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2012 Winter Trip: First Helicopter Ride in My Life

This is a surprise arrangement from the management. It wasn't written in the itinerary. I was super excited when I heard about it during the first day of our trip! :) The ticket to the ride of my life. If I'm not mistaken, it's priced at $130 which is about RM 400. Quite expensive I would say, and the ride lasted for only 10 mins. But to me, the breathtaking view from above and the experience we gained is definetely worth the money. Super strong wind when the helicopter touched down! The lady on the left is one of the photographer who takes picture of every passengers with the helicopter. We can buy the photos at the kiosk when we are done with the ride, of course it's optional.
Each ride can take 6 passengers at a time, 1 at the front next to the pilot and 5 at the back. There're about 5-6 helicopters on duty that day so the wait wasn't too long, thumbs up!
The center of the ride is somewhere near the Niagara Falls. Many tourists come here for the ride, there…

Whitesoot Bloggers Circle: You'll love this!

Attention to all female bloggers!! I have something great to share with ya all on this beautiful Wednesday! Well, perhaps some of you already know about Whitesoot. But for those who have no idea what it is, bear with me and read this post carefully! ;) First here's something about Whitesoot: "Whitesoot is an online fashion store (female apparel) based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Whitesoot brings in high-street clothing at a fraction of the price. We have new arrivals every day, from Sunday to Thursday at 8PM! And we mail all our shoppers' parcels the very next working day :) Also, we are glad to answer any questions regarding shopping with Whitesoot, so anyone can email us anytime!" A screenshot of their webpage I first know about Whitesoot through a blogger friend YT in September. I was excited to know about this online fashion store (you know I loveee shopping online!) and even happier knowing that they are giving FREE clothes to eligible bloggers every month! ^^ I …

2012 Winter Trip: The Magnificent Niagara Falls, Toronto Canada

Hello hello! Here comes the first post of my travelogue! *clap clap* We took a midnight flight on 5th Nov to Dubai and then waited 5 hours at the airport to transit to Toronto =_=  It is a 7 hours flight from KLIA to Dubai and 13 hours from Dubai to Toronto. So you can imagine how tired and boring I was upon reaching Toronto. I think you know that Canada is 13 hours behind Malaysia. For the first time in my record, jetlag was quite terrible for me :( Anyway, it was near evening when we reached Toronto, we checked in straight to the hotel after dinner. We spent 3 nights at Toronto and one of the attraction is of course the spectacular Niagara Falls (尼亚加拉大瀑布). This is the awesome night view of the falls from the hotel room. We stayed at Sheraton on the Falls and this hotel is located at such a strategic location!
This is the morning view of the falls. Can you tell it was cold there? It was about 2°C near the falls.
This photo is taken at the balcony of the hotel's restaurant, stron…

Aden boy: 6m2w

Hello folks! It's time to update about my son's progress. The last post about him is HERE. Actually I wish to blog about him more often but like I always said, time is really not enough!! :( Anyway, I shall try my best!
1. Poor Aden is down with cough and runny nose since I came back from US last week. Seen 3 paed already and luckily the 3rd paed's medicines suited him, he is recovering already! I think this is the 'season of cough' for babies and toddlers as many of my friends' kids are coughing too T.T
2. My boy is able to sit already and he loves to sit! But we still watch over him, just worry that he would lost balance suddenly, haha!
3. He smiles and laugh alot but cry alot as well. And he can change faces very quickly *sweat*

4. My boy has started to crawl already! Though still slow but I am so happy to see him achieving another milestone. Put something attractive/colorful and he'd crawl towards that object~ But that also means I got to be more caref…