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Aden: 7m2w

Ok since most of you don't mind I blog more about Aden, so here's another update on Aden and with this, my US shopping post will be postponed again *evil grin*

(Don't worry, I promise the following post will be the shopping post already ^^)

By the way, we are all still surviving right? It's not end of the world! Haha! =P

Ok back to the topic, Aden is growing faster than I can ever imagine. He is now 7 months and 2 weeks old. Taking care of him 24/7 is a very demanding and tiring job, but it's at the same time a rewarding process as I get to record and see him growing, first hand. 

I shall let the following pictures do the talking (Do note that this is a mixed updates on Aden and there's no sequence in all the photos).

1. Aden loves iPad! Well basically anything with lights, color and sounds. But I know it's not good to let him expose to such lights so consider the following photo for illustration only, ok? =P

2. He is a busybody an explorer, loves to explore and mess up everything. (整天给我乱搬东西!)

3. My boy can be quite muscular at times, haha! Aden also blabbers alot thesedays, like 'mma mma mmma...', 'da da da..' and 'ba ba ba...'.

4. He is a crawling king now, he gets super excited when he sees remote control, iPad, iPhone and his toolbox (as in photo #2) and will crawl super fast towards them. He can even crawl over from his bed to my bed (about 4 inches high). 

5. First visit to daddy's office~ 

6. Mummy is quite jealous at his long eyelashes.... 

7. Brought him for his 2nd hair trim and thank God he din't cry!

8. Comb his hair flat and I think he looks quite cute! xD

9. Caught him kek sai (poo poo) in action one day, can't stop laughing at this photo!! xD xD 

10. My boy gets super excited when I show him food or say 'mam mam'..... 

11. This is what I mean he is growing too fast! Seems like it was just yesterday since I gave birth.....

12. Daddy hold him to stand like this one day and I found it super adorable! <3

13. At 7 months, he weighs 8.1kg and is about 69cm tall. Taking 7oz formula every 4-5 hours and a meal of cereal daily. I also gave him snacks in between milk time. Wearing M size diapers (going to change to L size soon).

14. Continuation from photo #2, he is busy exploring everything in the room/house..... (什么也不要放过)

15. Still don't want to give up............ =_=" 

16. He is quite clingy now, he wants me most of the times, and always want to be carried. So mummy has  super giant strong arms now~ He also started to develop stronger stranger anxiety. 

17. Just find this expression cute!

18. Photo taken on 121212, nothing, just for fun :P

19. Aden still drools alot, but slightly better than before... (口水王!)

20. Life as a mum........... T_T  (妈咪的脸伤痕累累.....)

21. Hey you! ^^

22. His favourite show on TV is not cartoon but the weather forecast report on Astro channel 314 (TVB星河气象报告), may be it's because of the background music and colorful scenes. Sometimes he even wants to crawl towards to TV *sweat*

23. Superman in action. 

24. Aden has 2 new friends lately, courtesy of gugu (SIL).

25. Wah you're so much bigger than me! Kiss kiss, nice to meet you Pooh bear!

26. Majority commented he looks more like daddy now....

27. Why so emo boy?

28. Visited my aunty the other day, here's Aden with his, erm.. koko (elder brother) (Sorry don't know how should Aden address him..就是我阿姨的外孙) 

29. And Jayden didi (younger brother) came visit last weekend! She's my ex classmate Carol's baby.

30. Visited my friend Cryst and his son Cayden few days ago. Aden very beh paiseh (thick skin) played people's toys and even left his saliva all over them >.< 
But you notice both of them wearing stripes pants? Haha so coincident!

31. Haha my boy is so cool~ Oh the big swollen bump on his forehead is due to insect bites (most probably), it took 4-5 days to completely recovered =_=

Hope you enjoy reading as much as I did!

P/s: Happy Winter Solstice Festival to my readers! 冬至快乐!<3


  1. 哇~好长的睫毛噢,我也嫉妒Aden了!!剃头发不哭不闹,Aden很棒!!第26张的Aden好cute,那我是无形中赞你老公cute吗?(因为你说这张的Aden像他~XDD)

    1. 哈哈。。宝宝的睫毛都好长!

      Erm 不会不会,我知道你的意思。。只有Aden cute,他老豆不cute! =P

  2. Nice wrap up of everything, Hayley. I enjoy reading it a lot. I wish I had a blog too when my girls were still a baby. Reading Aden's progress make me feel like having another one. Just kidding la!

    1. Haha go ahead la!! April and May want di di/mei mei...

  3. Hayley, enjoy Aden as much as you can, kids grow fast. I miss my girls' baby moment a lot.

  4. awww....he is such a cute and chubby baby. i love to see his photos :) yeah, enjoy him right now because he will grow very fast. i miss ashley's baby days too.

