Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wedding dinner at Flemington Hotel

Continuation of the wedding reception I attended last 2 weeks, which I have blogged HERE.

This evening, the bridegroom invited all of us to the wedding dinner held at Hu Jing Ge restaurant, Flemington Hotel (The same venue as my wedding dinner 2 years ago).

1. Mummy Elie and yours truly. For your information I am not that tall la, it's the heels I wear, haha :P

2. Hubby and I.

3. Just another photo of us cause I realise it's been a while since I last posted a photo of us :P

4. Here comes the bride and bridegroom, see, the smile of happiness and love on their faces ;)

5. First dish was Five Hot & Cold Combination (五福聚一堂)

6. Next was Hakka Big Bowl Feast (金盆聚财宝)

7. Steamed Garoupa with Chef Sauce (港蒸鲜石斑)

8. Yang Zhou fried rice (扬州香炒饭)

9. Double sweet delight (两情都相悦), If you dine at this restaurant before, you'd know this is their signature dessert, I am quite sick of it already, LOL :D

10. Lastly, a group photo with the newly wed. Guess how old they are? ;) (No prize of guessing the correct answer though :P)


  1. Great looking couple - congrats to them. 5 dishes only? I would love to try that Hakka big bowl feast. Looks sooooo good! Slurpssss!!!!

  2. 年尾是婚宴马拉松啊!!人情债还不完~XD

  3. Never know that is Hakka dish, it looks good. An handsome couple..they look young.

  4. 平时去婚宴都是荷叶饭,很少会有扬州炒饭~


  5. great food..congrats to yr friends..

  6. huh?? how come so little dishes one?? or you did not post everything here?? i thought at least should be three to four more dishes in a normal wedding dinner..

  7. oh, i think the second dish is a huge one and contains everything so you have less dishes in terms of number.. anyway, what i find more attractive to me are the first one and also the fried rice lor, hahaha~~

  8. 你最近就是一直出席婚宴就是了,龙年果然不是生孩子就是结婚的好年呀!哈哈!

    *很羡慕你的手臂很瘦了girl!!!!! =)

  9. I like your dress...!!!

    It looks like a sailor dress, so cute :D

  10. You look tall next to your friend but look kecil mayong next to you hubby.

  11. 18 years old? kakaka..
    only 5 dishes?

  12. They have poon choy?! Wah, such sumptuous dish! Make me drool over my keyboard now, tsk tsk!

  13. Wooo, nice dinner! Love the Hakka Big Bowl Feast!

  14. Looks like the Hakka Big Bowl Feast attracted quite some attention, Bananaz like it too.

  15. Poon Choy is famous with weddings now is it? Been seeing that in many wedding posts lately but have never attended one myself :D

  16. Hayley,
    You look gorgeous in that outfit! Pretty mummy!

  17. Dish looks good, especially number 1 and number 2. You look good too, so as the bride. They are 26 years old.

  18. Never heard of the hakka big bowl feast before. BUt it certainly looks very sumptuous and delicious with those big prawns and abalones.

  19. congratulate to them hehe

    and also can jiak ho liao :X
    (I wonder how much is the ang pao for your area, want to know market hahah :X )

  20. I love your dress. It has a nice retro feel to it. Perfect with the heels!

  21. STP, yes 5 dishes only cause the big bowl already substitute other dishes, hehe.

    Eugein, 对咯。。荷包不变扁都假~

    Agnes, yes they are very young! Just 24~

    min~aris, 哈哈那么夸张?我还蛮喜欢荷叶饭的!因为我是饭桶!:D

    wenn, prince n princess mum, Pete, Kitty, missyblurkit, thank you!

    SK, yes you're right! The big bowl is enough to substitute others already, that's why only 5 dishes..


  22. YT, haha thanks. It's my latest addition ;)

    Vicky, yep you're right :P

    SP, wrong! They are 24, hehe.. Yes, only 5 dishes.

    Yvonne, yaya the wedding package has phoon choy now.

    Bananaz, yes the big bowl is nice and filling!

    Merryn, err I am not sure if it's famous, but it's included in one of the wedding package.

    Yan, yes the dishes are yummy! Nope, they are 24 years old...

    Andrew, you're right!

    Kian Fai, err depends, if close friends around RM100 minimum la if attend with 2 person.


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