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Bye, my great 2012

Today we say goodbye to 2012 and when the clock strikes 12 tonight, we welcome the brand new 2013.

On the last few days of every year, my usual practice is to do a quick recap of some memorable events that happened throughout the year. So I am not going to miss it this year.

Here are some special and memorable events of my 2012:

- Announced my baby gender to everyone
- Second year in giving ang pao, spent my CNY with my 6 months-old baby bump

-Started to count down to my EDD
- First visit to Kuala Selangor

- First visit to Sitiawan
- Went for my maternity outdoor shooting

- Short trip to Penang with friends
- Started packing for my delivery 


- Enjoying my confinement moment
- Aden's fullmoon and I was officially released from jail ^^

- Started my life as a stay at home mum and handling my baby all by myself

- Short trip to KL without Aden

Of wedding dinner and short trip up North

It is 10 minutes to 12am while I am writing this and I am so tired actually. But die die also have to blog now cause I am behind schedule already! Actually there're few more posts to write before the end of 2012 but now I don't think I make it already.
There was a current interruption at my area on Friday night for 3 hours (which spoilt my plan to blog), then on Saturday morning, another interruption for almost 5 hours! What a bad way to start the weekend!! >=(
Ok let's not talk about that anymore.
This will be a mixed post of a wedding dinner I attended early this month, and a short trip to Penang with hubs and Aden.
Starts off with some photos taken on Sharon's wedding night. I knew her while she was having her internship training at Silverstone (my previous working place).  Very surprised she invited me to her wedding cause we actually don't talk much ;)

Well I was actually very excited cause I knew I was going to see some of my ex colleagues during the dinn…

Whitesoot blogger circle: Mandarin Collar Top

Hey dear readers! If you've been following me, you'd remember I blogged about this great piece of news for female bloggers from Whitesoot last month.
So entering December I have another opportunity to choose another lovely piece of clothing from Whitesoot. This is the second sponsored item and similar to the previous one, I simply love my choice!
I decided to go with tops this round, and I was torn between these 2:
Flutter sleeve mandarin collar top, RM 47 (love this cause of the sleeves) (By the way their homepage is so Christmasy this December!)
Tuxedo-inspired dip back shirt, RM 47 (love this cause of the tuxedo)
Both are so lovely! . . .
In the end, I chosen the first one as the color is more to my liking ;)
Quality wise, I don't have to elaborate further cause it's guaranteed! It's worth every single cent!  Blue! My favourite color on earth~ (Do note that color is slightly different here in the photo compared with the actual piece)
Very unique ruffled sleeves!…

2012 Winter Trip: Shopping Loots and The End

Hello new world!! There's no doomsday and we are all still alive! xD
Anyway, I bet most of you are in holiday mood cause tomorrow is Christmas! So to celebrate Christmas I'm going to wrap up my US travelogue here, with the long awaited shopping loots post (Finally!)

1. Went for manicure few days before the trip. Also colored my hair a week before the departure, hehe..
The exchange rate during the trip: RM 32 = CAD 10, RM 31 = USD 10. USD is accepted at Canada but balance is in CAD. Most credit cards are accepted at both Canada & US. 
2. We went shopping at Fifth Avenue, the famous shopping street at NYC. Too bad time is not enough for me to cover all the shops there (which I am so regret til now!). 

3. With the great legacy of the late Steve Jobs. Apple store here opens 24 hours. 

4. The first shop to look for upon reaching Fifth Avenue is the Coach boutique because I have so many orders in hands from friends! 

5. As it was still a month plus away to Christmas, only certa…