    1. Barb, thanks!

      Yep, I actually miss him as new born too~

  5. Good boy, he never cry when trimming his hair. 冬至快乐 to you and your family.

  6. aiyoyo so fast already 7m2w already?? never mind lah, i think your US post can drag till next year also, haha!!

    1. so good boy wor, never even cry when trimming his hair.. must be daddy and mommy doing funny face in front of him to make him lost focus~~ :p

    2. this Aden really is a potential actor lah.. he got so many different expressions on his face, haha!! maybe he will be getting an Oscar in 20 years time~~ :p

    3. wow, gugu gave Aden such a big Winnie the Pooh and Pluto (or is it naked Mickey??).. they can take care of Aden when daddy goes to work already~~ :p

    4. SK, aiyo dont 'suan' me la! Sure next post is shopping post already :P

      Nope, we dint do anything to make him lost control...

      Haha yaho, then I'll become an actor mum! :P

      I also hope those 2 new friends can take care of him.....

  7. dear下次你准时记录,我真的习惯看你跟公主的记录才写,我好像漏掉记录很多东西,哈哈哈!
    我的b也是看到ip就冲过去抢了omg...aden可以跟我的b fren fren.


    他的牙齿很大颗了!我的b的我还拍不到。最近给他咬东西,他的牙齿会咬到那些食物饼干断掉,有次还咬到饼干一块啃到,很可怜=(((( ,所以有牙齿了要小心。

    pandai,厉害爬厉害坐。*做父母的bo eng xD


    1. 珊,我也很想准时记录阿!>.<
      哈哈是咯,他们两可以shake hands!



      是很 bo eng,不过也很欣慰啦,毕竟宝宝慢慢长大了~


  8. Mischievous little thing, he is such a cute boy!

    I like the first pic, the curiosity that sparkles when he is staring into the screen. Heehehe.

    1. YT, well cute is what people says.. But when he's naughty, cute is not the word anymore! =P

  9. Congrats on achieving so many milestones. I think he looks fairer as he grows. Yes..time flies. I wish my baby grow faster haha.

    Happy Winter Solstice to you and yr family!

    1. Yep, he is fairer now.

      Thanks! Regards to your baby Faith too!

  10. Time pass by so fast,he is so big now. This is the time you have to pay close attention, as they are very curious and quick and grap things they see and also will try to get down or roll from the bed.

    1. Johnnie, you're right.
      He can crawl very fast now and we are very worried he'd fall down from bed..... >.<

  11. hahah baby now a days grow up very fast . . . (I dunno last time how I grow up eh) heheh

    1. and yah! Wish you and your family have a great December and Merry X-mas soon! :)

    2. Yes baby grows fast!

      Thanks and same to you ya!

  12. 1st , 冬至快乐 to u and happy 7th month to Aden . Such a cute boy ....

  13. 冬至快乐 to you and your family!!!

    Your bb is so cute...

  14. I enjoy browsing all Aden's photos here. So nice to see all his priceless expression.

    1. Frankly I don't miss my first born younger years much, maybe because she was an ugly baby. On the other hand, I secretly wish my son would stay in his toddler years and doesn't grow up so fast.

      I'm biased, eh? Hehe, but I'm grateful to have 2 loving children and am blessed for it.

    2. Aden looks like you when he smiles, and looks like daddy when he keeps quiet :)

    3. Last but not least, happy Dong Zhi!

    4. Yvonne, haha but true, we must be grateful cause we're blessed with healthy cheeky children :P

      Haha yea! Luckily still looks like mummy~

      Thanks and same to you!

  15. Cute chubby cheeks! LOL!!! All good wishes for a Blessed Christmas and an awesome 2013 to you and your loved ones.

    1. Thanks and welcome back STP!

      Merry Christmas to you too!

  16. Hi,

    He is so adorable. So because of Aaden, looks like the two of you have to sleep on the floor with him and while sleeping i think he will disturb mummy more and more. Hahaha!

    Kids at his age will love anything that moves and shine. When he grows up, he will start touching bigger stuff. And it's true what other people said, he does look like his daddy.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Willie, you're right! He interrupts my beauty sleep every night >.<

      Thanks and you too!

  17. I have the same Pooh Bear too. Received it as my birthday pressie many eons ago.

    Aden is so cute...yes more pics of him pls!

  18. ROFL look at that excited face when mommy show food! soooooo cute!!! hihi. this face cud light up a whole room.

  19. Super love this post, so many photos and description of Aden.

  20. it's amazing how fast children grow! but he is only getting cuter n cuter! hahaha he has the blur look sometimes! so cute!! and i realized many babies like advertisements also hahaha

    1. May be because of the music of the advertisements, hehe..

  21. 我终于来啦~我们这个月都超迟发宝宝的成长纪录篇哦:))


    1. Janelle, 是咯做么你这几天都没来看我滴。。




      哈哈是,他的嫲嫲说那是他的Mercede Benz来得!

  22. I love your updates! It was really nice to read how much Aden has grown. He's really super cute!

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