Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

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First movie in the cinema after giving birth! ;)
Haha actually nothing to shout about la, just that hubby and I managed to paktor again after almost 3 months of not stepping into the cinema...

Anyway, as most people know this is the last installment of Batman and despite 2 hours 40 mins sitting in the cinema, I enjoyed watching it and no dissappointment!

Christian Bale as the Batman is still looking good and I'm still loving his unique voice! Anne Hathaway as Selina which is a new character adds more excitement in the movie. The bad guy aka the masked man, Bane (Tom Hardy) does look and sound scary to me..
Overall it's a great show to watch, but I dint expect the ending would be like this, now we know the next episode is not about Batman anymore but Robin hood! ;)

Rating: 7/10

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Of Aden and Japanese food

Happy Saturday everyone!

First of all, I think I'll mainly talk about my motherhood life and Aden in all my coming posts. I hope my readers won't feel bored, hehe :P

Many friends and relatives asked me a same question, am I going to be a full time stay-at-home-mum? Well for the time being, yes (at least til this year end). But from next year onwards, I don't have the answer yet.
I have to be honest that though I was so drained out in the beginning, I am glad that things are getting smoother eventually and I am adapting well in the life of being a mother. I enjoy every moment now watching Aden grows and gain weight week by week.
But at the same time, I miss the feeling of earning own money! Arggg it's a dilemma whether to work or not. But I'll say let's not think so much now and there'll be an answer when the time comes. But one thing for sure, hubby STRONGLY support me to go work (May be he doesn't want me to share his salary... =_=)

My son's big head photo taken by my brother, Aden looks so tanned in this photo! Obviously it's from his dad la!

Mummy loves you boy~

My son started to smile and laugh alot, when he's sleeping or awake. They say when baby started to laugh, the mum started to suffer from hair lost, SO DAMN TRUE! T.T

Aden coos and blabbers more these days, especially after his nen nen time... But of course depends on his mood also...

Had been thinking of doing this long before Aden was born, LOL

Anyway, there's a new Japanese restaurant in town (Such a good news for Japanese food lover like me, YAY-ness!)


Situated at Raintown Plaza. Ambience is nice, service is good, and I am satisfied with the food too

Chawan mushi, RM5.80

Ten Don set, RM 11.80

Katsudon set, RM 12.80

Ebi Tempura Nigiri, RM 4.80

Tamago Nigiri, RM 3.80

California Maki, RM 18.80

Total bill is RM 63.40 including service charge for the 2 of us, slightly expensive but worth a try.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A little bit from here and there

Life as a mother is never easy, especially when the baby is still so small, and it's indeed an 24 hours job. But I am glad that things are getting smoother, as I have learnt to multitask and do things quick =)
Of course, it's still a long journey and many things yet to be learnt.

Here's to share some updates of myself as well as my naughty boy.

1. I have to at least snap a photo of Aden everyday, as he grows up very fast and change everyday, I surely don't wanna miss this amazing moment. I love him more and more each day ^^

2. Aden is still very cranky, but sometimes when he is in the good mood, he will play on his own and mummy can do the things she wants ;)

3. No more beauty night sleep for me, but I love the napping time with Aden.

4. Recently, he wants to be carried and sit straight up like this....

5. Aden is 2 months and 5 days old today! =) Photo below taken last Saturday.

6. Brought him for first DPT/HiB Polio injection last Friday, he was sleeping when we weight him, but cried abit during the injection, ouch~
As of 6th July, Aden is 5.2kg/59cm. He is taking 4oz of formula milk, same goes to breast milk, and is fed every 3 hours most of the time. He is wearing size S diapers.

7. I already sneaked out alone for some quick shopping, facial treatment, pedicure & manicure, hair treatment, body massage and hair perming session. Thanks to hubby, my mum, MIL and SIL who look after Aden when I went out ;)

8. I was hesitating whether to do rebonding or digital perm. Rebonding is almost zero maintenance but is abit boring and makes my face look even rounder. Digital perm is high maintenance and could makes me look more matured. But end up I chose the latter, as hubby and friends commented I look good with curly hair (really?) Anyway, I don't like the color as it's all black, gotto wait at least a week before I go color my hair.
My weight remains the same since the last weighing (T.T). I am wearing Velcro belt and very hardworking in applying slimming cream everyday, and do some exercises at home whenever I have the time. Sigh, those stubborn fats are soooo hardddd to lose!
Some friends said I actually slimmed down alot but no... I just hide them well. I really can't wait to resume my yoga lessons next week!

