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The Avengers (2012)

Image taken HERE
Starring: Robert Downey Jr.,Chris Evans, Samuel L Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston.

I guess I don't have to elaborate on the movie or the actors as all the superheroes are clearly shown in the poster, and I bet everyone knows about the storyline, it's the Avengers team fighting together against the super bad guy Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his army.

Among all the superheroes, I personally like Captain America (Chris Evans) the most because of his handsome face and *ahem* muscles, haha :D
But overall I like how these superheroes team up together and the hilarious scenes are really a big bonus to the movie! I think all the patrons enjoyed this movie~

Overall rating: 4/5

Orange butter muffins

Since there're leftover castor sugar and oranges in the fridge, I decided to bake a simple orange butter cake.
Ingredients: - 250g castor sugar -1 big orange - 170g butter - 4 eggs - 50ml milk - 250g self raising flour - Colored rice (optional)
Steps: 1. Preheat oven at 170 degree celsius, grate the orange then juice the rest of it. 2. Add in castor sugar, butter and eggs (one at a time) and beat the mixture. 3. Add in milk, juice and flour, continue to beat the mixture completely. 4. Pour the mixture into the pan and bake it for another 45-50 minutes. (Since I have leftover paper cups, I made them as muffins instead)

The end products:
I sprinkled some colored rice on top towards the end of the baking. Yumz~
It's a Friday, hubby and I are going for a movie date tonight (Yea, the long awaited Marvel's the Avengers). Just pray that my baby will 'behave' in the tummy despite the loud volume in the cinema, haha, what to do, his mum and dad are 2 movie buffs ^^

A little ranting on a Thursday

You know we all learn about the effects of open burning and we are told not to do it. But there're still people who practise open burning and pollute the air.

There's this uncle staying few houses away who burns trash like once every week. I hate it whenever I smell the smokes, I can smell it even though I stay in a closed room. The smokes are just harmful to everyone including his own family, I just don't understand why people still burn trash like nobody's business?

Perhaps certain authorities do practise open burning on certain material but I guess they may have some safety precautions or at least a proper way to do so? But this uncle.... sigh..

May be you can help me understand what type of trashes are to be burnt and cannot just dispose through the normal ways (if there's any)? Or simply why do people like open burning??

A little note to myself (Part VII)

- Read about this super easy tong sui through Mommy Baby magazine, which is very suitable to drink during pregnancy (of course good to consume for everyone too). Just need red dates, dried longan, white fungus and brown sugar, pop everything into slow cooker and cook for 2 hours.
 Helps in blood circulation, calming mind and release tension
-Confinement lady called me the other day and told me to start preparing for food. I was like OMG, is it that close already?? =_=
-All baby necesseties are well ready, from new born clothing, to diapers, napkins, baby bottles, bedsheet set, playpen, baby wash and etc. Also things for myself such as sarongs, nursing bra and pad, dry shampoo and etc. I even started preparing things to bring to the hospital for delivery and informed hubby which bags to bring, haha. I'm approaching 36 weeks and some people said I'd pop anytime *damn nervous*
-Baby bump is getting bigger and I know I shall not travel far anymore, and must be extra careful in ev…

Meme: Most frequently heard compliment

Firstly, thanks Yan for the Happy Blogger Award~  This is a meme which the question is:

What is my most frequently heard remark?

Well, the question sounds easy but I've spent a long time thinking about the answer (Does it mean I seldom hear compliments about myself?? =_=)

Anyway, I think the most frequently heard compliment about myself is that I have good complexion of skin.
I remember hearing it from my relatives, friends and the make up artists who did my wedding make up and during the pre wedding photoshooting.

Picture of yours truly taken in Aug last year
I think part of the reason is my hard works in taking care of my skin conditions, haha. And of course, I'm just lucky to find a skin care product which suits my skin type (I've normal to combination skin).
I used to watch alot of beauty shows and also read about beauty tips from magazine. I've learnt that our face, especially the under eye area and neck are the most obvious areas which will reveal our age. And ac…

A day to Penang

Hello peeps!

