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2012 Winter Trip: Shopping Loots and The End

Hello new world!! There's no doomsday and we are all still alive! xD

Anyway, I bet most of you are in holiday mood cause tomorrow is Christmas! So to celebrate Christmas I'm going to wrap up my US travelogue here, with the long awaited shopping loots post (Finally!)

1. Went for manicure few days before the trip. Also colored my hair a week before the departure, hehe..

The exchange rate during the trip:
RM 32 = CAD 10, RM 31 = USD 10. USD is accepted at Canada but balance is in CAD. Most credit cards are accepted at both Canada & US. 

2. We went shopping at Fifth Avenue, the famous shopping street at NYC. Too bad time is not enough for me to cover all the shops there (which I am so regret til now!). 

3. With the great legacy of the late Steve Jobs. Apple store here opens 24 hours. 

4. The first shop to look for upon reaching Fifth Avenue is the Coach boutique because I have so many orders in hands from friends! 

5. As it was still a month plus away to Christmas, only certain areas in the city display Christmas decorations.

6. Hubby and I collect Hard Rock shirts so whenever we travel oversea, we won't miss to visit the HR shop.(but very sorry to say we did not own any HR Malaysia shirts >.<). 

7. Besides Fifth Avenue, another famous shopping spot is of course Times Square NYC. Lots of international brands here like Levi's, Hard Rock, Sketchers, Sephora, Toy R Us, Disney, Forever 21, GAP and many many more. Also some broadway theaters, cinemas, souvenir shops and so on.
Most shops here opens til midnight. For instance Forever 21 here opens from 8am-2am EVERYDAY and it consist of 3 floors, you tell me how can I not love NYC!!

8. Inside Disney store. 

9. In the huge Toy R Us store. 

10. I see so many nice Barbie dolls! I really feel like buying one but hubby teased me by saying 'what for? Wanna buy for our future daughter is it?' >.<

11. On the 2nd last day of the trip we travelled to an urban side of NY and went shopping at Woodbury Premium Outlet. It has bout 220 stores and is one of the largest contiguous outlet centers in the world.

We were there for like 4 hours only (well you know, its always this rush following tours), so we only stepped in to the stores we like.
(Photo from here)

12. Many hotdog stalls around the town and according to the tour guide, it's a must to try the hotdog as it completes the whole NY trip. Haha! 

13. So I did not hesitate to try =)

14. Haagen Dazs sundae for my fattening tea time.

To summarize the trip, here's what I've got.

Coach wrislets, handbags and men's wallet (All not for myself cause I've already got one wrislet which I think is enough)

Instead I bought a Burberry purse, will keep til CNY ;) I love Burberry more than other brands....

Some shoes for hubby, I and Aden. As it was winter when we were there, lots of boots and heels on sales which are not so suitable for me.....

Some skincare products from Clarins, Crabtree & Evelyn and Loccitane. The Clarins product is a steal cause it was the mall's one day sale so I got many freebies!!

Clothes and a soft toy for Aden

Going to let my son wear this tonight!

A quick look at my loots

Some yoga attires from Nike (Nike is quite worth buying here)

Our Hard Rock collections

Shirts, tops, dress and innerwear from CK and Forever 21

Levi's jeans and shorts

Some other miscellaneous from Ralph Lauren and Forever 21. 
There are more clothes we bought but already given to friends and family ^^

Fridge magnets and postcards for friends

Canadian ginseng candies

Chocolates from local airport

This is FIL's company sales trip so as usual, the generous York management gave us the following as gifts:

Famous Canadian ginseng

Hard Rock tops for hubby and I

2 units of brand new iPod touch and an iPhone casing ^^

Our luggages were slightly overweight but no extra penalties xD Luckily we brought 2 more extra backpacks.

Despite the longggg flight hours and jetlag, I am thankful for the chance to visit US. It's a memorable trip and I hope you all enjoy reading all the US-related posts! ;)

Here's the links just in case you have missed my previous posts:
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Part VII: Statue of Liberty & hotels

Til then, wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas!


  1. woot woot woot, finally a post on the loots!! so happy going shopping in NYC right?? :p

    1. so nice you've tried almost everything in NYC even the hotdogs.. but then aiyah, didn't take the yellow cab and watch a broadway musical..

    2. so many bags from coach!! haha, really got a long shopping list from your friends and relatives huh?? hehe..

    3. really bought a lot of things lah.. look at the variety!! haha.. but only iPod and iPhone case?? aiyah didn't get iPhone 5 and iPad mini meh??

    4. SK, yea I was very happy shopping there! Just wish for more time!

      Broadway musical not my thing!

      Yes, shopping lists from friends~

      No la, I am happy enough since those are free gifts. I already got iPhone 4s and new iPad.. Plus, iPhone 5 also need to wait... ;)

  2. O.H.M.Y.G.O.D.!!!

    Your ultimate post of the NYC loot!!

    1. Coach bags!! How do you carry all of them back? LOL~

      Although I have several coach and I declined your kind offer for another coach, I kinda regret now.... Should have ask you to get at least 2 for me!!

      p/s: you know how temptation comes, right? By looking at pictures of our favourite item.

