Sunday, October 7, 2012

A little complaint on a Sunday morning

I am back people!!

It took TM 9 days to fix the service interruption =_=" I had reported the problem twice thru phone and twice thru emails. They did called me but all they told me is that technicians are working on it and restoration is still in progress.... I understand sometimes it might not be that easy to fix certain issue but 9 days seems abit too long already.....
Anyway Internet connection and house phone line were restored yesterday....

Ok, I know I have alot of homeworks to do now. So sorry I din't visit your blog for the passed one week. Though I think I could probably survive without Internet, but still feel handicapped without it for days, LOL.

Til then, you have a great Sunday and I'll catch up soon!


  1. huh?? i thot they have already fixed that last week?? i thot you too busy with taking care of Aden so you got no time to blog hop only woh..

  2. 9 days to fix that issue is way too long and substandard lah!! totally cannot accept.. i think it's their procrastination and taichi that took 8 days and then half a day troubleshooting and another half a day to just twist the setting or flag a bit to resolve the issue lor..

  3. Welcome back Hayley... and yep 9 days is very long... idk what will i do if i cant find ways to access the net either fb or yahoo... ill be missing my baby a lot if that happens hehehe

  4. I hope they will refund your subscription for the days you were without any connection?

  5. 9 days? Crazy! You can also write in formally with your report number(s) and ask for a rebate for a disruption to your services. And if they don't respond then write in to the Consumer Forum of Malaysia. at their website

    They have resolved my issues with Unifi, Digi and Maxis efficiently when the Telcos were sitting on it and/or giving crappy excuses.

  6. Yeah, nine days are considered very long and unacceptable. For me, I will call them everyday to complain.

  7. Welcome back Hayley! Miss you!

  8. Can't stand without internet connection at home especially during weekend.

    it took too long for them to restore your service, is your neighbour having the same problem too?

  9. 如果给我, 这9天回过得很辛苦>.<

    welcome bek hayley ^^

  10. hahah no worries, Imma sick last last week, now feeling better and lazy around XD

  11. SK, where got fix la!! I am busy with Aden but I will spare some times for blog hopping also..
    Ya, I also thought the same as you...

    Genskie, haha I understand.. Miss him like crazy right?

    STP, I already emailed them this issue, but have yet to receive any reply... >.<

    missyblurkit, crazy right? Complain til I also fed up already..
    Thanks for telling this!

    Shenny's mommy, call everyday also no use..

    Libby, thanks!

    Agnes, yep Internet is just important these days...
    Ya my neighbour too!


    Kian Fai, oh so you're fully recover already~

  12. sometimes when u complaint, people will demonise careful - all kind of ppl in these world


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