It was a public holiday here in Perak yesterday, the gang and I headed Penang for a day trip (regardless of the Tsunami thingy which happened lately).

Initial planning was to try Kissa Koyotei Japanese restaurant, and dinner at Full House, Times Sq. But both was not being executed due to certain reasons, LOL.

Anyway, our first stop was 1st Avenue which we were there for 30 mins only cause nothing much to shop. Next headed to Gurney Plaza which we had Sakae Sushi as lunch.

Total 8 couples, with a 5 mo baby, and 3 babies in the tummies ;)
Gosh, I really must reduce photo taking, cannot accept the all-puffed-up face of mine!! :0

Chawan mushi

Teriyaki chicken udon

Haru set


Unagi rice set

Tea time was Hokkaido ice cream, at our 3rd stop, QB mall.

Matcha ice cream and Ferrero Rocher, yumz~

We shopped more at QB, but all for our baby, hehe.. nothing for hubby and I. Well, guess that's a nature pattern when you're expecting a baby, or when you have kids.


Sweet Me!

There's a newly opened dessert house in town lately, called 甜蜜蜜, Sweet Me.
First thing I want to comment about the supervisor's service, he is super friendly and talkative, til I feel abit uncomfortable, LOL.

Official opening will be held on 3rd May, but it's already operating now

They offer quite a number of tong sui..

As well as food

More dishes

Here are some of the desserts and food:

Sweetened peanut paste with ice blender, RM 5.90

Red bean soup with glutinous rice ball, RM 4.90

Honey dew with sago, RM 5.90

Mango sago pomelo, RM 5.90

Double boiled snow jelly with red dates, RM 12

Snacks, RM 4.90

Sweet Me mushroom and sausege noodles, RM 6.90

Overall, the desserts are nice! But some dishes are quite expensive to me.

Here's the address and contact, and for every bill spent above RM 30, you're entitled a stamp and collect 10 to redeem a cash voucher worth RM 30.
Business hours: 11am - 1am

*Charges are inclusive of government and service tax*

Not a bad Monday

What's the better way to start the week than knowing you've won something absolutely free? ;)

I received the email below telling me that I've won White Lucent Mask from Shiseido, by entering a contest weeks ago. Since I am free, I quickly redeem this at the nearest Shiseido counter.
After re-confirm my details, the sales representative handed me a box of Shiseido White Lucent mask, which worth RM 255.

And inside are 6 packs of mask...

I'm going to keep these or share with someone else, cause I know I'm not as hardworking as I used to last time. And I doubt so I have the energy and time to do a facial mask on my own when my baby is here =_=

But hey, winning something is the greatest feeling of all, right!
Wishing you folks a great week ahead!

Battleship (2012)

This is one of the long awaited blockbuster in 2012!

Image from HERE
Starring: Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker

Story: A battle between human beings with the so called 'alien' which has super high end weapons and ship.

Nothing much to elaborate simply because this movie is super nice! Incorporated with some funny scenes, it's worth for me sit in the cinema for 2 hours plus, LOL.

At first I was struggling to know who is Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) cause he looks so familiar... Then all of sudden I thought of John Carter, LOL (I din't watch John Carter the movie). Well, he is quite good and I love his acting.
Rihanna is a new face, I'm neutral about her acting in this movie, but somehow I still prefer her in singing, rather than acting, hehe ;)

I'm going to give a personal rating of 4.5/5 to this one, thumbs up!

End of the world??

I knew about the tsunami Indonesia yesterday not through news, but through FB. That's how 'powerful' FB is nowadays...

Anyway, I din't feel any tremors yesterday at my place but some of friends did, at Taiping. I heard some other places were affected as well so it's best to stay out of beaches.

Sigh, I always am thankful because our country seems to be a 'save' place from all these natural disasters compared to other countries. But obviously things changed recently. Actually I've started to worry about the truth about the end of the world (though deep down I still don't really believe).

