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我和Aden的第一个生日/My first birthday with Aden

(This year's birthday was way simpler than last year's. I remembered I celebrated my birthday with the BDS gang last year, cause so coincident it was my best friend, Annie's wedding day! Time flies and a year gone, I also gave birth to my son already)

今年生日,我没收到任何礼物 T___________T
(This year, I did not receive any presents. May be because I din't ask? LOL!)

(But it doesn't matter, I am thankful enough to receive lots of birthday wishes thru phones and FB from dearest family and friends. Most importantly, I have my son celebrated my 28th birthday this year. According to the lunar calendar, I am actually 29 this year. But I always use my birthday month to calculate my actual age.)

说到礼物,如果问我今年要什么礼物,我会想要一个长假!自从做了妈妈这份工,虽然没有好像以前那份工的压力,不过妈妈也有说不完的累和辛苦。虽说我每天在家顾孩子,不用出外晒太阳或淋雨,不过有时也很闷的。尤其是当Aden发少爷脾气时,怎样哄都搞不定!真是pek chek啊!当然他现在渐渐长大了,比较好顾了,不过他长大了,又是要面临另一个阶段的挑战了!
我终于明白为什么有些朋友当了妈妈后,整个人变憔悴,样子也变‘惨’。。。不过我尽量不给自己变酱啦!哈哈,我要做靓妈! ;)
(Speaking of presents, ask me what I want as present this year and I'd say I want a longgg holiday! Ever since becoming a mum, I am really exhausted and tired, though I've already say goodbye to the terrible pressure in my previous job. And even though I am at home all day looking after my son, it can get boring and frustrating at times. Especially when Aden is throwing tantrum and I couldn't calm him down.  Now that he's growing up and is easier to look after, but it's time for me to face another stage of challenge!
Now that I understand why some mummy friends of mine become haggard. But I will do my best to avoid from falling into this group, haha! I still wanna be a pretty super mum!)

Anyway今年的礼物要等到下个月才能‘拿到’。下个月会和老公出国,这次是到一个我从来没有想过会去的地方,因为之前听说要出Visa很麻烦。好不卖官子啦,就在这告诉大家,我们会去加拿大的多伦多和美国. 不过美国方面就会去纽约和华盛顿罢了(好过没有啦!)到时再来个shopping spree,选礼物!^^
(Ok I know I've drifted apart :P Anyway, I gotto wait til next month to receive my actual birthday present. Will be travelling with hubby to a country which I never thought I'd be going as I heard it's kinda troublesome to get a Visa there. But things changed abit now and we're going to Toronto[Uncle Lee here I come! ^^] and US, erm it's New York and Washington D.C to be exact. I am looking forward to the shopping spree there to redeem my birthday pressie! ^^)

Ok back to the topic! 生日当晚老公带了我们去Secret Recipe,其实是我自己选的,不懂为什么就是很想吃他们的蛋糕~ 再加上其实太平没什么特别的地方可以庆祝,所以没关系啦,好坏也是一餐。我对于吃很cincai,不嘴叼。
(Alright back to the topic! Hubby brought us to Secret Recipe that day, my choice, cause I was craving for their cakes. Furthermore, there's no special places to go here at Taiping.)

 我点了个Black Pepper Chicken,老公呢就要tomyam。至于蛋糕,我选了marble cheesecake和Turkey Chocolate Indulgence。两样都很好吃!
(I had Black Pepper Chicken while hubby had tomyam. I chosed marble cheesecake and Turkey Chocolate Indulgence as dessert and both tasted great!)

