Friday, September 7, 2012


Just a quick and short post before we welcome the weekend.

I was really happy when I saw my name as one of the top 2 commenters at Libby's blog, (My Blog, My World, My Memories). Immediately mailed her to thank her and also inform her about my mailing address.

Yesterday, I received a postpac from Singapore and I knew it was from Libby ;)

It's an A4 sized file and a small note were included.

Though it was nothing expensive, I really appreciate it, since I can use it to keep any documents.

Well, thank you Libby! Nice knowing you thru the blogsphere! =) I think this is one of the benefit of blogging, besides knowing new friends from around the world, we get special surprises through contests and giveaways!

Speaking of giveaways, I realise that I did not organize any giveaways in my blog even after years of blogging. So I have decided to organize one as a token of appreciation to my fellow blogger friends.
But I have no idea yet on what is the question and what to give, so I will only organize the giveaway this November, after I come back from my oversea trip, as I know I can get something nice from that country. So my fellow bloggers, do stay tuned ^_*

Til then, have a fabulous weekend!


  1. wow, you are the top commenter in her blog?? hehehehe, congratulations on that file all the way from SG!! looks "delicious"~~ :p

  2. Congrats! The file will make me hungry all the time :D

  3. Congratulations Hayley... that's a yummy file organizer :)

  4. Congrats, Hayley~ Nice gift!

    I thought it was a dessert recipe book :p

    I'm so glad we have blogsphere - can stay in touch with friends and gain new ones~~

  5. SK, haha ya! Thanks, it does look delicious!

    Merryn, LOL, I agree! ;)

    Genskie, Yvonne, Kitty, thanks!

  6. Can't wait to participate, tho I nv have much luck. Ah well, who knows right? LOL

  7. wow, that's nice! You can hop over to my blog too. I have monthly giveaways..

  8. bringing your babe along to overseas? I think I'm more of looking forward to your updates on the trip :)

    Latest: Bird's Nest Mooncake: Best of The Year!

  9. so fast going overseas already? who's taking care of baby?

  10. congrats...

    Wow..goin to a trip..tats is good.

  11. YT, yes! Who knows!! ^^

    wenn, wow thats great! Thank you in advance~

    Fish, not bringing him.. Too far...

    Johnnie, either my MIL or my mum ;)

    Mery, hehe thanks! Seriously need a break!

  12. Woow..overseas trip?? where to?? You will sure miss your baby :D

  13. 其实我也很想办个送礼时段来回馈我的博友读者们,怎么我们想的都一样呀,哈哈!但是我没出国,不懂要买什么。。。


  14. Agnes, will announce it next month. Ya, I can imagine... =_=


  15. congrats!! I am sure most of us will be waiting patiently for your giveaway!

  16. Cynful Pleasure, Andrew and Vicky, ok thanks!

  17. hehehe .. i got my gift too..
    have a good holiday trip.. envy you le ..
    can go and holiday and relax..

  18. SP, haha yea, congrats to you as well!
    Hmm, I certainly need a break!

  19. I did organize a give away but the response sounds slow :/

  20. Kian Fai, hmm.. may be the prize isn't very attractive? :P


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