love every bits of it, except for a few very talkative and inconsiderate aunties lately.
One of them looks familiar to me, and the rest are 'new faces', I haven't seen them before, may be they were already joining the class when I was pregnant (I have stopped yoga since last December).

I am trully annoyed with these aunties. I think they are very inconsiderate, they love chit chatting loudly during the lesson, even when the music is very loud during the aerobic dances (Fyi, the first 30 mins is aerobic dance with loud pop music, then followed by 30 mins of yoga with soft music).

I don't care if they're a beginner or expert but we all here for one reason, to learn yoga and not to chit chat. Everyone else pay fees to learn, not just them. So please be fair!
Although there are no written rules saying that we cannot talk throughout the whole 1 hour, at least please be considerate, we are not interested in what you are talking about. Don't you know one of the reason of learning yoga is to relax and calm our mind?? And we had a hard time listening to the instructions.

I know there are others who are also annoyed like me, including my instructor. However I feel that she doesn't dare to tell them to slow down their voice, cause she is not the boss/person in charge. I think she doesn't want to offend these people, though deep down she really TL them already, like me.

In the beginning I gave them a few good stares and of course, it doesn't work. They still talk like nobody's business.
And I think this is not the only place we encounter such incident, several times I heard people talking through their phones in the cinema, and keep talking even the rest made a loud and long 'shhhh' ..........

Sigh, I don't wanna be offensive but I always think most some 'aunties' around this age are 'thick face' and rude, I just think the world would be a more peaceful place to be if everyone practises consideration.

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Til then, enjoy your long weekend and take care!!


  1. Got such thing in your yoga class? My yoga class is very silent one until people can hear me fart, though I have controlled my fart to explode softly. Kekekeke!

  2. How annoying. Hope somebody is bold enough to give these aunties a good scolding.

    Haha...the cinema one....I've experienced before...but these ppl are too thick skin hor....never bother at all with that Shhh.....

  3. Awww...this is very irritating. Those in cinema, I will gave a loud Shhhhhh..and if that continues, I will pretend to talk to my wife,"Are we suppose to talk in the cinema?" At this point, they should have stopped. if not, i will have the curse them till the end of the show.haha

  4. Give you a few suggestion to "finish them off" ahahahhahaha

    1)complain to your instructor
    2)tell them off straight to their faces
    3)as you are Yoga'ing half way, shout out loud to the class," I cannot continue lioa, too noisy" then just walk off
    4)Join them and become one of them hahahahah

  5. I attend yoga class b4 and many classmate are aunties, but never they behave like this chatting during the lesson is on. I guess maybe you could compared to your instructor. If the instructor dare not to tell them to Shut up, maybe can put some notice in the class, Be quiet / Slow down your voice & etc.

  6. Sheesh... I seriously cannot stand ppl talking nonstop in the cinema. If it's jus a quick few lines still acceptable but I do face ppl talking nonstop and loudly somemore!

    My fren that day sat beside a couple who can't stop making out in the cinema and made him wanna scream LOL.

  7. Me too, cannot tolerate such people. I was at a kids' lab event and it was time to take group photo, one of these two mothers suddenly spotted each other who were frens and started chatting away. I was sandwiched in between and could not make room for other parents to move up the stage. When all the staring failed, I shooed them, Hello, can you pls MOVE IN?? Arghhh.. such inconsiderate people!

  8. inconsiderate...and I guess they are also not paying attention to the instructor if they are talking during the class.

  9. *shake head* These aunties are just being... aunties! Maybe you can switch classes and join another session instead?

  10. These aunties are really inconsiderate. Your instructor should tell them politely not to talk during class as not to offend them.

  11. Lol yan's comment.

    ya lor these people if want to talk go to coffee shop la. People come to class is to work out and learn, they should not talk to loud and disturb others.

  12. Hahahaha Hayley I was laughing the whole time while reading your post... I feel the same whenever I am in the cinema and some person near me is talking on the phone so loudly while I am busy concentrating on the movie... I think when someone getting old they are becoming less considerate...

  13. yeah if everyone have consideration for each other and not MY WAY practitioner all the time, the world will be much better...for everyone...the "enforcer" of rules there might "compromise" these as they are customers....what a dilemma

    However cheers and enjoy your workout

  14. wah, thick face auntie so stubborn and inconsiderate ah?? i think the instruction has to do something lah.. if they won't even realize the hint, then it's best to confront them straight away.. then they will shut up already..

  15. Someone should gently tell them off... The instructor should tactfully tell them..

  16. silent is golden..
    perhaps the aunty thought that the yoga is like a mamak place for them to gather and chat..
    well if you can't beat them join them.. maybe they could advise some good kang tao to you,,

  17. aunty mah, what to do, they join in group? hahaha means they wanna enjoy together lo!

    Wish their yoga skill become awesome so they can yoga themself at home :X

  18. Yan, well that's a good thing for you!

    mNhL, yalo, so thick skin!!

    Andrew, your trick might works but not for all... hehe..

    eugene, LOL! Can't help laughing at suggestions #3 & 4!

    Vicky, the notice method certainly won't works...

    YT, ya I understand how frustrating it is!

    Inspired Momx1, wah pity you! Sandwiched in the between somemore!

    Kitty, yes, they are not paying attention...

    ChloeRuoyi, I have thought of that but too bad, that class's timing is more appropriate for me as my MIL can look after my son that time...

  19. Mummy Gwen, my instructor did asked them to focus but seconds later, they'll start again =_=

    Johnnie, how I wish they would think like you..

    Genskie, haha is it so funny? Anyway, ya, it happens most on the elderly..

    Robinson, haih I wish too!

    SK, I think my instructor won't dare to tell them shut up lo..

    Merryn, yes I agree!

    SP, huh? No kang tao one la... Our interests and age gap is wayy too far, kakaka!

    Kian Fai, haha you also agree ho? Aunties are like that....


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