(My darlings. I am always the camera lady hence you seldom see me in the photos. Well I guess I am just doing what I like the most :P)

(If you are my friends in FB, I mentioned that Aden woke up extra early this day and he din't nap much in the afternoon, so he was quite fussy during the night. Obviously we din't get a proper family portrait, even the shop staff commented Aden is a crying machine)

(Hubby was eating while I coax Aden to sleep. Many times mummies are the one who deal with cranky babies when going out while the daddy still get to enjoy like usual. Sometimes I wonder why is it so unfair since we are both the parents of the baby? But on second thought, at least I am close to my son this way, haha)

抱了一下,Aden就入睡了。这就是Oppa Aden Style,哈哈!:D
(Aden slept in his stroller shortly after. This is what I called Oppa Aden Style! :D)

(Obviously there's nothing luxury this time, but I am contented to be able to celebrate with my loved ones.)

p/s: 心血来潮来个双语帖子,没什么的。。SK,我不是copy你啊!:P
(I have made it a dual language post today just for fun ;) I am not copying you SK! :P)


  1. oo when is your birthday?
    Happy Belated Birthday.. :)
    May all your wish come true always pretty and stay healthy always..

  2. I will always remember your b'day.... exactly the same date with my hubby :)

  3. Aden is your best b'day present! haha.... Good to take a break for overseas holidays. One of my dream country to visit!

  4. Good that Aden slept during your dining time. At least after he slept, you all can eat without disturbance! haha.....

  5. Women changed the most after being a mom. Anyway, please always love and take good care of yourself as a happy mom >= a happy baby >= a happy family.

    So far, I can see you are doing quite well. Keep it up.

  6. Happy Birthday dear Hayley you are doing great being a mommy.. more birthdays to come :)

  7. Happy Birthday to you. Don't worry, you are still a very young and leng lui mummy!

  8. Happy belated birthday, Hayley.
    I reckon you are doing great. Enjoy your son's babyhood as much as you can.

  9. Happy belated bday pretty mummy!!!

    I am so jealous, I had been wanting to go US to visit my fren for a long time!!! Too bad, the air fare is really expensive.

    Can't wait for u to share more bout the vacation!!!

  10. 双语发文,你很勤劳耶!不过我看得津津有味,鸡肠看久了我会头昏眼花,哈哈!!XD

    羡慕啊!纽约是我旅游地图must go的地方,但暂时没有任何借口过去(老公好像对美国有偏见~XD)我等缘分啊!!相信总有一天等到飞纽约的机会!!

  11. My daughter didn't like big her 1st was a grand one (she does not know anything then) but after that, we just celebrated at home, ate cake...that was all.

  12. haiyoh, did i miss wishing you happy birthday ah?? just in case, here is a belated one, wishing you always pretty and sexy la~~ :D

  13. walao going to New York and DC leh, how nice!! sure you gonna shop like mad there.. but you aren't bringing little aden together right?? so you're gonna miss him also..

  14. hehehe, why suddenly writing in two languages leh?? gave me a shocked how come so long one this post.. so is this your new style of writing or just this special post only??

  15. 迟生日快乐!
    ((lol...happy belated birthday的华语~


    呵呵。。。很期待你的旅行 购物篇!!

  16. happy birthday to you though it's a bit late!! There are a lot of sacrifices in becoming a mum, it's a life long journey. I always wanted to be a full time mum but I have not achieved it yet. Don't worry, you look great. You made the best choice being a SAHM.

  17. The oppa Aden style is so funny hahaha LOL, oh yes, happy birthday Hayley. Stay pretty and healthy always.

  18. Hayley,其实我很感动有华语读!!!谢谢你的勤力,我总觉得这样亲切些,哈哈哈哈哈!!!anyway你的什么语言的我都不回错过^^




  19. 哇!! 虽然是要迟一个月才拿到礼物但也太棒了啦! 加拿大是我从小梦寐以求的国家耶, 拍多点照片来分享哦~~

  20. happy birthday again!! it's another chapter in your life as a young mommy.

  21. Happy belated birthday, Hayley! A mommy's life is always hectic but you are doing fine!

    Psst... I didn't visit SR for the longest I remember because I dislike their service here.

  22. nice birthday dear...sweet holiday coming too.. enjoy your mummy life, in future more journey to come.Relax and wish you stay happy always.

