Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wedding dinner at Batu Gajah

2 weeks ago, the BDS gang went all the way South to Batu Gajah, Perak (somewhere bout one and a half hour from Taiping) twice in conjuction with Karen's wedding.

Here's yours truly with the pretty bride Karen. The red face was because of the gown, not that we were drunk, haha!

Hubby and I with the newly wed, Karen and Steven. We went on Saturday noon for her wedding reception. Aden was home with my MIL.

 Individual shots with the bride.

3 mummies and 1 mum-to-be *wink*

 The gentlemen and the newly wed

Wedding dinner was held at a multi-purpose hall in that kampung, which is kampung Chenderong. It is without air-cond but luckily it was raining earlier that day so the weather was abit cooling. Otherwise, I can't imagine how uncomfortable it is...

 The hall is quite small and packed, we waited til the 6th dish and left the place about 8pm as the bridegroom still needed to go back to his house at Taiping to attend to his relatives and friends.

The dinner started quite punctually compared to Taiping and other big cities.

First dish was the usual hot & cold combination, 七彩拼盘. Ok, quite satisfied ;)

Then the sharkfin soup (蟹王鱼翅), also satisfactory.

Roasted duck and chicken (鸳鸯琵琶). Not bad too~

Assorted greens with mushroom (好事年年), my favourite cause I like vege and all types of mushrooms.

Deep fried big head prawns (干煎生虾), the prawns are quite fresh~

Deep fried garoupa with Thai sauce (巴辣石斑), the meat is also quite fresh.

Food were served by:
Restaurant Wing Kee
177, Jln Kg Timah,
31800 Tanjung Tualang,

3 more dishes to go but we were ready to travel back Taiping already, as we needed to wake up at 6am the next morning and travel here again for the tea ceremony @.@

Lastly, a toast from the couples and family to the guests who attend

Next, the morning tea ceremony and bridegroom's wedding reception at Taiping.


  1. Free food!! hihihi. The bride looks smashing! Congratulations to her and the new husband. :p

  2. awww you all look so pretty and the food wow... congratulations to both of them :)

  3. nice bride. the shark fin , so thick. I thought people stop eating shark fin already?

  4. The food looks kind of old school - like what we used to get in our younger days. Oooo...I missed that! So nice!!!! Hmmm...maybe if I go to the smaller towns here, I may get a full-course dinner like this one too.

  5. Congrats to the newly-wed~

    You need to attend to both bride and groom events? Fuh, must be tiring! Nevertheless, it's so good to have gathering with friends.

  6. 3 mummies and 1 mom-to-be? *raise eyebrow* Hehehehe~ Double happiness and congrats once again to the couple!

  7. One more friend in your group left their bachelor life. Very soon, they will join you in parenthood. This is the cycle of life.

    You have a nice weekend.

  8. 我好久好久没有出席婚宴了咯!突然看到鱼翅竟然会想念,哈哈哈哈!!!很少很想这样的食物的叻@_@

  9. It is a happy occasion..
    I like to those dishes in small town.. which the food are always big portion & delicious

  10. congratulations to the newly wed, they sure look gorgeous on their big day.. and you also look pretty with that red dress lah, hehe~~

  11. oooh, 3 mummies and 1 mum-to-be, then that is really a double-happiness huh?? sure the parents in law laugh until 見牙不見眼~~

  12. Hayley you look really good :D

    Very red oh... haha I like the gown :D

  13. so long never been to wedding dinner already, haha!! all my friends almost all married already.. i like that 七彩拼盘, looks good, in fact i always like the platter one lor..

  14. batu gajah is about half an hour from my place..I attended a friend's wedding at that hall before..

  15. I really like the red dresses. You look very fancy in it.


  16. Long time didn't hear about BDS ;) The red gown is very striking and outstanding indeed.

  17. Didn't bring baby along?

    Congrats to the newlyweds...

  18. hehehe...for a moment I thought the faces were red coz you girls were drinking>.<

  19. lovely girl and red dresses

  20. 我这周末也在出席马拉松婚宴啦@@真是结婚旺季哦!

  21. 小镇的喜宴菜色一向很丰富又大分量,单看头盘前菜就已经很足料了~城市的喜宴绝对看不到,也吃不到!!

  22. Congrats to your friend. Oh the dishes are yummy and quite in big portion too.

  23. 看到食物就开始饿哈哈哈

    毕竟我留言的话,应该是半夜 :/

  24. Coffee Girl, Genskie, Daniel, Mery, Willie, Filip, Charmly, Vicky, yea, thanks!

    Johnnie, may be at certain places only..

    STP, I think the same too! Only small kampung still provide these..

    Yvonne, you're right, it's very tiring! But what to do? We are quite close friends...

    Yan, correct, everyone has been 'upgraded', hehe.


  25. SP, yes, and nice!

    SK, haha thank you~ Correct lo, double happiness indeed!

    wenn, oh really? Hehe..

    ChloeRuoyi, haha yea, everyone is busy hence BDS was in hiatus, keke.

    Pete, of course no! Don't wanna bring 'touble' along, kekek...

    missyblurkit, LOL! Luckily I explained :P

  26. janelle, 哈哈就是!

    Eugein, 对,现在很少酒楼会有酱的菜色了..

    Kian Fai, 哈哈,很可怜你。。 :P


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