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Would you?

We finished our dinner and already in the car ready to go home. Suddenly someone knocked on the car window and it almost gave us a heart attack.

It was an old lady, probably in her 70's, asking for help. She was small in size and a little hunchbacked. She said she needed a ride back home in Kamunting (a place bout 10 mins away from Taiping town).
In the end, hubby told her we were not going that area (it's true, we are not staying nearby there, not even pass by that area) and said sorry, then off we go.
Ok, you might think we were cold hearted rejecting to help an old lady. But in the society these days, there're just too many crime cases and sometimes even a kid or elderly could be a thieft. I did feel sorry for leaving her like that but you just can't blame us. What if she was only pretending to get our sympathy and who knows what will happen if we let her into our car?

But I did pray that someone else could give her a ride back home safely.

Well, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Will you take her home no matter what?


  1. maybe you can give her money to ride on a bus?? idk.. but if i were in your situation I would think twice before I could let her hop in inside the car... I understand your situation it's really hard to trust a stranger regardless of their physical qualities

  2. I'm busy missed lots of post here. My apology.

    For me I'm like you too, won't tumpang here a ride.

  3. Can't blame you. So many incidents these days, we just can't trust anybody anymore. I would do the same...

  4. Don't feel bad as I would do the same too.

  5. I won't if I'm in you shoes too. Some times ago, I encounter an old man asking me for a ride back to Ipoh when I was filling up my gas at Juru. He appeared nice but I rejected him. Later I saw him asking everyone in the station. I have been asking myself whether I made the right choice too, but putting my family at the back of my head, I told myself that I couldn't take the risk. The level of crime nowadays is really scaring the wits out of me.

  6. there could be lots of possibility with an old lady begging for help.. but nowadays the society is becoming so dangerous and it poses us high risks even to help others.. i would have to be cold-hearted rather than sorry for my own safety..

  7. on the other hand, there are many ways to help the old lady lah.. can help to call her family, or even call the police or perhaps give her some money to take a taxi home.. simple and yet making sure of our safety..

  8. I wont tumpang her also but maybe will give her money for bus/taxi fares..

  9. :( i understand how you feel. Last time there was also this old lady asking for help. my mom in the car die also did not let me open the door (i was the driver)
    cause apparently in newspaper, there was this news that an old lady asked for help then lead the couple to a place where there were many men waiting and robbed them:(

    so...i really don't know what to do if i do face this kind of situation again:(

  10. I agree with you Hayley, there was once an old elderly uncle begged me to give him S$2 say he has no money to take transport home and I gave him, then after that my sis says it was a deceive case cos they like to lie to people.

  11. 即使说我没良心我还是城市回答,我不会载的咯。


  12. Hmmm i wud probably pay a cab to take her back. sometimes it's hard to tell with this things. but I believe that faith in God is above all else.

  13. Well...I would also probably give her some money to take a cab. Nowadays, to many incidents happen and we just have to be extra careful.

  14. For me, I will do the same like yours. Nowadays, it is very dangerous to just tumpang stranger....better play safe.

  15. I will ask a taxi to drive her back home and give the taxi RM10..
    We do not know whether she is a con person. In this world everything also could happen. so be careful rather than sorry.

  16. I will give her money to take a taxi. I gave those old folks a ride without them asking. They wore the T-shirt of the place I go for my chanting.

  17. I might not take her too but either will help her locate a police officer, or any security around to help her. Last, maybe give her some $$ for her to go home.

    You are right, nowadays, too many scams that make us wary about our doings..

  18. Nowadays it's dangerous out there. If this happen to me, I won't tumpang her too. Will ask her to take cab home.

  19. I encountered the situation once, an old lady too. And I ignored her @.@ My safety comes first, I reckon.

  20. I wouldn't let any strangers into my car, no matter how pitiful they look. The best I can do is offer her some money, which was what I did a few years ago when someone at the railway station approached me. He said he got robbed and had no money to go home so I helped to pay for his Commuter train fare (only RM2+). After that, he seemed thankful and didn't kacau me so I think that was a genuine case.

  21. If I were your position, I would do the same. Don't feel sorry for that especially the society now is very dangerous, we need to protect ourselves first, it is ok to be a bit selfish. :)

  22. U did the right thing.....nobody can be trusted.

    We met an elderly lady downtown a few years back. She looked so pitiful and told us that her bag was being robbed and she needs money to catch a train back home (Rawang). Hubby gave her RM10. A few days later, we saw her asking money from somebody else. Soon, her news was reported in the newspaper and since then, we never saw her again.

  23. it is scary indeed cos you don't really know whether she really need the ride or not. i would give her some money to take a cab home.

  24. You are right its hard to trust anybody nowadays. And hope your pry heard that somebody will give a ride to that old lady home.

  25. Too many bad cases happened we can't see the good or the bad any more.

  26. Hi Hayley, I would have done what your hubby did. Never can tell someone or men hiding nearby...wait for you to open the door.
    Good thinking by hubby.
    As well I don't believe any woman, young or old would just knock on car doors....maybe she has an ulterior motive.
    Best regards,

  27. I would have done the same...but perhaps to rid my guilt feelings, I will happily pass her RM10 for her cab home.

  28. for me . . . I wont hhahahaha

    I got similar case of yours too, and I told her I am off from this area and I need to go home and sleep (12am that time) :P

  29. I agree with Bananaz.......vague and grey world we r living in now...


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