Friday, November 30, 2012

2012 Winter Trip: First Helicopter Ride in My Life

This is a surprise arrangement from the management. It wasn't written in the itinerary. I was super excited when I heard about it during the first day of our trip! :)
The ticket to the ride of my life. If I'm not mistaken, it's priced at $130 which is about RM 400. Quite expensive I would say, and the ride lasted for only 10 mins. But to me, the breathtaking view from above and the experience we gained is definetely worth the money.
Super strong wind when the helicopter touched down! The lady on the left is one of the photographer who takes picture of every passengers with the helicopter. We can buy the photos at the kiosk when we are done with the ride, of course it's optional.

Each ride can take 6 passengers at a time, 1 at the front next to the pilot and 5 at the back. There're about 5-6 helicopters on duty that day so the wait wasn't too long, thumbs up!

The center of the ride is somewhere near the Niagara Falls. Many tourists come here for the ride, there's a small cafe and souvenir shop located here as well.

Finally it's our turn! :D
Actually I spotted this leng zai during the queue, he is one of the crew member. I wanted to take a proper photo with of him but I was kinda shy... Also, I was worried that my hubby would jealous... LOL!

Hubby in the helicopter. Each of us got to wear a headphone which tells about the history and location of the attraction during the ride, in both English and Mandarin.
Everything seems extra pretty viewing from above!!!

The magnificent Niagara Falls!

The pilot! Actually I pay my full respect to the pilots and other crew members because they are repeating the same thing everyday! Regardless of the weather~

This is our FIRST helicopter ride!

This is such an awesome and cool experience!
However due to the spinning I felt abit nauseous when I got down from the helicopter, which lasted for like half an hour :(
I actually do not encounter any motion sickness all this while whenever I am in a plane/ferry/bus, this was my first time feeling nauseous.

But overall, I truly enjoyed the ride! <3

We bought this group photo at the price of $20. It comes with a big recycle bag.
Note: Read part I of the travelogue HERE.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Whitesoot Bloggers Circle: You'll love this!

Attention to all female bloggers!! I have something great to share with ya all on this beautiful Wednesday!
Well, perhaps some of you already know about Whitesoot. But for those who have no idea what it is, bear with me and read this post carefully! ;)
First here's something about Whitesoot:
"Whitesoot is an online fashion store (female apparel) based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Whitesoot brings in high-street clothing at a fraction of the price. We have new arrivals every day, from Sunday to Thursday at 8PM! And we mail all our shoppers' parcels the very next working day :) Also, we are glad to answer any questions regarding shopping with Whitesoot, so anyone can email us anytime!"
A screenshot of their webpage
I first know about Whitesoot through a blogger friend YT in September. I was excited to know about this online fashion store (you know I loveee shopping online!) and even happier knowing that they are giving FREE clothes to eligible bloggers every month! ^^
I browsed at their website immediately after reading YT's post but unfortunately during that time, I din't find anything which suits me. Plus I was busy with my son and also getting ready for my US trip so I thought to check back their website some times later (knowing that they have new arrivals everyday).
So here's the good news. In conjunction with their recent initiative, which is the Whitesoot Bloggers Circle, Whitesoot allows bloggers to receive complimentary clothing every month ;) These bloggers don't have to be very famous; they just need to have consistent updates and a certain amount of readership. 
It's that easy!! Means basically everyone can participate and try their luck! ^^
So early this month, I have decided to email them and try my luck. To my surprise, Estee from Whitesoot brought me a good news and told me that I am eligible!! Woohoo *jumps*
As I was preparing for my US trip back then, I asked if it's possible for them to wait for me to come back and get in touch with them further. Estee said it was alright, just email them whenever I see something nice on the website (SO NICE!).
(I really appreciate that!)
They have almost everything nice hence I have a hard time picking a dress cause there're too many choices I love! Anyway after browsing at their website, I have set my eyes on this:

Dorothy Perkins-inspired Sleeveless Flare Dress with Single Pleat, in black, RM 69.
But as you know, it's only about 6 months plus after I gave birth and there're still alot of stubborn fats on my body, especially the hips and thighs :( I was pretty concerned about whether the dress would suits me.
I think many of us are worried about sizing when shopping online but fret not! The nice Whitesoot crew is there to help, all you need to do is to email them at and provide them your measurements. 
That's what I did! Estee from Whitesoot even recommended me other options which are more suitable to me. How nice! <3
So I received the item a day after I placed my order. 