    2. Haha I got 2 big backpacks, so squeeze all inside.

      Ya lo but nvm la, Yan's friend can help to buy anytime, right?

  3. I spotted brasseries, ahem~~ ^.^ No sexy one?

    1. I guess you went crazy with the shopping there, huh? I'll be if I were there :D Just make sure I'll bring a lot of cash and extra credit/debit cards XD

    2. But then again, it's only in my dream that I would step my foot in NYC T_T

    3. Yvonne, haha no sexy sexy one la! All very normal :P

      Yep, if I have more time there I'll surely go bankrupt!

  4. Do snap photos of Aden being Santa Baby tonight~~

  5. yooo!!!!!!!!!!!!期待已久的shopping post终于来了!!!


    before that,说说下,人家说去NY一定要吃hot dog的!超有feel的啦!好赞!

    那个coach hor!看了就很爽!!我说了,不管是不是自己的,这样在coach大买的感觉就很好hor,哈哈哈!!*我很无聊下。

    赞!我很喜欢你买的Burberry purse!这个美!这个smoked check coated canvas是我最喜欢的burberry颜色系列,呵呵。。。。(因为与我的burberry包一样系列的,哈哈哈哈xD)
    多少钱??line line =p


    圣诞装for aden!!!so cute!今晚po FB k!


    *还是要谢谢你的NY postcard! 这是我的美梦之一!^^

    1. 嘻嘻谢谢支持!






      对,那个Clarins shape face的,比这里便宜大概40块。

  6. Woots! Shopping in US is really crazy I guess!!! Yea, most people go crazy over Coach there, guess is really worth the price.

    Burberry from US? Cheaper? Cos it's a UK brand so i am a bit surprise. But nice choice. I like their stuff too, basic but classic. Lovely.

    U can come Penang to shop at Hard Rock heheh.

    1. Burberry is not so cheap there of course, but I like it so much so cannot resist from buying, hehe.

      Anyway it's definitely cheaper than buying here at Malaysia.

  7. Finally, your shopping loots post is here. Reading through, didn't you get any Guess clothing this round?

    1. Guess ar? I dint step into the shop also... Not a big fan of Guess :P

  8. No buying Victoria Secret lingerie?

  9. Coach and CK products are a must buy there. I like your Nike yoga attires. Looks cool.

  10. So many cloths for Aden, can't wait to see Aden as Santa baby.

    1. Very sorry to say Aden cant fit into the suits already :(

  11. York Management is really generous. The gifts to you guys always a very good one every year.

  12. So glad to meet you up on Christmas eve, wish you and your have a joyous Christmas. Finally, I got to see the very cute Aden.

  13. If go travel, i will go HR if i can find it, hehe...

  14. Yeah definitely is a great experienced travel to NY. All the loots are definitely a steal too. Enjoy reading this post.

    Nice meet up this afternoon. Miss Aden dy.

  15. you are so good to help your friends buying COACH.

    1. Hehe they are so lucky to have me as friend! xD

  16. Mei, Merry Christmas to you, EK and Aden...Den Den...I like the way you call him.

    1. Haha ya, Den Den sounds cute hor? ;)

  17. Aden gonna me Santa junior tonight? awesome, post his photo k

    1. Haih, he cant fit into the suit anymore.... :(

  18. Hmm, I'm just like you before going for a trip, Saloon and manicure i a must...hehehe

  19. Your manicure very nice and the santa suit is too cute!!Merry Christmas to you and family :)

  20. Abundant blessings be upon you and your family this Christmas & throughout the New Year, 2013!

  21. Hi Hayley, love the pics here. You sure helped the US economy, ha ha. Nice presents.
    Wishing you and family the very best of Christmas, and Seasons best greetings.
    By the way, Santa Claus has just arrived. Drop by my place see Santa.

    1. Haha yea, US government must thanked us huh? ^^

      Same to you, have a merry merry Christmas!

  22. oh you are making me so jealous :) you shopped a lot and I can't believe the Coach handbags you bought for others...hahahah. Did you buy them from the Coach shop or from the outlet store? No wonder your luggage were overweight :P I heard the items at Woodbury Premium Outlets are really worth it.

    1. barb, those Coach bags are from boutiques as well as from outlets.

      Yep, the Woodbury is such a nice place to shop~

  23. WOW! You are so kind to help so many people buy so much stuff!
    Good thing you didn't get charged for overweight luggage. =D

  24. Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  25. 重点来啦~重点来啦~XDXD




    1. 是咯,好可惜~


      哈哈我也打算来个小香开箱文, 敬请期待~

  26. Nice manicure and hair color. Looking forward to a better 2013 with new hair colour? Lol

    What a wonderful US trip. I am sure the hot dos there taste better than what we have in Malaysia. Heheh.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Best regards.

  27. 你败得很爽,我也看得好过瘾,哈哈哈!!那个Coach,好像去美国一定都非买不可!!Clarins在美国也卖很便宜?这里专柜的价位实在很难长期投资使用。


    1. 是滴,败得很爽 >.<


      Erm 不会说非常便宜啦,不过至少比起这里便宜咯。。


  28. Wow to that shopping haul! Merry Christmas to you, your hubster and Aden!

  29. Lots of nice stuff! You made us all wanna go to NYC!


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