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Tomb Sweeping

It's the Qing Ming (清明节) festival now but this year both hubby and I are not joining the families to pray our ancestors. Reason being is simple, I'm pregnant and hubby is here to accompany me.

But the other day I read an article in a local newspaper about the do's and don'ts during this festival, I found it very interesting and I wanna share it here (May be some of you had read about it too). It doesn't matter if you are not a superstitious person, no harm reading them to enhance knowledge, right? ;)

- Do pray the Tu Di Gong (土地公) first at the cemetery.
- Avoid stepping on other 'homes' (But sometimes it's unavoidable right? Especially when that area is crowded)
- Do not walk bare footed because it'd bring unwanted spirit home.
- If you hear chinese scripture (经文), try to leave the cemetery asap because some scripture are not meant for us.
- Eat a red egg on the spot to represent new life (新生).

- Tap away the sands underneath your shoes before leaving.
- …

DIY yogurt mask

I read about this interesting DIY yogurt mask through FB and thought I'd give it a try. It's super easy and the ingredients are easily obtainable, probably in every household.

All you need are honey, oatmeal and plain yogurt.

Here's how:
Step 1. Measure 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt into a small bowl to form the base of the mask. Cook 1 tablespoon of plain oatmeal. Once it’s cool down add it to your yogurt base. The oatmeal acts as a natural moisturizing ingredient.

Step 2. Add one tablespoon of honey and mix all ingredients well. The honey will act as a moisturizing ingredient and help thicken the mixture. Apply to your face immediately and leave for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 3. Wash away the mask with luke water. Apply moisturizer onto clean skin to ensure your skin moist is lock in. Repeat this mask twice a week and see the difference.

This is the first time I'm doing this mask and have yet to see significant results, but I do feel that the skin feels smoother and more del…


Image taken from HERE

Starring: Chapman To, Ronald Cheng, Gigi Leung, Eric Tsang

Winnie (Gigi Leung), in her late twenties, certified as an old maid when she is dumped by her boyfriend and bullied by her colleagues. Koo (Ronald Cheng) is a rich womanizer tycoon ruthless in his business dealings. In his latest take over Koo's action led to death threats by a former employee. For security Koo and his assistant, Ryan (Chapman To) to switch identity. Koo as a commoner met Winnie and falls for her as she is the first true person to like him not for his riches.

*Synopsis taken from GSC, cause I'm too lazy to elaborate, LOL*

To me, whenever a movie has Ronald Cheng (郑中基) or Chapman To (杜文泽), there'll sure be laughter, so as this one. But as for the whole storyline, nothing much to shout about and just plain.

Personal rating: 3/5

Speaking of movies, I've missed John Carter, and not going to watch Wraft of The Titans which is coming soon (though I wish to watch). Reason being is, I…

Eating style

People said appetite and taste bud change during pregnancy and for me, my taste bud is pretty much the same compared to before.

I still love Japanese food like sushi, except for raw stuff like sashimi which I don't eat all this while. Been eating Japanese food quite a few times already since pregnant (but choices are limited at my hometown), hoping to train the little one inside to love it as well, so that next time his dad will have no excuse to not bring us to Japanese restaurant, wakakak.... *grin*

And don't mind trying western food once a while (though they can be quite heaty and fattening), I always pick fish or chicken cause I believe they are healthier.. and I don't eat lamb or steak but my hubs love them~

I'm still a rice lover! And will request for additional sambal whenever available, my love for spicy food increases during pregnancy like tomyam, laksa and curry! But I try to control these intake cause too much spiciness is not good for the baby, I heard....


It's a happy Friday

It's again everyone's favourite, weekend! ;)

Time to indulge in something you like...

I've just back from a relaxing manicure and pedicure session, and my hands and legs smell good with OPI moisturising lotion! ;)
No nail polish for me though, just buff and spa, cause I'm having difficulty reaching to my toes nails, haha ;)

Mums-to-be also have the privilege to relax and chill, I reckon relaxing moments like this will somehow reduce gone when my little one is here....

And by the way, the tart and fruits are my tea break today.

Went for a check up this morning and thank God, doctor said everything is fine and baby is healthy too! (But I forgot to ask about baby's weight... *slap forehead*)

Probably not updating this weekend, so wishing you folks a great and safe weekend ahead! ^_*

Honey honey...

