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Move review: The Last Stand

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Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker, Eduardo Noriega

I din't notice this movie at all until I read about the review in someone's blog, guess I am slowly detach from the movie world >.<

Back to the topic, it was a movie date for hubby and I and we totally enjoyed it.

The movie is mainly about how Arnold, a sheriff and his team of 5 fighting against a notorious drug king prisoner and his gang, in order to protect his home Summerton.

Story line wise, there're some conversational parts which I find a bit boring. But luckily the actions and those gun fighting and the bloody flesh scenes covered up the imperfection (Yea I love watching bloody flesh scenes ^^). So this is PG18 rated movie cause it's quite violent.

One thing I need to pay respect to is the main character Arnold Schwarzenegger (Gosh I still cannot remember how to spell his family name). I mean he is now 66 years old but in the movie, he seems ok with those fighting and actions. I don't think I will be that active when I reach 66 years old, LOL! So, salute~

Personal rating: 7/10


  1. don't think I will watch it cos I don't like action movie. it will stress me out :(

    1. Agnes, haha really? Just movie only wor...

  2. From governor back to the silver screen again. Yeah got a long surname often in short would call him Terminator haha. Rating 7/10. So you are like me love to see ping ping piang piang not much talking but action.

    1. Yea, once we say Terminator sure everyone knows who is he.. hehe...

      Yes yes I love all ping ping piang piang and boom boom here and there xD

  3. Where do I have to sign to look like that when I am 66. One moment, I don't even look like this today :-)


    1. Haha, yea, may be celebrity has their own ways of staying young!

  4. No, thank you. Isn't this guy fat and old now?

    1. STP, to me he's looking fit not fat, but yes he is old already...

  5. "slowly detach from the movie world" that what having a kid does to you :p. Last time nearly every weekend i also go see movie. Now one year also never see one

    1. Cham lo soon I'll become like that also :(

  6. I'll give this movie a pass... PG18. Not suitable for family with small kids like mine :)

  7. Gosh!!!我更salute你可以自己打出他的全名!!!好料!哈哈哈!!!!

    1. 珊,哈哈,Goggle 的嘛,所以当然打得出。。 Blek~


  8. Replies
    1. I saw the movie review in the TV everyday..
      Many actions pack... maybe I shall watch it this weekend..

    2. Hayley you must exercise more and keep healthy even though you turn 80..

    3. Haha ya, gwailou JC.

      Aiyo you got holidays this week ma, go paktor with your wifey la!

      Yea, we all must! Gambateh~

  9. I haven't went to the cinema for ages. I do not regret that as I love the companionship of my boy and wife more at the comfort of our own home :)

  10. 66 years old, very old man already yet still can play such action role.

  11. actually,I SAW HIS 鱼尾纹!(ok,i knw tat not so important)
    66 years old can be so active was really impressive.

    I never think tat u will love bloody flesh scenes~
    compare with tat, i more prefer ghost scary scene loooo!hahhaha

    1. Yes, not just 鱼尾纹, his face really tell the age.. But like you said, it doesn't matter, he is still very dedicated in his filming.

      Haha, then I am very opposite with you, I prefer bloody scenes.

  12. 我也看了这部戏,觉得没什么,剧情还好,刺激还好,倒是有点血腥和好笑啦!
    呵呵,不过相比阿诺之前的许多电影,这部电影其实并没有想象中的好看 >,<

    1. Joyce, 当然咯,毕竟他都老了。。呵呵。。

  13. I like all the part with Johnny Knoxville in them. He's that guy who owns the arms museum and shooting range. haha. The overall movie was entertaining, i must say.

    1. Yea I like his acting too, very witty!

  14. i can't wait to watch this movie:D saw the trailer...kinda like it.

  15. Arnold in this movie was typical epic yo :) *salute*


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