Friday, November 2, 2012

Daily planner

Note: Thanks for the concern and comments you've left in my previous post. HQ had made a call to the US embassy and things are under control over there, we'll be flying there as scheduled.

Do you have the habits of jotting important dates/events in an organizer/planner?

I din't have this habits til I started working 5 years ago, it's a good practice as I can always refer to it of important meetings and events.
Now, even I have stopped working, I still write down things on my small planner. Basically I write down almost everything, haha, even the date I wash my bedsheet/blanket, LOL. You might find it funny(无聊) but I don't want to take the challenge and squeeze my brain when it comes to dates. Hehe...

How about you? ^_*


  1. 哈哈哈我没有觉得你无聊,我觉得你很可爱有趣!

  2. It is a good practice which I never get down to do it..that's make me a very disorganize person. May be I should have a daily planner too because I am also a very forgetful person.

  3. I don't have any planner now, which I used to jot everything for my job back then. We go "electronic" and paperless in the office :)

  4. I just key in reminders on my handphone....all the important dates, everything.

  5. 我还是有手写纪录行程的习惯,主要都是工作为主。私人的行程则一般记在脑子里,除非真的超忙超忙才会稍微设定闹钟提醒。我其实蛮爱手写纪录,偶尔可以贴个贴纸,画个图案什么的,看起来活泼有趣,也不会沉闷。

  6. oh great to know things are under control and you will be flying for your US trip as scheduled.. but hope you're no more depressed as what you have been when you were writing the previous post.. :)

  7. yeah, i do keep a daily planner back then, use to write down and also pre-plan what i want to do daily.. i still keep those diary, and flipping them through after so many years, i realise how efficient i have been, hahaha!!

  8. but i have not been doing that for many years already lah.. just write on a piece of paper, and then done then throw the paper away.. of most of the time, just type them into Outlook and it gives me reminders, not bad also mah..

  9. 我打从大学第一年开始就有这习惯。后来上班了也没变,不过就开始写了没看这坏习惯@@可是直到今年就停止了,改用电话1记录好了,因为实在懒得再扛多一本笔记簿在包包里啦~


  10. Usually will key in the appointments in my hp. Used to write in the daily planner.

  11. 我有写的,因为子宫弱,连月事我也会画记号,哈哈~~

  12. I prefer using the HP to jot them down. Though the inconvenience when the battery runs flat >.<

  13. It is a good habit to jot down everything we want to do and even we have done..I did that too on and off.

  14. nowadays we have it on the laptop and smart phones. it's good to put important dates down because we can forget easily.

  15. i always love my planner to track days with deadlines, appointments and all :) a good habit!

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  16. I do it too. I write everything down there so I don't have to waste time remembering all those details. Hopefully, I don't lose my calendar! haha~~

  17. 珊姑娘,哈哈,如果我去过什么特别的地方,我也会写在日历上。。 ;)

    LittleLamb, thanks!

    Agnes, then it's a good practice to jot down things in your life ;)

    Yvonne, I know, for example Weekly Plan, haha!

    STP, Bananaz, I did that occasionally too.

    SK, haha, I am still abit worried though :P But don;t worry la, I will relax and enjoy the trip!
    Outlook ar? Hmm, very seldom use it now...

  18. Eugein, 我也很爱手写记录。。 虽然现在什么东西都可以用电脑/手机,不过手写的总觉得比较亲切 ^^

    janelle, 其实我也没把记事本随带在身边。嘻嘻。。

    min~aris, 哈哈,一样,月事我也会记录下来。。一定要咯。。呵呵。。

    missyblurkit, haha yea, right!

    Mery, Fish, yes, high 5!

    Johnnie, I understand but hand writings are much more 'sincere' ;)

    Kam Yong, haha, you won't lose it if it's important ;)

  19. I use my phone to record all important meetings..

  20. SP, well I think many people do that these days...

  21. Hayley, last time, I used to track when I cut my hair. As I like to get my hair cut so frequenty. Hehehe! So, I better track it down, so that I won't go for hair cut too frequent.

  22. Yan, haha I did that too~ Even jot down when I had my hair dyed/perm etc.. ;)


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