Exactly like the photo shown in the website!

When I first opened the parcel and feel the material with my hands, I knew that I have made the right decision and I'm going to love Whitesoot more! It's cotton elastane blend material and it's quite heavy, so even if I pay for it I know I won't regret it! It's definetely worth the money, trust me!

Tada! Here's my first look with the dress. Simply pair it with a black belt and you're good to go~

I tried it with a scalf to cover my giant arms and it turns out ok too~

If black belt isn't nice, a white belt is another good option.

Well the good thing about a plain black dress is you can match it with almost any kind of accesories! I just changed the bag and I personally think it looks good too!

Here's the side look

This is the back look <3

A pink cardigan would be my choice if I'm going out for a movie with this dress ;)

All in all, I love this dress so much! I don't mind to add another black dress in my collection cause black has slimming effect! Haha!
So you interested? Wait no more and quickly email them at !
Now I can't wait to shop again next month, hehe xD
Happy shopping ladies! =)

Monday, November 26, 2012

2012 Winter Trip: The Magnificent Niagara Falls, Toronto Canada

Hello hello! Here comes the first post of my travelogue! *clap clap*
We took a midnight flight on 5th Nov to Dubai and then waited 5 hours at the airport to transit to Toronto =_=  It is a 7 hours flight from KLIA to Dubai and 13 hours from Dubai to Toronto. So you can imagine how tired and boring I was upon reaching Toronto. I think you know that Canada is 13 hours behind Malaysia. For the first time in my record, jetlag was quite terrible for me :(
Anyway, it was near evening when we reached Toronto, we checked in straight to the hotel after dinner.
We spent 3 nights at Toronto and one of the attraction is of course the spectacular Niagara Falls (尼亚加拉大瀑布).
This is the awesome night view of the falls from the hotel room. We stayed at Sheraton on the Falls and this hotel is located at such a strategic location!

This is the morning view of the falls. Can you tell it was cold there? It was about 2°C near the falls.

This photo is taken at the balcony of the hotel's restaurant, strong wind was blowing so pardon for the messy hair :P

You can see Skylon Tower and other buildings behind us...

 Nearby the hotel is a huge themepark with the nice wheels, I will blog about the themepark in another post

On the next day, after a nice sleep and everyone were recharged, we started our tour by visiting the falls.
Marriot hotel is on the left and Sheraton on the Falls is on the right, I'm sure these hotels are fully booked every year as they are too close to the falls! By the way, Coach Canada is the tourist bus we took throughout the whole trip at Toronto.

Rainbow can be easily spotted near the falls! Nice~

On my left is the Niagara Falls itself. Don't trust the sun, it's deceiving. It was so cold near the falls! Especially when the wind blows!

Upclose and personal with the falls, really very beautiful! The falls is 167ft in height.

Niagara Falls is divided into 3 waterfalls. The 2 main falls, one is Horseshoe Falls which is located on the Canadian side and another is the American Falls which lie on the American side. And the smallest falls is called Bridal Veil Falls, which also belongs to the American. Interesting!

When the wind blows, it brings the mist towards us and it feels like raining. It CAN wet your whole body so it's crucial to have a jacket or poncho on.

