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2012 Winter Trip: First Helicopter Ride in My Life

This is a surprise arrangement from the management. It wasn't written in the itinerary. I was super excited when I heard about it during the first day of our trip! :)
The ticket to the ride of my life. If I'm not mistaken, it's priced at $130 which is about RM 400. Quite expensive I would say, and the ride lasted for only 10 mins. But to me, the breathtaking view from above and the experience we gained is definetely worth the money.
Super strong wind when the helicopter touched down! The lady on the left is one of the photographer who takes picture of every passengers with the helicopter. We can buy the photos at the kiosk when we are done with the ride, of course it's optional.

Each ride can take 6 passengers at a time, 1 at the front next to the pilot and 5 at the back. There're about 5-6 helicopters on duty that day so the wait wasn't too long, thumbs up!

The center of the ride is somewhere near the Niagara Falls. Many tourists come here for the ride, there's a small cafe and souvenir shop located here as well.

Finally it's our turn! :D
Actually I spotted this leng zai during the queue, he is one of the crew member. I wanted to take a proper photo with of him but I was kinda shy... Also, I was worried that my hubby would jealous... LOL!

Hubby in the helicopter. Each of us got to wear a headphone which tells about the history and location of the attraction during the ride, in both English and Mandarin.
Everything seems extra pretty viewing from above!!!

The magnificent Niagara Falls!

The pilot! Actually I pay my full respect to the pilots and other crew members because they are repeating the same thing everyday! Regardless of the weather~

This is our FIRST helicopter ride!

This is such an awesome and cool experience!
However due to the spinning I felt abit nauseous when I got down from the helicopter, which lasted for like half an hour :(
I actually do not encounter any motion sickness all this while whenever I am in a plane/ferry/bus, this was my first time feeling nauseous.

But overall, I truly enjoyed the ride! <3

We bought this group photo at the price of $20. It comes with a big recycle bag.
Note: Read part I of the travelogue HERE.


  1. This is such a interesting experience for you to have helicopter ride. Must be really fun. The view is so nice. Especially the Niagaria fall.

  2. You and your husband look fresh on your day 1 trip.

    1. Yan, indeed it was!

      Haha yea, we had a good sleep hence the fresh look!

  3. what a nice nice nice experience ever!!
    Helicopter with Niagara fall, how perfect the trip!

  4. No, thank you. As I grow old, I have developed this fear of heights...dunno why. Ok when young, only now. Sobssss!!!!!

    1. Same here, I'm quite afraid of height as I grow older.

    2. Must do before you kick the can!

    3. STP & Yvonne, oh I think it's quite normal? Hmm not sure will I encounter the same when I grow old... =_=

  5. Nice ride...Great experience right? I like all the photos taken. Good Job!

    1. Anzerin, yep! It was unforgettable too!

  6. dear, 超cool的啦!!!!!!!!!!!!!!天呀!!我好想去坐哦!!!真的觉得超酷的!!!

    *你看起来越来越像混血儿了!哈哈哈!!怎么感觉你去了美国就像混血儿鬼妹呀,哈哈哈!是不是装扮得关系@@ 哈哈。好美就是了。

    1. 珊,嗯,真的很cool!

  7. Wow, what an experience.

    I am sure it is worth the price! The view from the top must be magnificent. The Niagara falls is really very beautiful... the rushing of water, oh gosh! Pretty!

    1. YT, cant agree more!
      The view is so so beautiful~

  8. I will never spent this type of money. but free (or part of the deal u got and u didnt know)...gosh FALL IN Love immediately. The scene is just beyond description.

    1. Littlelamb, haha of course it'll be great if it's FREE!

  9. wah, your whole trip is all about the Niagra Falls only?? hehehe.. you have such a close view from your hotel, and then you went near the falls and now you were given a helicopter ride of a lifetime to see the falls from the top!! COOL!!

  10. it would be even greater and cooler if you were given a chance to drive the helicopter yourself huh?? or perhaps have a parachute jump from the helicopter!! woo, now that will be the real experience of a lifetime!! :D

  11. the 3rd photo from the bottom is so magnificent lah, look at how gorgeous the fall is!! no wonder it's one of the wonders of the world.. haven't been to US before, and you've now seen the Niagra fall from far, near and top!! so nice..

    1. SK, erm actually yes, Niagara Falls is the main attraction at Toronto...
      Erm I wont wanna drive the helicopter but the parachute jump is a great idea!! I don't mind! :D

  12. OMG!! The view was soo incredible! Agreed with you that it was worth the price! Awesome!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hi Hayley,

    When compare to an aeroplane, helicopter could not withstand wind well. But I'm sure it was one of a kind experience for you and your hubby. What I like the most about this post is the ariel view of the Niagara Fall. It looks amazing.

    p/s:The lady photographer must earned so much from the activity.

    1. Willie, yea it was unforgettable for both of us ;)

      Hmm, I am not sure whether she earned alot or not, but she is nice and dedicated.

  15. The view from top is breath taking! Niagara is so amazing!!

    1. Really envy Uncle Lee who stays there and can drive to see the wonder of God's creation in just hours.

    2. Yvonne, yea I have the same thinking too!

  16. well i guess that it is all worth it..
    nice scenery... :)

  17. RM400 is not too bad & the view was worth it!
    If I remember correctly bungie jumping is more costlier.

    p/s: A little jealousy is good for your man. You should have taken that picture! hahahaha~~~

    1. Jik Kam Yong, well I am not sure bout that, hehe.

      Haha, yea I should have right? :P

  18. The view from the above really different! It is magnificent

  19. wow, I never had a helicopter ride before..I would surely love it!

  20. Hi Hayley, glad to know you have come to Canada. Hope you enjoyed your short stay.
    I have been to Niagara Falls 31 times, but never gone on that helicopter ride.
    Not keen on helicopters.
    Many years back 2 helicopters slammed into each other while taking tourists over Niagara Falls.
    There were fatalities.

    Anyway, now the US and Canada government have put up strict policies re the helicopter rides, so now it's safe.It's -5'c now and snow expected anytime, quite chilly.
    You have a nice day.

    1. Lee, wow 31 times? You actually counted huh? ;)
      Oh really? Din't know about the accidents. But yea, the tour guide told us it's very safe now.

      -5'c? Wow, glad that I am not there now, hehe..

  21. Oh what a view from the top one eye see all. Great life experience firstly on the ride & second to enjoy the breath taking view from up above the sky. tQ for the virtual tour.

    1. Bananaz, yes the view is awesome right!
      You're most welcome!

  22. Yes, it is sure the ride of your life. I would love to ride in a helicopter one day too! :p Nice view from above.

  23. This must be super scary!! Glad you enjoy it! I would never go on something like this - too scared of heights! yikes!


    1. jen, well it's not scary to me, it was FUN!

  24. I am sure this is a ride of your life. What an experience.


  25. I wonder if I dare to take such rides. But it must be one kind of experience.

  26. Wow, the view is simply fantastic! Expensive also nevermind cos it's really worth it!

    1. ChloeRuoyi, agree! Try once is already enough right?

  27. Nice experience. Helicopter ride to view Niagara Falls.

  28. hmm。。。搭直升机还不忘看靓仔!XD

    1. 哈哈当然!^_*

  29. hahah very noisy the leh, u wear the headset got very noisy or not? XD

    got try scuba diving? XD must try while still can handle the height and excitement hahah :X


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