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Updated: My mood now/现在的心情

(As everyone knows, Sandy storms hit many parts in the US and things are quite terrible, I think my US trip is most likely to be postponed)
还有5天就要飞了,已经写好要带什么了,行李箱也搬出来了。。不过就是很懒惰动手 @_@ 当然我是超期待每次的出国,不过一想到要packing,而且还得pack埋老公的,我就。。=_=" 回来时的unpacking & laundry,更是不用说。。。

今年的出国旅程显然比以前不一样,以前只有100%开心和期待,今年,老实说我只有10%开心,90%担心。当然就是担心我的小坏蛋咯~ 想他是肯定的了,不过我比较担心的是,他这10天看不到我会大扭计啊!毕竟我们每天都在一起。这次是他出世后,我不在身边最久的一次。之前如果outstation,最多也是30几个钟没见他。我真不敢想象他会怎样!很怕咧~


Anyway我为了这个trip,特地install了Viber和Tango等等的apps,到那边时可以free video call回来,通过小姑的电话看到小坏蛋咯。我很outdate的,之前这些apps流行时我没install,因为觉得不需要。。拿了智慧手机半年多了,现在才来跟上潮流,LOL!



5 days away to my flight to US and I have listed down what to bring and the luggage bags are transfered out from the store room already. But I am just not in the mood to pack =_="
Of course I am excited and looking forward to this trip but when it comes to packing, also the unpacking and laundry after coming back, I can really start to procrastinate, plus I need to pack along my hubby's luggage.

Last time, there's only 100% of joy and excitement whenever I go oversea. But this time, there's 90% of worries and 10% of excitement. Obviously I am worried about my son. I won't be by his side for like 10 days and I am terrified that he'd look for me and cry and throw tantrum!
This is by far the longest period of separation for us.

He is ok with MIL, SIL and my mum but for 10 days, I am just not sure. My aunty taught me to leave some of my worn clothes (and don't wash them) here and put beside Aden so that he gets to smell my scent when I was away. I will do that but I don't know will this trick works?
Anyway for this trip, I purposely installed some chat Apps like Viber and Tango so that I can make free call to my SIL when I am away and see Aden!
I have been using my iPhone for more than 6 months but I din't install any of these Apps previously cause I think they're useless to me. Haha :P

My son has started to develop stranger anxiety. Sometimes when I am back from outside and whenever he sees me, he'd smile and will be excited! When strangers approach and touch his face, he'd scream and cry out loud! I am quite embarrassed but when I see his tears, my heart melts too~ But of course there're exception case as well, he'll still give you a smile when he's in a good mood.

Ok, time to kick off the lazy bugs and start packing!


  1. My missus and I travelled a lot but stopped when we had our daughter and we only went on holidays again when she was big enough to come with us...and even then to nearby p[laces like Kuching or Singapore.

    You will probably miss your son too much to really enjoy seeing that you are so close to him...and he to you. Anyway, you deserve a little break, so make the most of it.

  2. 要出发去美国了是吗?今天看到新闻,美国有天灾,一切要小心哦!!


  3. 嘩!! 發生什麼事, 今天竟然全篇寫中文!!! 那我要用中文留言, 還是comment in english?? 呵呵~~

  4. hmmm, still 5 more days to go, i think you still have to pack your luggage to get yourself prepared, unless you really have decided not to go, haha!! and Sandy should have left in 5 days time i supposed..

  5. don't think too much, that will only make you more depressed.. just think of the quality time you are gonna spend with your hubby.. most probably 10 months after this trip, Aden will have a little brother or sister already.. that is doing him good woh~~ :D

  6. 對啦, 想那麼多干嘛?? 已經install完全部的apps了嘛, 就不用怕見不到寶寶啦.. 可以隨時隨地和他聯線嘛.. 不過時差問題, 你有沒有考慮到?? 呵呵, 不好意思啊, 突然間給你找到另一個問題~~ :D

  7. Enjoy your vacation! I think is good to leave the little one once in a while, for him to get used to being independent, easier for u next time and also good for him :)