  23. When Ethan was that young, we did not even celebrate our birthday out as yeah, they can get cranky kan?

    Happy Birthday pretty mommy :D

  24. I understand how you feel. It is really exhausted to take care of your child on our own, and we always longs for a holiday or a short escape to somewhere. But being parents is rewarding at the same time when you seem them growing up health, and started to picking up skills, or start babbling your names. You are always a pretty mum!

  25. Happy belated birthday Hayley. More birthdays to celebrate with Aden. :)

  26. Belated Birthday wishes to you, Hayley! May you have many many more with Aden, and many many more with your love ones... maybe another addition next year :p *run fast*

  27. Happy belated birthday Hayley! 你本来就是一个靓辣妈,别担心了~ 哈哈



  28. Happy Belated Birthday , Hayley

    Ya after being mom, not much time for anything else

    Well, maybe can go for a short holiday.

  29. Happy Belated Birthday and have a nice weekend

  30. SP, it was last Monday, 8th Oct, hehe. Anyway thanks! Really appreciate it ;)

    mNhL, yes I remember that too!

    Yan, Shenny's mommy, yea. I will, thank you~

    Genskie, Kitty, Libby, ChrisAu, アンゼエリンアンゼエリン, Rose, Small Kucing, Pete, Mery, thank you so much~

    YT, me too, cant wait! ^^

    Eugein, 哈哈很勤劳,不过我写的很吃力。。 很佩服你们酱勤劳每次用华文咯!
    怎么有偏见呢?没关系啦,会有机会的!! ^^

  31. STP, sometimes a simple celebration wins everything ;)

    SK, haha thanks for the wishes!
    Nop, of course not bringing him, too far for such a young baby. Yalo, sure will miss him like crazy!
    Hehe, no la, just this post (or may be some posts in the future). But surely not every posts lo..

    janelle, 哈哈谢谢你,漂亮妈咪~

    Agnes, yes alot of sacrifices indeed. But I think it's all worth it la...

    珊姑娘, 哈哈谢谢!的确比较亲切,不过打字就很慢咯。。。 >.<
    不用羡慕啦!迟点你也可能会出国呢~ 不过你也很棒了哦,爽爽就一家人这里去那里去。。。

  32. Evelyn, 嘻嘻好的,我会的~

    Yvonne, I know! I went there mainly for their cakes only... LOL!

    Merryn, yes they can be very emotional like adults too! Haha :D

    Andrew, I agree. There're just goods and bads being a SAHM.
    Anyway thank you~

    Cynful Pleasure, another addition? Haha, sure will but certainly not next year, kekeke :P

    min~aris, 谢谢你! 好,我尽量啦,哈哈!

  33. birthday celebs with your loved ones ar always the best... not the food, not the gifts, not the weather... it's the people you're with that makes it memorable. :)

  34. Wil Est, thanks! By the way I was trying to visit your blog page but failed.. May be you can leave me your blog's URL here..

    Virkky mums, yea I agree! ^^

  35. cute little baby! Btw, happy belated birthday and also happy 4th anniversary to yr blog!

  36. Hayley,
    Hope you will get your holiday soon. Yes you deserve a break. Say hello to uncle lee for me when you are there.

  37. Happy Belated Birthday to you Hayley. This year celebration is simple but 1st year for you celebrate with your little darling. I'm sure it's very meaningful to you.

  38. wahhh! English and Chinese Subtitle :P

    Happy belated Birthday yah! :D

  39. Johnnie, haha thanks!
    But not going to meet Lee, as it's quite rush for me.. ;)

    Vicky and Kian Fai, thank you!

  40. Happy belated birthday, Hayley. Sorry I'm so, so, so late in wishing you. You are still a very yummy mummy... just maintain and you will be alright :) Wah, going to US and Canada, you are so lucky and blessed!

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  42. ChloeRuoyi, it's ok, thank you so much!


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