Monday, June 25, 2012

The 7th week

Hi all! I miss blogging so much!

Just a little update of myself and baby Aden...

1. Hubby brought him to the hair salon during his fullmoon 3 weeks ago. Aden has his head shaved, and I think he looks even cuter with botak, haha :D
He din't cry, he was rather 'enjoyed' instead, LOL.

2. I bath him every morning. Aden is one of the baby who enjoys bath time. Sometimes he would even 'he he he'... I think he is quite happy... ;)
Bathing him was quite 'scary' during the first time cause of his soft bones... But of course practice makes perfect.. I am now very good in bathing Aden :P

3. Usually it's nen nen time after bath, and he would sleep after that. But he can be very fussy at times and when he don't sleep, mummy also cannot sleep >.< So I have to coax him, carry him, entertain him or sing him songs to make him sleep.. And another thing to do is to camwhore with him la, haha :D

4. During Aden's fullmoon, we invited closer relatives and friends over for a simple buffet dinner. Here's hubby's strong grandma with her first great grandson.

5. Aden with mummy! Must wear long sleeve and dark clothes to hide my flabby arms and body.
Very sad to see my weight now cause I have lost only 8kg up til today :( Still 7kg to shed to go back to my weight before pregnant.
I'm working real hard to lose that extra fats, currently using Velcro belt and slimming cream, am thinking to get a good body shapewear too. And I'll be resuming my yoga lessons next month. Very desperate to want to fit into that pair of jeans again, hehe :P

6. Consider this as our first family photo ;)

7. Invited my close gal friends and ex collegues over.

8. With my aunty's grandchildren....

9. The next day after the buffet dinner, I brought Aden back to mum's place for the first time. Here's our family photo with the new member ;)

10. Aden with his favourite sleeping pose, the 'I surrender' pose with both hands up ;)

11. My naughty son's latest look. Looks more like daddy or mummy?
He is now bout 7 weeks old, weighing 4.7kg.

Lastly to my baby Aden,

Mummy is glad you're here sharing my life, though you can be very fussy at times, crying out loud and refuse to sleep even it's 3am. I even lost my patience sometimes and just leave you to cry, til you're tired and fall asleep (Bad mummy huh?)
But you know, seeing you growing up strong and healthy each day is the most amazing thing which can happens to me. I can't wait for the day when I can hear you laugh and talk, even calling me mummy~
Mummy and daddy love you forever, our precious baby <3

Monday, June 18, 2012

Aden's arrival aka the birth story

Note: Long post ahead, don't say I din't warn you! :P

It has been 6 weeks since Aden was born. But the labor thingy is still vividly stored in my mind (Well of course, only we women know how unforgettable it is).

My EDD was supposed to be around 22nd May onwards so everyone were pretty surprise when they knew I delivered (including myself of course, haha). Fortunately I had packed all things ready weeks ago.

7th May, 3am, I woke up feeling wet down there. I knew it wasn't urine leakage cause the flow was heavy. I got up steadily, went to the bathroom, checked and yea I think my water bag just broke :o Called to the hospital and asked if I needed to be admitted right away and the nurse on duty told me YES. Hubby was awaken by all the noise and he was shocked when I told him my water bag broken.
So we left home to the hospital. I felt uneasy cause water kept dripping down =_=

Upon reaching the entrance, the nurse wheeled me to the maternity ward and hubby waited outside. I was told to change to their robe and I was hooked on to the ECG machine to monitor baby's heartbeat and contraction, for about 20 mins. Hubby was outside doing the admission procedure and then was told to go home and come in the morning. I on the other hand was told to sleep =_= You tell me la how to sleep at this point of time? Feeling scared, nervous yet happy thinking that my baby will be here any minute. Anyway my bed was in the middle of 2 other ladies who were going to deliver too.
I din't feel any strong pain yet, just cramping which comes and go like what I used to have during menses. Still tolerable.

At about 8am, I started to feel stronger contractions but still tolerable. I practised the breathing method and it helps. I called my parents and they reached 20 mins later. MIL came too and brought me some breads, I only nibbled abit and had a cup of warm milo.

9am, I was given anema to pass motion. Contractions getting stronger and they came every 10-12 mins. Doctor came after that and did an examination, I was dilated 3cm. He asked if it's ok for him to 'help' me dilate faster with his hands... (>.<) I couldn't bother to answer him cause I was very focus on the pain... I was then being transferred to the labor room. Here contractions getting stronger and more frequent. It hurts so much. The breathing method din't work anymore. The labor room is big and making me feeling even scared. Mum, dad and MIL were allow to come in since I wasn't in actual labor yet. Mum was there helding my hands tight, they talked to me but I was just too tired to answer.