Image from

I read a beauty tip from a local newspaper the other day, by using honey and facial cleanser and it would prevent the annoying blackheads! This is so easy and cheap!
I've been doing it for the passed few days and though no significant results are shown, I do feel my nose is smoother than before. Will continue this method and share with you guys if it works! (Just rub a little bit of honey and facial cleanser on the nose every morning and night)

I also googled other benefits of honey and here are some:
-It is a natural energy of carbohydrates.
-It is a natural moisturisers to our skin in general.
-It is a natural cough suppressant and sooth the throat.
-It ease the mind after a night of excessive alcohol.

*More information H.E.R.E*

A little note to myself (Part IV)

Sorry for the lack of updates!
I've lost the mood to blog (again), plus internet line these few days is bad I really lost the patience!

I'm doing great so far, will be going for another check up this coming Friday and hopefully to receive good news from the doctor!
By the way, I apologise, this is another pregnancy updates of mine cause nothing else is more interesting in my life so far, haha. Hope you won't feel boring! :P

I've been having alot of weird and funny dreams lately, probably about 3 dreams per night? Every dream is short cause I just need to wake up for bathroom trip. People say dreams represent something in real life, I've try googling for dream analysis but it doesn't explain much, guess my kind of dreams are just too weird, LOL.

I am planning for a maternity photo shooting probably within these 2 weeks, since my friend who is a freelance photographer is available. Cannot wait for the photo shooting cause it's my favourite thing to do! But not for…

A little note to myself (Part III)

If everything goes smooth, I have about 10 more weeks until my due date :0 Then I'll be able to hold my little boy in my arms! And I can foresee my life will never be the same again.....

Feeling excited and nervous at the same time!

Hubby and I are slowly getting things ready, what we need most right now is a cabinet for our prince. We've been searching at Ikea during the recent KL trip but to no avail, so we decided to custom make a baby closet, I am still thinking about the design though.

Image taken from here

I'm so in love with such concept! Too bad there's not enough space in our room already, being occupied by both hubby and my closet :P Plus, we still need space to put the playpen and baby crib and other stuff, so probably something simple will do

I've also started to soak and wash the baby clothes/cloth diapers/socks/bibs/mittens/bedding sets and etc. It's funny how I love watching these hanging at the balcony, cause they are just so cute!! (Sorry, I guess …

Just can't hide the feeling

You know, there're always more choices and stuff to buy for a baby girl compare to a baby boy. And stuff for baby girl is always cuter and prettier!

I've seen so many cute and pretty baby dresses, hair accesories, shoes and etc etc. But for boy, choices are always limited.

But, thinking at the bright side, having a baby boy means save more money and less headaches on which one to choose, LOL.
My friend said to me 'Nevermind, aim for a baby girl next ;)' LOL, I'm not thinking that further yet!

Just to share what I've got for my prince lately:

Cute new born socks! The bottom 2 are actually gifts from a friend. The lady selling this runs a stall at nearby morning market, as well as online. You may find her by searching 'Taiping Kids' in FB

Speaking of this, hubby and I have also bought playpen, bedding set and baby crib last week. And I realise most of the things we bought are blue ;) I guess blue represents boy and pink is for girl, most of the time.

With thing…

Sitiawan food

After the visit to the Tua Pek Kong temple, we went searching for a nearby seafood restaurant called Ah Pek Lee Kou Hock, situated at Kampung Cina. I googled about it earlier on and many recommended this restaurant because of its unique dishes.

GPS managed to bring us there but unfortunately, it opens at 6pm and it was only 4pm when we reached.
So we settled our late lunch at Laut Villa restaurant, which is also nearby. Fyi, there're a whole strench of seafood restaurants at Kampung Cina and almost all are full.

Non air conditioned, and we were all sweating...

The lady recommended this, spicy and sour steamed siakap. Suit my appetite!

Stir fried chinese cabbage

kong pou mantis prawns

This is another signature dish, fried oyster cake aka 'oo chien'

Marmite chicken

Total bill for 6 adults with 2 bottles of homemade of sugar cane juice is RM 127. We were all satisfied with the food and serving!

It was a hot and tiring day! Guess no more trip to Sitiawan for the coming months... I…

Day trip to Sitiawan

Most Perakian would have heard about the Tua Pek Kong temple (大伯公庙) situated at Pasir Panjang, Sitiawan. It has been quite a famous spot recently.