    Hope that the weather is better soon. Take care and share more with us :D

  8. I feel the same when it comes to packing and unpacking the stuff :| can't help but to feel lazy to do that =))

  9. hug hug hayley~


    好好享受难得的二人世界,而且去到我的美梦之一美国叻!!!好多人这么年轻都没有机会去到(我说我啦!!) ,你要好好enjoy,走走拍照选礼物 ^^

    有viber LINE这些高科技东西,不担心。

    *我还没尝试过,但是我一直想旅行旅行!(朋友一得空的话我随时会抛夫弃子几天去玩得哈哈哈)所以已经想了很多是shi kiu xD

  10. 看到你这篇,我还蛮内疚的说@@


    之前都不会内疚其实是因为每次回来接宝宝的时候,家里人给的报告就简单到:宝宝没有找你,还玩的很开心 >.< ,就酱而已:(


  11. It's normal to worry about our kid(s) when we are away even go to work, that's why I rather choose to be at home than hanging out without them. Aden will at good hands taken care by your in laws. The hurricane should be over in 5 days time.

  12. Dun worry lah, he is in good hands, you are lucky got so many people to help you take care of your kids.....enjoy your holidays...

    I have to bring all my kids along on one here to help me take care!

  13. wah 10 days! so long meh . . .

    yah for me I will worried the situation over there, hope everything would be fine asap :)

    if not then . . . u still going ke? :X

  14.'s nice to go on a holiday. Enjoy yourself and don't worry. I'm sure everything will be taken care of.

  15. oh you are going on a holiday. well just enjoyed your trip. perhaps you can cut doww the laundry by wearing disposable undies.(not that it makes a big different) but atleast lighter abit and you can buy more when you are there.

  16. Have a nice trip ;)
    my daughter started to develop stranger anxiety too

  17. Don't worry too much about Aden as he's in good hands. Enjoy your trip and spend quality time with your husband.

    I know it's hard to part with our child and it's the first time you guys are separating for 10 long days. But, trust me, go and have fun! You deserve it :)

  18. Have a nice and safe trip! My boy develop stranger anxiety at 3-4 months. He will cry when he see strangers, but not to worry. Bring him out to see the crowd more often, and sooner or later, he will brush that away.

  19. Now I can understand... thank you for translating Hayley!... I can feel how worried you are... It aint easy to be away even just a minute to your beloved Aden... my office mates who are already moms always told me that... I can't fully understand now coz I am not a mom yet but I'm sure it aint feel good.

  20. As an 'insurance' take a photo of you blow it up to full size and keep it at home only to use when all else fails. Have thought about it when daughter was a little girl as she would look for me when I'm overseas.

  21. Wow Hayley!

    You're going to US? you guys are surely rich! But the Sandy storm only hit New York right? I think other parts of US are still safe.

    Packing is indeed tiring. I hate doing it too. But the most tiring to do is unpacking right?

    Anyway, have a safe trip.

  22. Don't worry that much, Hayley. You should feel safe and happy to enjoy your short break because your little one is taken care by your close family. And might 'hit' a jackpot to get Aden a brother or sister after this trip. :)

  23. Oh hopefully your trip won't be delay due to that hurricane sandy.

  24. I can understand how you feel, Hayley, this is pretty normal to feel worry and uneasy to leave your most precious one for 10 days.

  25. You should think positive, your mom, your mil and your sil, all 3 ladies are your very close one, so you should have less worry like other mummies. I left my baby to babysitter when I travelled last time.

  26. You deserve a break and holiday with your husband. I hope you come back will your battery fully charge when seeing Aden again.

  27. Plan everything ahead for your MIL, SIL and mom, and leave home with a happy and relax mind. Happy Holiday to you.

  28. Don't worry as your family will take good care of Aden. You need a break too. Enjoy your holiday and we will look forward for all the nice photos from your trip.