At 11am I asked the nurse for pain relief injection cause I couldn't bear the pain already. I was given pethidine on the thigh at around 11.45am, I did feel slightly dizzy after 30 mins but couldn't sleep still cause the pain was so so unbearable. Midwife came and checked and said I was 5cm dilated. To me, one minute is like one hour in the labor room... =_=

12.30pm, doctor came and had me checked again, 8cm. Contractions getting stronger and more painful and they came every 2-3 mins. Whenever contractions came, I grabbed the edge of bed tight. I was told not to PUSH yet cause I wasn't completely dilated, only God knows how 'suffering' that feeling was.

2pm, I was fully dilated. Midwife told me to push whenever contractions came. So I did. The nurse beside me told me not to scream out loud and saved my energy to push instead. So what I did next was just to take a long and deep breathe, hold, and push! And it repeats.....
After a while, she told me she could see Aden's hair already and asked me to push further. Minutes later, Aden's head is already out and midwife helped me to pull him out. Then I felt something warm coming out and it was my baby! I felt so relief! Nurse brought him to clean and doctor came to remove placenta and stitched me up. I watched Aden being cleaned up but he din't really cry.. I was worried but the midwife told me he is fine. Midwife then brought him to me, he was still purplish and his face was covered with blood and vernix. I called his name, and he looked at me... awwww, my baby is finally here!! ;)

My brother came into the labor room shortly after and managed to snap a few photos of him, fresh from oven :P

My baby Aden, weighing 2.93kg. Born 3.15pm. Mummy loves you forever!

I was ready to transfer to first class ward...

I was very tired yet I couldn't sleep. Guess I was too happy! My family and in laws were in the room to share the happiness! Their first grandson ;) Hmm everyone is expecting you Aden!

With mummy and my brother

Friends and relatives came to visit me too. I knew I looked pale and exhausted, but I am thankful that both baby and I are fine ;) And I am glad and proud that I delivered vaginally, ehem... :P

After receiving all the wishes from friends through sms-es and FB posts, I was even happier receiving this sms from hubs.....

Haha, hubby rarely use sms. That's why I was kinda happy receiving the above sms from him :D

So, friends asked me how was the whole labor experience and is it really painful?? Well I would be lying if I said no.. Those kinda painful contractions feeling, only mummies who went through it would understand.
I have yet to find the most accurate word to describe the so called pain, I only can say, guys, please love and appreciate your mother and wife with all your heart ;)

A little thought to myself, we always say a mother's love is the greatest love of all. But we'll never know the true meaning of 'greatest' until we experience it ourselves. After being a mummy, I have learnt to love myself more, and needless to say I love my mum even more <3
Salute to all mummies out there!

So there goes my long birth story. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed ;)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I will be back

The title says it all..

I will be on hiatus until dont-know-when.... Confinement lady has left since Tuesday and I take care of Aden myself from then onwards.

Being a new mum is especially a challenge and is a 24 hours job seriously. The most challenging part to me is the midnight milk time, Aden need to be fed like every 2-3 hours so I feel like I dint sleep at all. I miss my beauty sleep actually... So now whenever he sleeps during the day time I'll make sure I catch up some naps as much as possible. Aden can be very fussy at times that even add more stress to me. I have thought of getting a maid or part time helper but on second thought, maid could means trouble.. So I better dont take the risk.

For the past few days I was so stressed out and tired. I feel like I am alone and am going to break down. So I googled alot of child care infor, I joined forums and post questions. Fortunately many mothers out there gave me some valueable comments and encouragement, and with MIL and my mum's helps, I am feeling better eventually. I know if other mums can do it so can I, I just need more times and patience. Many told me it is just a phase and I will get through it soon. Well I guess thats true, nothing is more important than seeing my baby grows healthily under my care (no matter how tiring or hard the journey is).

So, I wont be visiting you guys so often already but I wont give up blogging definetely.
Til then, take care and see you soon! ;)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 26

Firstly, thank you for still following my blog and leave me comments.. I won't be able to blog so much like before (but I will keep visiting your blogs whenever I have the time) as I got to take care my little monster and learn as much as possible from the confinement aunty, she won't be able to carry on the 40 days confinement for me as promised due to some personal reasons, and she will be leaving next Tuesday, sob sob.

Honestly I am abit worried as a new mum, taking care of a little one really is not an easy task. I even think that actually labor pain is nothing compared to the 'pain' of handling a baby.... haha :D

Anyway, I know I will be ok, just need time and patience (thinking positive is always good, haha).

Just to share some photos with you...

My favourite picture at the moment, haha. Aden looks cute here right!

I certainly din't teach him to do this... LOL


His favourite sleeping position

Little fingers...

Muacks muacks from mummy~

Aden's actuall fullmoon is next Thursday but since it's a working day, we will celebrate his fullmoon earlier. We'll be having a small fullmoon party tomorrow night and distribute the fullmoon packages on Sunday for convenient sake.
I can't believe it's almost a month since he was born! Well I pretty enjoy the whole confinement to be honest except for the no-wash-hair part.

I know I still haven't blog about the birth story. It'll surely take me some times to finish that long post, so just bear with me la.. I'll blog about it soon.....

Til then, enjoy your weekend!