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The rest of my CNY 2013

Or rather, the rest of our (Aden, hubby and I) CNY 2013 =)
A nice glowing nail polish during CNY is a must for me, otherwise it's not a perfect CNY (Hayley's philosophy) I did a gelish manicure this time, cost me RM 80 =_=
Also a relaxing pedicure (之前啊,某某人说过年没得做指甲,干脆带手套过年好了。其实也对啦,哈哈!Erm 我是觉得过年呢一定要从头到脚都扮美美才算完整!加上去年因为怀孕没得帮指甲扮靓靓有点可惜,所以今年无论怎样一定要做!美吗?)
First day of CNY! Me in my sexy back dress, hehe ^^ (其实穿这件裙有点没安全感咯,因为我都穿 Nu Bra,感觉很不习惯。。加上天气有够热又流汗感觉Nu Bra好像要掉下来。。哈哈 xD)
My son took  a short nap before we all headed to grandma's house (Aden穿了鞋子还挺可爱的!^^)
First family portrait in the year of snake!
Got quite a lot of ang paw for first day, not bad not bad (第一天收获还不错)
Day 2, Aden in his smart suits
While we were anticipating for more events on day 2, it is also a sad day for all of us in the house. One of MIL's rott weiler, Wally (on the right) passed away due to pro long sickness T___T  Plus she is also quite old already, she has been with us for more than 10 years. Now Fifi …

Bbq night

CNY 2013 is now officially over. I had a good one this year, as Aden is here to share CNY with me (basically everyone in the family). Apart from eating non stop and put on weight, CNY is also about meeting up friends and relatives from other places.
My girl friends and I had a fun BBQ night on the 3rd day of CNY at Crystal's house.
The host, Crystal
It was near 8pm and Aden was hungry already
Same goes to En En girl
Lucas boy, he is 15 months-old but he looks much elder than that.... Well he inherited his mum's size hehe...
Baby Xiang also hungry already. He is a michelin baby! He's just 5 months-old but have the same weight as Aden now =_= But gotto admit he is super adorable!
Cheeky Wii, when we said 'show your handsome face', he'll show this expression
Mummies and babies
My humble family in red (purposely one)
Aden is wearing the romper I got for him from Canada
With Esther who is getting married this weekend.....
So there'll be another trip down South …

Back and ready to go again!

Hi all!! Hope you had a good Chap Goh Meh! As for me, I spent half of my Chap Goh Meh on the highway, haha xD
It was a tiring weekend, but it was an unforgettable ones. I was on leave from looking after Aden and joined my gal friends for a fun and wet weekend getaway! ^^

Proper updates tomorrow!

CNY 2013: Let's eat and get drunk!

Regarding the malware infection issue, I still have no idea how to solve it, like completely. I did report this issue to the Chrome's help desk but (as expected) there's no reply til now. Seems like it only surface for Chrome's users, cause if I log in using other browsers like IE, it works fine.
My IE is slow like tortoise that's why I switched to Chrome earlier on. Anyway, I do appreciate your comments and feedbacks, so far I've changed my Blogger password and removed chloeruoyi's link temporarily from my blogroll, everything is ok so far. Shall keep on monitoring.
Back to the topic, this is part of my CNY activity, it happened on the 7th day of CNY, at one of the Chinese restaurant here in Taiping. My ex colleague, Yvonne messaged me in FB the other day and asked if I'm interested to join the CNY dinner gathering held by my ex company (as ex staffs are welcomed). After checking with my MIL who can helped me to look after Aden, I replied to Yvonne YES!  …