Seriously, I do not know what to do IF end of the world is coming like what we see in movies, but I always cherish whatever and whoever I have. And for those victims in Indonesia, I pray that things will be alright for them.

How about you? Do you believe in end of the world?

A little note to myself (Part VI)

-I will still crave for something to eat/drink, on and off. Had Pizza Hut during the weekend (though it wasn't hubby's cup of tea) and I was so so full (but satisfied ^^).
Tempted on their ice cream so ordered one to share, hehe.
As well as Starbucks ice blended chocolate, well I am a happy girl~

The new chicken sensation pizza is quite nice! With lots of cheese and chicken floss on top

-As mentioned earlier, backaches has become my friend T.T
I already experienced it during the second trimester and was told that it'll become worse during the last trimester, sort of prepared for it but still feeling super uneasy. Friends recommend maternity belt but then, there're only about 7 more weeks to go, do I really need that because one maternity belt cost about RM 100+.... I mean I think I can still bear with it... (hopefully).

-Already chosen a Christian name for my prince (shall reveal it when he's here ^*) but we won't register it, who knows my prince might not like it …

Beh tahan the weather

Just had one medium sized coconut drinks but still not feeling enough.. The weather is driving me insane!! :0

Insomnia, I don't need you

I did some light exercises and took a warm bath, and went to bed as usual last night. Rolled left and right and my mind just can't find peace.
I din't bother to look at the clock, just tell myself to relax and tried to sleep. But things din't got better and worst, the heavy sleeper beside me was snoring away.. grr...

Just when I thought I could sleep, hubby's alarm rang T______T Well, there goes my night.

I've posted this annoying problem in FB and many commented to listen to soft music or to read. Well, I don't read much so I think I'm going to try listening to music tonight, and see if things get better.

Sorry to bored you on such boring topic on a Friday, but I just to need rant it out.

On another note, I went for another check up this morning and everything is alright. Baby is weighing about 2.3kg and still kicking hard. But for myself, I have gained another 1kg in only 2 weeks time :0 But then doctor din't mention anything about overweight so I guess I&…

Pudding cake

After much and much procrastination, I finally pick up my baking mojo and baked a pudding cake. Got the recipe through a cook book.

-6 egg white
-6 egg yolks
-1 tbsp vanilla extract
-200g icing sugar (sifted)
-320g unsalted butter (room temperature, soften and beaten)
-100g plain flour (sifted)
-1/2 tbsp baking powder

1. Whisk egg whites and vanilla extract.
2. Gradually add icing sugar.
3. Add in egg yolks, one at a time.
4. Add in butter.
5. Sift flour and baking powder, fold in the mixture into mixture 4.
6. Pour into cake tin and put into the oven and bake for about 40 mins at 200 degree celcius.

The top is abit burnt so I actually scratch it off. The pudding cake this time doesn't look so tempting but trust me, it smells delicious and the texture is very 'Q'.

I'm glad that my baking skill doesn't 'regress' even after so long... I already have few things in mind to bake, hopefully the mojo is here to stay ;)

Weekend update + a little note to myself (Part V)

How was your Earth Hour + April Fool's weekend?

Mine was kinda tired, but glad that I able to sleep a little better than usual and took a nap just now.
As my EDD is getting closer and closer, I've this backaches as my good friend now =_= The whole back just feel super uneasy no matter how I lay down/sit/stand straight. Wanted a prenatal massage but it's hard to find a qualified therapist here at my hometown. So, hubby plays the role and help as much as he could......

Anyway, hubby and I went to the newly opened Aeon at Station 18 Ipoh yesterday.

It was a hot day, and as expected, lots of lots of cars and people. People might be wondering how could I still travel outstation and go to crowded place like this nowadays... Well, I'm still alright now, but soon, I think I'll be in 'jail' and going anywhere won't be as convenient as before!

Chatime milk tea to quench thirst! We intend to try the food too but every restaurant were full! So, next time may be~ Bough…