With hubby~
On that same morning in the coach, the tour guide shared with us that there were people perfoming jumps at the Falls years ago. Interestingly, the first person who jumped from the falls is actually a LADY! And she was 63-years-old then! It was in 1901 when Annie Edson Taylor went over the falls in a barrel.
And even more interesting is that she SURVIVED! *hats off*

The thick mist covered the falls so the main focus of this photo is of course us la! *blek*
After some photo taking session, the coach brought us to another side of the falls before we went on a helicopter ride! I shall blog about it in another separate post, too.

Water from the Niagara Falls flows to the river behind me here

This is a farther point from the falls but also a great spot to take photos

I shall end this post with another photo of us ;) Looks like hubby is wearing a ring on his head, haha!
Thank you for reading and do stay tuned for more of my travelogue!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Aden boy: 6m2w

Hello folks! It's time to update about my son's progress.
The last post about him is HERE. Actually I wish to blog about him more often but like I always said, time is really not enough!! :(
Anyway, I shall try my best!

1. Poor Aden is down with cough and runny nose since I came back from US last week. Seen 3 paed already and luckily the 3rd paed's medicines suited him, he is recovering already!
I think this is the 'season of cough' for babies and toddlers as many of my friends' kids are coughing too T.T

2. My boy is able to sit already and he loves to sit! But we still watch over him, just worry that he would lost balance suddenly, haha!

3. He smiles and laugh alot but cry alot as well. And he can change faces very quickly *sweat*

4. My boy has started to crawl already! Though still slow but I am so happy to see him achieving another milestone. Put something attractive/colorful and he'd crawl towards that object~
But that also means I got to be more careful and all eyes on him, cause he might crawl and turn direction and fall from the bed!
Speaking of that, he actually fell from his bed few weeks ago in his sleep :( I was doing my laundry at the balcony and quickly rushed into the room when I heard him cry. Poor boy, luckily nothing serious and no vomit for the next 24 hours. And, luckily his bed wasn't very high from the floor.
Since then, I child-proof my room properly and soon, the whole house need to be child-proof as well, haha.

5. There're many debates online on whether to let babies use walker. Well as a first time parent I'm not so sure, but I can say the walker really save us some energy of carrying him, and keep him occupied. See how happy he is everytime he's in the walker! This is also a gift from my girl friends.

6. Aden simply love to turn to his tummy everytime when we put him down on bed. The only time he'd lay down on his back is during his sleep. Hence we need to be super quick during every diaper change and clothes wearing!

7. Aden can grab small object firmly in his hands. And he still love to bite, everything!

8. He enjoys gai gai just like any other babies but he won't be long sitting in his stroller. He prefers to be carried =_=

9. His hair grow very slow, he only had his head shaved once during his fullmoon.

10. Bite bite bite!

11. At 6 months, he weighs 7.5kg and his body length is about 68cm. Last week during the visit to the paed, he weighs about 8kg. He is wearing size M diapers, and taking bout 6oz formula milk every 4-5 hours. He is still wearing some clothes aged 3m-6m, well Aden is not a michelin baby, sometimes I secretly wish he was, haha! Michelin babies are extra cutee!! But come to think of it, as long as he's healthy and not underweight, I am a happy mum!
I have already gave him cereal, cheese, yogurt and etc, shall blog bout that in a separate post.

12. He now like to play with his nen nen bottle and cry for help when the bottle isn't in his mouth. Naughty boy!

13. He likes to look at his daddy with his mouth open, haha. But sometimes daddy just ignore him, bad daddy!

14. His naked pose! I'm sexy and I know it, LOL!

15. Pearly whites spotted since last month and he was quite cranky during the sprouting. No choice but to buy teething gel to ease his discomfort.
Last week when I came back from the trip, his teeth grows so much, obviously! ;)

16. Sometimes he will play on his own and whatever he grabs, he put into his mouth.One day I caught him playing with napkin and end up, covered his whole face with it, hahaha!!

I know some of you are waiting for my travelogue but please, just give me some times, hehe :P I will sure blog about it soon.