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Aden's first solid

Firstly, my apology cause this is still not my US shopping post *teary eyes*

I feel that I should blog about Aden now as he's growing too fast (Already 7months 1week 5days old!) He already tried solid early last month and I feel guilty cause I haven't blog bout it.
So dear readers please bear with me a little longer, cause I'm also in the midst of editing my shopping photos as well. You know how tiring and busy a mother is... *trying to give lots of reasonable excuses*

Apart from Aden's favourite food -> nen nen (milk)...

My boy enjoying his formula milk (already stopped breastfeeding since August)

I've also given him other food such as yogurt.

My dirty boy loves yogurt!

And his first official solid is organic cereal. 
He wasn't really ok with the taste at first, but now loves it!

He is really tam jiak (glutton), he cried when I take the spoon away =_=
(Still carrying him while feeding in the beginning cause I haven't got him a proper high chair back then) 

This is the cereal. It has very strong smell, even his poo poo now has the similar smell *faint*
This one is really rich in fiber, his bowel movements is getting much better compared to last time.

Aden also tried Kraft cheesestick. He din't really like it at first (I think because it's abit salty), but after several times of feeding he started to accept it. Of course he din't finish the whole stick himself, his mummy did :P 

As for dry food, I gave him Baby Bites biscuits which melts instantly in baby's mouth. This is a great snack to keep him busy when we're dining outside

That's the biscuit on the left. I too bought the Heinz rusks, but only tried a packet cause I think it's too sweet. Planning to giveaway the remaining packets, anybody with small babies interested?

I do not want to educate my son to be a picky eater in the future so basically I let Aden try whatever food like rice, noodles, ice cream and etc. Of course I'm aware with the fact that certain food is not ok for baby at this age so I only gave him a very small bite to taste, also for the sake of experiencing only.

And besides all these edible food above, Aden also love to bite on EVERYTHING he grabs/sees.........

There're more actually, just posted a few to show you. I know actually all babies love exploring things and put everything into their mouths. Luckily there's this rotavirus vaccine which I think helps abit.
We really need to watch over him because he'd give us heart attack surprise anytime =_=

Now that he can crawl, my heart beats even faster than before................... :/

p/s: If I say the next post is still about Aden, will you throw banana skin at me? =P


  1. hahahaha, milk, yoghurt, cereal~~ i think Aden eats almost the same thing like me.. or shall i say i eat almost the same thing like Aden?? :D

    1. hahaha, looks like Aden loves to eat lah.. so 貪吃鬼 like that!! hmmmm, is this inherited from his mommy?? :p

    2. since he can eat cereal, maybe you want to mash up some vege and fruits for him to eat.. natural sources of nutrients, i think they are good.. :)

    3. SK, haha really? Same taste bud ya? ;)

      You're right, Aden's mummy is very 貪吃, see her body fat fat already know.. >.<

      Yep, will cook more nutritious food for him soon.

  2. babies need to be fed almost anything and they get messy..well, that's parenting! Have a great time bringing up Aden!

    1. Right, very messy when feeding babies.... =_=

  3. No lah,no banana skin will be thrown at you one lah,, you know York Mei, trust me on this,Aden you grow up faster than you could ever imagine.

    I am sure a caring a mother like you,you not hesitate to give him the best one but now that he can crawl,must always put safety a top priority...

    Teach him and guide me, to this I know you will....there is one thing more precious that all that in Toys "r" us and that is your presence there with him.......

    enjoy great moments with him ya and don't forget your hub too lah, otherwise the big one will get jelos also ma,kan

    Okay, share lagi more of Aden with us ya,, will be happy to read about it

    1. Eugene, I already experiencing it, he has really grown up!

      Ya, I enjoy every moment with him despite the tiredness...

      Thanks for the continuous supports~

    2. Eugene, I already experiencing it, he has really grown up!

      Ya, I enjoy every moment with him despite the tiredness...

      Thanks for the continuous supports~

  4. Awww...he's so cute!! Love all his photo. I think he's teething that's why he loves to bite. No no, we won't throw banana skin at you. We give lots of hugs and kisses to you so that we can see more of Aden! Merry Christmas to you Hayley!

    1. Kitty, well may be he's teething again...

      Thanks and same to you!