  29. Yeah Sandy causes quite a havoc there. Hope you'll get things sorted out.

  30. 你好,奚海,其實現在不是訪問北美......作為它的 11 月,大量的強風和雨的好時機。並且您將遇到也許湍流時機艙。
    此外刪除 temp,我們今晚期待雪和溫度下降至約 3'c、 冷 !尼亞加拉瀑布會很冷......注意到很多見。


  31. 我很了解你的心情! 就像我虽然没跟Ethan住一起但去曼谷三天, 我只有一点点的心情而已. 尤其到了哪里又没有wifi可以
    video call回家, 我简直想哭。建议你还是拍下你的video和照片以防万一, 不然他真的闹时就可怜了。。

    希望你有个平安快乐的旅游哦 ^^

  32. i know how you feel. i have never left Ashley side to go on holiday before. can you believe it? anyway, Aden will be in good hands so don't worry :) enjoy your US trip. the situation over there is better now. are you going to NYC?

  33. h, I know how you are feeling cos I also left Chloe with my MIL for 10 days when hub and I went to Europe for a much-needed holiday. She was only 9 months old and during the whole trip, I missed her every minute and was afraid that she might not recognize me when I returned home haha... Anyway, everything was fine when I came home and she did not forget me haha. So no need to worry too much, everything will be fine for you too. Just enjoy your holiday! :)

  34. Have fun with your trip. Aden will be fine! You have to learn to let go...a little each time. Plus you have family members that you can trust at home to care for him. Marlin and Nemo is a good reminder to you even though Aden is still young.

  35. STP, I see.. But as you said, I deserve a little break (in fact everyone does!), hehe, so I'll try my best to relax and enjoy the trip ;)

    Eugein, 嗯,我尽量,嘻嘻。。
    那边的情况有比较好了,不过我们还是会小心的,谢谢你 ^^

    SK, 哈哈没什么事啦,saja罢了。。中文或英文,你喜欢啦!
    Hmm, I know what you mean.. But dream on la! :D My factory is temporarily closed for the time being, kekekeke *wink*

    YT, wenn, Kitty, yea! I will, thanks dear~

    Trish, yes I guess that's the part most people hate doing, LOL!

  36. 珊姑娘,幸好那边有好转了。。没那么担心了。
    嗯,我有留下几件我穿过还没洗的衣服,嘻嘻,还有把我的声音录起来了,也把我的脸video起来,在我小姑的电话里。。 希望可以work啦!

    janelle, 怎么在外过夜的?
    是咯,怎么那么刚好。。 不过还好现在好转了。。不然很大可能会延迟呢~

    Agnes, I know. Yes luckily the superstorm is quite over now...

    Pete, haha good also ma! Family trip ;)

    Kian Fai, about 10 days la~
    Yes now still going, everything is under control now.

  37. Johnnie, haha thanks for the recommendation, I actually do this since the first time travel oversea.. hehe.

    celine, thanks dear! Oh really? Hmm..

    Yvonne, thanks for the comforting words! I will ^^

    Andrew, I hope so.

    Genskie, it's indeed not easy. But I will try my best to relax..

    Bananaz, already taken some photos but not full size la!

  38. Willie, haha no la, not rich.. It's sponsored by my FIL actually, keke..
    Yes, unpacking is even more tiring!

    Shenny's mommy, I know Aden will be alright under my MIL's care. Jackpot? Haha, no no.. I don't want this :P

    Vicky, Merryn, it's not being affected.

    Yan, yes I already planned everything with my MIL, SIL and my mum, now I just pray that Aden won't make big fuss when I'm not around.
    Yep, I will come back with my battery fully charged! Thank you!

    Lee, 谢谢你的华语留言,不过怎么读起来有点怪怪的?嘻嘻。。
    我知道,尼亞加拉瀑布会很冷很冷,已经带好大衣了 :)

  39. Evelyn, 是咯,你肯定会了解我的心情!

    Barbara, yes will be going NYC next week, glad that things are getting better now.

    ChloeRuoyi, now that you mentioned, I also worry that he'll not recognise me when I'm gone for 10 days =_="
    Anyway, I think he won't la, since I was with him most of the time since he was born, thanks!

    missyblurkit, haha Marlin and Nemo, good one~ Thanks ya~


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