To see how attractive it is, friends and I paid a visit there yesterday.

Weather was nice along the way but......

Hubby's car tyre punctured just at the 'right' time... but thanks to their quick hands, we continued the journey after about 10 minutes

After about 80 minutes of driving, we finally reached Sitiawan, a region in Manjung, Perak. First destination was a biscuit shop selling the famous Gong Pian (光饼), called Sin Lay (located at Kampung Koh).

The location is available on GPS too. The staffs were baking on new batches of the biscuits when we arrived

The famous Gong Pian selling at RM 1.50 per piece, inside are the yummy char siew filling

It took us about 5 minutes from this biscuit shop to the temple.....

The entrance, parking space is ample

I thought the toilet wall is interesting, LOL. The outside looks new and clean right? …

It's been months....

...... (or may be years?) since I last went to the morning market nearby my in laws house.

This morning I woke up early just to make a trip there, because my friend told me there's a stall selling cute baby socks.

Din't know what to eat then, until I saw an Indian uncle selling this on his bike....................

Putu mayong.. how I miss this!!
Seriously it's been years since I last had one.... 4 pieces for RM 1.40, that's my sweet breakfast today ;)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!! ;)

Post a card

Besides collecting fridge sticks, I always buy one or two postcards when I travel oversea.

Postcards corner at my mum's place. These are some of the postcards from several destinations during the recent years
My brother has the habits to send a postcard back to home for mum and dad whenever he travels oversea. I did that too for a few times, and will continue to do that if time permits and if I manage to find a nearby post office (because I usually follow tours and it's quite rush).

Of course the postcard take weeks to reach, so usually we are already back home when the postcard finally reaches. It's like sending a letter/postcard to ourselves and it feels good! Muahaha :D

Do you love collecting postcards?

A little note to myself (Part II)

*Part I is here*

Just a little recent updates in case you miss me ;)

1. They say hair glows during pregnancy. I do feel my hair grows faster and thicker, but definetely not smoother. I see split ends and my hair ends are dry.

2. Doctor check up has changed from once every month to once every 2 weeks. Besides, I went to the government clinic for the first time last week. Spent 3 hours there, did twice the urine tests and twice the blood test, and the nurse left 3 holes on both my arms >.<

Having said this, I'm terrified going to the government clinic.

3. Baby bump is getting bigger and bathroom trip is becoming more and more frequent too. But I still manage to go here and there, just to be extra careful for my own safety. Instead of people making ways to pregnant ladies like me, I chose to give way, cause I realise Taiping people are harsh. And I keep reminding myself 'Don't expect people to give ways even though you're pregnant!'

4. Life these days is mostly about …

Shopping loots for my baby

Hubby and I managed to visit the Motherhood Fair at KLCC during our recent trip to KL.

We reached quite early and there were already crowds... and 90% of the ladies that day are pregnant, LOL.
We managed to buy some stuff for our prince.

These rompers are too cute to resist! 2 for RM 25 only!

momma baby bottles and warmer, powder dispenser from Basilic and another baby bottle from MAM. Cloth diapers from lovely world, and a Gro-swaddle cloth wrap

Diaper bag from momma

We also received lots of brochures and free gifts. Saw alot of nice baby strollers, car seats and baby cots but we were thinking perhaps those we can buy a little later.

As for strollers, we are considering either Quinny or Esprit, MacLaren's are even nicer but they are too pricey =_=
I even see some which comes with mini umbrellas but those cost a few thousands bucks =_=" Why are baby stuff so expensive??

As for ourselves, we managed to buy a pair of shoes each from Hush Puppies.....

There was a hole in hubby's pur…

Act of Valor 2012

It has been 2 months since I last stepped into the cinema, not because of there're no interesting movies, but most movies these days are in 3D. Both hubby and I don't like 3D movies =_=

Image taken from here

Starring: Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez, Nestor Serrano

This is a real life story on a group of Navy SEALS, and on how they rescue a CIA agent who has been kidnapped by terrorists.

The beginning of the movie is abit boring to me as there are quite alot of talking. But the plot gets more exciting towards the middle and the end. Overall, it's a so-so movie to me, but hubby likes it as he likes to watch this kind of movies.

Personal rating: 3/5