  5. Aden越来越可爱!而且他看起来就好苗条!但还好有脸蛋!我最爱宝宝有脸蛋了!cubit cubit ^^


    那个heinz rush我朋友早告诉我orange的很甜,忘了跟你分享,你可以去买original的。
    baby bites我还在找着,我买了heinz跟pureen的都不是直接溶在口里的,需要bb咬一段时间,那天我给我的b自己慢慢咬,结果他啃到,心疼呀~

    1. 宝宝苗条好像不是很好ho!哈哈不过管它啦,只要健康平安。

      对,我看全部宝宝都是tam jiak的!



      Baby Bites这里卖很多,也很便宜,要我send一些给你吗?嘻嘻。。

  6. Time flies, he already turn 7 months. Try homemade fruit puree for him, papaya puree good for bowel movement.

    1. Vicky, yea I am thinking the same too~

  7. Aden is cute (chubee) and chubby (pao pao)...If there's another post about Aden, I think I won't throw the banana skin to you lar....

    1. For me, both my kids started solid food when there were 8mths. I let them try all kinds of fruit:kiwi, apple, papaya and banana. Solid food, I try to puree myself which i think is more delicious.

      Biscuits I seldom give them, cos scared too heaty for them. Unless drink lots of fluid and water.

    2. Anzerin, actually I also let Aden try everything I eat, hehe.

      Biscuits is a great snack when we are eating outside, luckily Aden drinks lotsa water =)

  8. "p/s: If I say the next post is still about Aden, will you throw banana skin at me? =P"

    Then I guess I've collected too many banana skins dy!!! Haha..

    Aden is super cute laH!

  9. So fast he is already eating solid food?

    Oh boy, baby does grow fast!

    1. Yea!
      You'll know it the next time you become a mummy~

  10. Next post is about Aden again? I welcome it! I won't get stale by looking at him~

    1. So nice that mummy and Aden are both adventurous to try out new food :)

    2. Both my children have different taste bud, one is a very picky eater and another one is a tong sampah.

      Funny, they are raised by the same caregiver :s

    3. Yvonne, haha thank you for support :P

      Yea I am not a picky eater so I hope Aden is like his mummy =)

      Haha yalo, how come ha....

  11. 哈哈哈。。。看起来aden的solid food比较像是那些ribbon, container之类的咯~lol

    我也是很想说吃了这个米糊真的poo poo都是那个米糊味!


    1. 哈哈,什么是ribbon, container之类的?>.<



      Yogurt我就买好像大人吃的,或者是Fernleaf Calciyum,给他tap一点。。

  12. I wont throw u babana skin because I love and enjoyed all about Aden!! hehe ^^

  13. Awww cute Aden... he can eat and munch munch now... yay!

  14. 哈哈,公主的留言好好笑~~
    btw, Aden 越来越精灵咯~ 哈哈

    1. Natalie, 当然自己煮的更健康有营养!想说先试试看他的味蕾所以先给他try cereal。。


  15. Hi Hayley,

    My visit to your blog might be a little bit slow because i am now busy preparing for christmas and also new year party.

    It's ok if you don't blog about your shopping yet. Aaden has really grown. I think at this stage, he knows what eating means. Can't wait to read about his behaviour when he's one year old later. Haha!

    1. Hi Willie, it's ok, not to worry ook?
      Just busy with your own stuff~

      Yea, whenever I say 'mum mum' he'll turn around and get excited!

  16. Babies grows fast. My boy do not like the heinz farley's rusk too. My personal opinion is it is not soft enough, and sometimes my boy will get choked. He will be able to eat porridge soon!

    1. Yes, it's hard, so I always make it into porridge...

  17. Glad to know that Aden is having good appetide. You are smart to give him try out different food.

    1. This help to make him a better eater in future. Besides, remember first attempt is never a pleasant. Please keep up trying, don't give up if he doesn't like it for the first introduction.

    2. I can see that Aden is really growing up real well under you, a very good mama's care.

    3. Can't wait for our date on 24 December. Till then, you have a nice day and happy dong zhi to you.

    4. Yan, thanks for the precious comments!

      Yea I cant wait to meet you ladies too! ;)

  18. It's good to see Aden enjoying his "mum-mum" time :)

  19. always be side with him :) baby crawl dam fast 1 . . .

    should baby eat fruits around half years old ++?

  20. The teething stage when everything taste yummy to him:D. Very cute pics of Aden as usual!


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