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Aden's first baby gathering

Today is a special date! 121212, very auspicious number! Nothing very special to me though, just spend it like any ordinary day.
Anyway, taking a small break from my US travelogue. I feel like blogging this today, cause it's too cute to miss! :P
Friends and I had a mini mummy daddy baby gathering last Friday at Shin Sushi restaurant. The place suggested by me since nobody had better ideas, there's the Tatami-styled room so I thought it's more convenient and better privacy too ;)
Aden with daddy ;)

Aden with mummy =)

Other families

I think many of us look quite young though, hehe...
You might notice why there's no family photo of me? Cause I was too busy taking photos of others til I forgot to snap a family photo of myself :(

The room is nice and sufficient to fit 13 adults, 4 babies and 2 toddlers

My naughty boy! Do you feel like cubit (pinching) his cheeks? Sorry no cubit cubit though, only can sayang sayang ^^

My boy is able to sit unsupportedly now :D

This is En En, baby girl of my bestie Annie, she is 5mo

This is Ah Zhen, baby boy of my bestie too, Cheery. He is now 6mo

And this is Jack, 14mo now, baby boy of Elie

And this girl, busy playing with iPad, is Zhi Yi, 2 years 4 months old, daughter of Cheery (Well if you are curious who is who, just scroll up and refer to the family photos)
Ok now, the moment I've been looking forward to, group photos with babies!<3

Getting ready~

Do re mi fa so la....

Aden is busy looking at his 妹妹 (younger sisters) here, haha!

These are all Dragon babies, 2 girls on the left and 2 boys on the right. Aden is the eldest here.
There are many more Dragon babies, it's just that some of them can't make it, and some not staying at Taiping. We're now planning another bigger gathering during CNY!

Daddies with babies! If you see carefully my Aden is pouting here, LOL! Friends find it funny and cute, but I think Aden is so not sporty!! >=(
Well actually it was almost 10pm and he is quite sleepy already hence the tantrum. But honestly I gotto say, Aden is behaving much better compared to last time. At least for now he is willing to sit down and play without much fuss, also he can smile and play with strangers :)
And here are some of the food we had that night, din't manage to take photos of everything cause too busy entertaining my son.

Total bill RM 330.95 including service charge.
It is abit expensive but food is ok. Most importantly, we enjoyed ourselves very much!
Everyone is looking forward to the next gathering ;)
Shin Japanese Restaurant


  1. Oh gosh, so many babies~ Hahhaa...

    All of you look very young lar, pretty mummies :D

    1. Hehe thanks YT!
      Hmm when is your turn ar? :P

  2. SO CUTE AH!!! i think i say the same thing everytime i see baby Aden's pictures hahah should have more baby gathering!~ it's really cute!!~ and mummies all look so young!

    1. Yes you said that everything ^^

    2. Typo: everything = everytime

  3. Nice gathering with all your gang. Previously all sweet young things and now mummies to one/two kids. Treasure your friendship with them forever.

    1. Well, thats the circle of life~

      Yep, I treasure the friendship ;)

  4. 哈哈~真的是每人手上一个B啊!!!:D



    1. 嗯,真的。。嘻嘻。。



  5. Chubby Aden.. really cannot cubit ah? Feel like cubit-ing la.. :)

  6. Wow all the dragon babies spitting fire..

  7. oh, this is the first baby gathering for Aden?? i thought i remember there was one before this?? hmmm, either one of us must be too old to have remember something wrongly?? hehe~~ :p

    1. good lah, Aden is meeting up with other babies.. that means he can have his future friends, and even future wife from the gang lah~~ :p

    2. SK, that one not really Aden's gathering la! Cause that one is a friend's son birthday.. THis one is his official baby gathering, keke.

  8. i love the photo where all daddies and all mommies carrying their babies for the group photo, it's so cute, especially the daddies group!! hahaha.. who came out with this brilliant ideas?? :p

  9. the food actually looks yummy.. the presentation also quite delicate and sincere lah.. maybe all of you have been too busy chit chatting and taking care of the babies, so most probably won't really savour the food.. :p

    1. Ya, very busy that night...
      So we just wallop the food without really savouring them..

  10. nice gathering hayley! i like all those photos.

  11. Oh dear, so many babies! I'll go bust like that. Haha.. macam one baby not enough, so many will cause so much more headache! :P

    1. Merryn, confused right? Haha :D
      But more babies more fun~

  12. so many cute fun..

  13. 哈哈,真的很多B...

    1. Natalie, 哈哈是很interesting啦~

  14. What a nice gathering for parents and babies~~

    There are 3 chat groups - daddies, mummies, babies, LOL~

    1. Shin Restaurant is very suitable for big gathering, so I'll expect bigger group of babies in the upcoming CNY?


    2. Yvonne, yea 3 chat groups.. hehe..

      Yep, more babies during CNY! But may be wont choose Shin anymore...

  15. 好热闹好可爱的宝宝聚会呢!!!很fun!

    okok,来,珊姨姨不cubit Aden, sayang sayang~~~~~


    1. 珊,是咯。。看了很开心ho!不过当他们一起闹的时候,头痛来了。。=_=

      不过没关系啦。。Hehe :P

      Erm 还好罢了啦!真的!可能是拍照角度问题看到瘦。。。
      实际上还是肥肉很多 >.<

  16. Hi Hayley,

    13 adults divided by RM330.95 isn't expensive for a Japanese meal because it only costs each one of you RM25.45. Hahaha! And if only one person paying for each spouse, then it only costs you RM51.00. Ahaks!

    I'm quite stunned by the idea of gathering couples and their babies because non of my friends have done this before. I guess you guys were married at almost the same year and gave birth in the same year (the year of the dragon). The restaurant must looked like a nursery that night. You guys surely had fun playing with each others' babies.

    And I agree with you when you said you guys are quite young. You guys are really young parents. Good! It's time to have more babies! Hahahaha!

    Alright then, have a nice day yeah?

    1. Willie, you're right, only the husbands are paying, kakaka!

      Hmm yea, we had fun entertaining our own babies as well as others ;)

      More babies? Sure, but not now lor.. May be years later la :D

      You too, enjoy your day!

  17. Evelyn, 是咯。。改次叫埋你。。;)

  18. Its so warm with all the families and baby pictures. Aden have grown a lot!

  19. Nice gathering, so many cute babies. Next round I think need to gather at indoor theme park, so the toddlers can run and play.

    1. Vicky, ya, and we the parents will have to run after them =_="

  20. Your baby is super duper cute! The food looks yummy too!

  21. hehehe Aden checking out chicks even at a such a young age:P he;s going to keep many mothers busy!

    1. Haha, me as the mum abit scare now... LOL!

  22. wahhhh BABY Gathering XD macam fun :X


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