9. We are still missing Aden's closet. Hubby keeps on saying 'later la' whenever I ask him how to settle Aden's clothes. So for the time being, I fold all his clothes and put in a basket like this.... (Sorry baby...)

10. For the first 3 weeks after the CL left, Aden has been sleeping beside me on the king sized bed, as it's easier for me to look after him during midnight. Whereas hubby slept separately on a single mattress. After 2 weeks of sleeping alone, hubby complaint he had a backache, LOL (cause the mattress is thin).
We know we needed to think of a solution as sooner or later, Aden has to sleep on his own too. So one night, we decided to start utilise the baby cot and let him sleep alone.
But...... I couldn't used to it, I feel like missing 'something'... I still want him to be next to me ;)

So after some thoughts, we changed the 'feng shui', we took out the mattress from the baby cot and had it stacked up, and placed it beside our bed just like this..... So hubby gets back his bed, Aden sleeps beside me, I am a happy mum, haha!

So, the baby cot is here for decoration purpose only, LOL. And I use it to store blanket, pillows and pampers :P
We also remove the carpet on the floor to prevent from collecting dust and mosquitoes as it's black and grey in color.

11. My 2 boys. As mentioned, Aden prefers to be carried like this lately. He cries whenever we put him down, he wants us to keep walking as he wants to look around (kepo we say... :P). I think I'm going to get a walking robot to help us, LOL.

12. Last 2 weeks, we brought Aden out to visit his friend, Cloey.

Cloey is a week younger than Aden but she is bigger in size, hehe. I simply love the picture above, both of them look so cuteee!

And here's Cloey's mum, Cindy and myself.

So far, we only brought Aden out 3 times. One is to visit Cloey, one is to attend a friend's son birthday party (photo below) and another one is to Tesco. Hubby thinks he is still too small to bring out to town.... Hmm...

And ever since Aden is here, I have lost my Saturday night lives (of course hubby still have his, so unfair!)
But last weekend, I regained my Saturday night life! Haha, went out to the usual yum cha session with hubby and friends, while Aden was at home with MIL and SIL.
I can't wait for Aden to grow up so that I can bring him out together! =)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Confinement food

Confinement is over almost a month now and to be frank, I'm missing the food already, haha.

To me, aunty Lisa (the confinement lady) is quite good in cooking and she has fast hands. But of course, this is my first confinement thus I can't compare much, but I'm very satisfied anyway.

Below are those food and drinks I had during my confinement.

1. Mum bought me Wincarnis medicated wine which said to strengthen the body after childbirth. Besides this, I finished 2-3 bottles of DOM (mixed in food), also chicken essence and Eu Yan Sang american ginseng tea.

2. Sheng Hua Tang (生化汤) to help clear the lochias.

3. So Hup pills (苏合丸) in ginger juice, to dispel wind from the body.

4. Chicken essence soup with DOM, I had a big bowl of this almost every night...

5. My only drinks during confinement, red dates boil with dried longan, wolfberries and other chinese herbs. I like this and already drinking even before I deliver.

6. Pork ribs with black fungus in sweet sauce, one of my favourite.

7. Pork with sweet honey sauce, also my favourite.

8. Steamed chicken soup, yumz...

9. Braised pork knuckle with black vinegar, my all time favourite. Eat alone with plain rice is good enough.

10. I also had eggs after the 12th day, and pork belly with ginger.

11. Soup is a must have, I have tried few kinds of them.

12. Everytime after finishing the big bowl of soup, I would sweat like a pig.. LOL.

13. Steamed and fried fishes...

14. All kinds of greens....

15. I love all of them cause I am a vege lover ;)

16. As for dessert, I had bird nest and white fungus with papaya.

17. Chicken.

18. For breakfast, I usually had misua which is actually quite boring la.. So sometimes I would just eat the ready-pack grain porridge, or milo with cereal.

Not to foget I had a big plate of rice in every meal during the 40 days confinement (luckily I am a rice person). No wonder they say don't think about losing weight during confinement cause it's quite impossible haha. So I listened and ate as much as I could, LOL.
As a result, now I am on my way in shredding those extra fats which is super difficult. Some friends commented I have lost quite alot of weight already but no, I just hide them ;)

Well, determination and patience are all I need. Wish me luck~