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Friend request

So, just something random to share on a Friday.

For those of you who have FB account, what are the things you'll consider if someone ask to be your friend?
For me, first, I'd see the name, then I'd see if I know him/her in person. Sometimes, even if he has some mutual friends but if I don't know him at all, or I haven't seen him before, I will surely delete the request.
Sometimes, people dealing with online boutique business come to add, I'll browse at their albums first before confirming the request. I already have too many friends like this, so just wanna do some filter before adding.

But one thing for sure, I'll definetely delete requests from those who doesn't have a proper profile picture (some people likes to put picture of animals, celebrities and so on) and comes with unfamiliar names. Also, people who come to add me but restrict their photos to be viewed by others (How would I know who you are if you blocked all your photos??)
At least include a personal message la!

Well, I just think that FB isn't that secure thesedays and for me, I just wanna be careful in accepting friends, just don't wanna reveal too much of my personal infor/photos to everyone, unnecessarily.

That's all for today. Here wishing all of you a lovely weekend! ;)


  1. 刚从瑜珺那边过来,也是在讲这件事。。。

    我的friend list也有好多被ignore的。而那些网路上店永远不会被approve!不喜欢!

  2. very true, i share the same view with you.. whoever adds me, i really need to know that i know him/her.. those without picture and using funny names are sure gonna ignore their requests.. you want to be so secretive, then why add people??

  3. oh, those shops and boutiques?? never would add them, not even will like them.. because they will always tag you in their product photos, which i really hate!! this is abusing and flooding and spamming lah..

  4. actually nothing is private once you are in the internet lah.. instead of defending your own privacy from others, i think it's better that you disclose as little as possible lah..

  5. if I add u , will u accept? hahahaha

    oh yah, I always receive those slimming product seller friend request . . . and the product dam kao expensive 1 for sure lol

  6. I do the same but sometimes I add and see that they are actually doing some kind of business...or I do not see eye to eye with them on certain things, I will just unfriend...AND block!

  7. Hayley, I actually reduce my freind list every now and then. People is expanding their friend list, I am the one reducing it. I remove many friends from my freind list these days. People even I know, but no interaction for 1 year, I will remove it.

  8. We are two in that... I dont add peeps much... first i checked the prof pic.. if it's showing something suspicious i automatically reject... if the pic is decent and the person face is in there I look if we have mutual friends... lol.. if the mutual friend is not really that close to me ... or just an acquaintance i reject too... We gotta be careful.. i have my albums on private too so no one can grab without me knowing it

  9. I screen all the requests too. Not too keen to join whose friend list the longest :)

    Have a lovely weekend, Hayley~

  10. i will ignore those with low no. of mutual friends... :)

    Latest: Best of Ramen

  11. Very wise. You wouldn't want wierdos monitoring your activities. They could be planning a robbery or something.
    Not only friends. The apps you allow access to your account steals your info too.

  12. Ya I do agree that people who do not use a proper profile picture doesnt qualified to be added as friend. haha

    Gotta be careful with what you share on FB since there's a subscribe thingy too...

  13. I agree with you, I don't anyhow add friends, in fact all the friends in my facebook are friends I know personally, such as my old classmates,schoolmates, ex-colleagues and personal friends so on. I do not add people I don't know cos that makes me feel uncomfortable.

  14. I'm trying to add you in my fb list but do not know your name in Fb.

  15. I don`t accept requests if we have few mutual friends.

  16. I normally only accept if I really know them or have such a common circle of friends that I know are real people and / or real friends. Hate the friends collector.

    And if they are quite persistent, the I normally drop them a note to catch up with me on twitter and my FB page for my blog.

  17. yea!!赞同!!我的fb friend request list里头有两百多个@_@
    除非有send personal msg给我说明的,要不然只要不认识的都不会accept =)

  18. 我也赞同,不认识的不需要 approve ,不然什么都被陌生人知道,很不踏实。

  19. Yeah, always be safe. I'm also never anyhow add friends,

  20. Yes me too, I'll just ignore those I dun know.

  21. yes, got to be careful when adding. I also do housekeeping after 3 months to delete some inactive accounts

  22. i screen through too....and see if I know that person or not. Yes.... to be more careful is better. Who knows...

  23. My FB also only have friends and strictly people I know or sorta know virtually (a few bloggers).

    Anyway, I am guilty of not putting proper profile pic. mine is cookie monster LOL~~~ Pls don delete me, not a spam account LOL~

  24. 有些潜水的朋友在面子书上找到我,加了之后没有确实说明,不确认他们是人之常情啊!除非有经常留言,我认得名字或照片则另当别论。

  25. Like you. I also screen through first. Better be safe.

  26. if without picture i can still accept la if they intro themselves to me. My FB allows people to PM me. I just dont like people simply send "add Me" request and dont introduce themselves. I dont who they are. Need to guess.

  27. So far, I will accept people from my school, uni or ex-colleagues. As for others, if I don't know them at all, I just ignore.

  28. Opps, my profile photo kenot see my face leh......he he he...don't delete me ya...

  29. janelle, 哈哈那么巧啊?嗯,很烦ho!

    SK, yes I totally agree!! So not sincere right?
    Boutiques I only approve if their clothes/items are my taste and interesting...

    Kian Fai, haha may be! :P

    STP, Fish,
    haha me too!

    Yan, Cynful Pleasure, this is a good practice!

    Genskie, I agree, we gotto be careful these days..

    Yvonne, me too.. Doesn't really bother to have thousand of friends..

  30. Jik Kam Yong, Daniel, I agree!

    Libby, same here. Everyone in my friend list are people I know...

    Willie, LOL! :P

    Trish, missyblurkit, ChrisAu, Vicky, mNhL, Kitty, ChloeRuoyi, ya me too!



    YT, haha I wont la~ Well at least you won't simply go and add people right?

    Eugein, 嗯有时我是酱。。。

    Small Kucing, yea I will do the same, must comes with personal message if no proper profile picture.

    Pete, ho! Haha I won't la!


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