Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Aden boy: 9m1w

For once I did planned to change and write about Aden's progress every 2 months (I write about his progress every month from the beginning til now), reason being is time is really not enough for me. 
Just when I thought to blog about my CNY events tonight, I feel like writing about Aden pulak! Haha xD
So here's some updates of my son ;)

As of today, he is 9 months 1 week and 3 days old (oh dear how time flies right?), still drinking 7oz formula milk, 2 solid per day (we let him try almost all kinds of food, he is such a glutton boy!). Wearing L size diapers, he weighs 8.6kg last month, I think by now he is about 9kg++ already.

1. Basically he can hold on to anything and starts to pull himself up to standing position. And he loves to kneel like this, sometimes letting go both of his hands *sweat*

2. He is a busy explorer now, loves to touch/eat anything and his energy seems to be never ending. Many times I raise my white flag and surrender to him..... Seriously I think baby boy is much active and naughtier than a baby girl of same age.

3. Able to stand while holding on to something for quite some times. Still not able to walk though, but can cruise very well

4. Mafia boy in action. Loves to climb very high, hence he had fell off numerous times, cried a little, but is doing it again and again (I think baby at this age doesn't know what is dangerous yet, but I do teach and show him what cannot be done ;)

5. Still the put-everything-into-the-mouth lover =_= His 5th and 6th teeth (upper incisors) is sprouting.

6. Aden no longer likes his old toys, I guess he is already sick of them :( So I need to keep them away for a few days, then show to him again. Ok that also means daddy has to buy more toys now :p 

7. Still my drama king!! I don't know about other babies but Aden can be very small gas (小气, stingy) sometimes. He doesn't like it when we touch his face, and will cry if we take something away from him. 

8. The only time he'd lie down on his back is sleeping. Other than that, he prefers crawling and standing. Nappy change seems like a mission impossible for me now :((

9. Started to love the steering wheel, like A LOT! Refuses to let go his hands off the wheel~

10. Aden sleeps around 10pm, and wakes up at 7am sharp (no more midnight feeding since 8mo). Naps twice in the day (about 90 minutes each). I don't know about other mummies but I am very particular with Aden's sleeping routine, sleep is when they grow so I will make sure he naps long enough. 

11. Stranger anxiety is becoming slightly better, we try to bring him out more often now

12. I love the time spent with Aden outside, I love it more when daddy is around, since there's only ONE day in a week daddy is not working. 

13. I really jealous at his long curvy eye lashes! He blabbers a lot, words that are most commonly heard are 'tatata...', 'bababa..' and 'mma mma mma'. Very sensitive to the words 'nen nen' and 'mam mam' =)

Ok I think I've covered most about Aden.. Time to bed, good night peeps!


  1. huh?? every two months?? i thought i have been reading about Aden's progress more often than every two months leh~~ or did you mean 2 weeks?? :p

    1. he is so cute lah, i just feel like giving his cheeks a pinch!! especially when he is sleeping, so he won't know and won't 反抗!! haha..

    2. hmmm, he is getting more and more active and curious at everything he sees right?? want to crawl over and grab anything he finds interesting and put inside his mouth.. hehehe, 你有排忙了~~ :p

    3. good, he can speak words like "baba" and "mama".. but i guess when he hears the word "nen nen" and "mam mam", even papa mama also he will ignore~~ :D

    4. SK, I mean I write about Aden every month, feel like switching to every 2 months!

      Haha, cannot pinch pinch la! Only can sayang sayang... :p

      Yes, I am getting busier and exhausted looking after a mafia (but like that means I can sweat and lose weight?)

      Yes, nen nen is the most important word to him, LOL!

  2. reminds me of the times when I was struggling bringing up my kids..
    Aden is so cute..

  3. aiden好可爱〜

  4. Time flies, and baby Aden is 9 months now...... Wow.!!!

  5. Great pictures, I see he likes cars.


  6. Aiyo he is so cute and very chubby too! Muacks!

  7. Oooo...time to move everything high high up...and put away all breakables.

  8. Aiden 很可爱~~
    小孩子都是贪新鲜的,所以我会买一些玩具 rotate 给他们玩,呵呵~~
    Aiden 的睡眠不错,我的孩子都不要睡觉的 >.<

  9. 赞同你所说的baby boy is much active and naughtier than a baby girl of same age. 有时我觉得我Ethan的力气还真的比energizer更耐久哦 =P 通常活动最多的是他, 但最累的还是照顾他的人! 哈哈~~ Ethan也不怎么喜欢玩玩具, 他还是喜欢到处趴趴走和mam mam!!
    找个机会让他们一起玩, 肯定有惊人场面!! 嘻嘻

  10. Aden的睡眠时间很让人羡慕,这样你也有足够的时间可以好好休息了!hehe..
    对啊,我也觉得小男孩的精力确实比小女孩旺盛,而且也会特别调皮(从我姐和友人那里获知 :P)
    无论如何,你是幸福的,小孩永远是上天赐给妈妈最好的礼物 :P

  11. Good to record your kids' growth in a blog.. i wish i could do that those days.. too bad no computer then.. hahaha...

  12. Aden单眼皮到很可爱!!以后很大可能走韩系路线~呵呵呵!!他的脸蛋也是很chubby,那两坨肉垂垂,很惹人索吻!!


  13. It's good to blog about his progress. You will feel very happy when you read these posts in the future :) Aden is very cute. He also likes the car steering like Chloe!

  14. aww, look at those pictures...how fast time flies :) maybe he will be an excellent F1 driver next time :P

    Latest: Dine in the Garden

  15. I enjoy reading aden milestones...
    Remind me of my girl..

  16. That's all for this post? I want more! I can't get bored looking at Aden.

    He's such a cutie pie <3

    I don't mind you have weekly post about him, really!

  17. I don't recall my boy being so active when he was about Aden's age. But he sure is very active and naughty now >.<

    1. Active shows that your boy is growing healthy and happily.

      The only downside is, mommy will be exhausted at the end of the day. But you can burn a lot of calories by running here and there to catch up with Aden.

    2. And that's how you stay fit and slim down fast :)

  18. Cute Aden, soon mommy will be more busy chasing him when he start walk around. Very nice long and curl eyelashes, so envy.

  19. He can sleep a lot and that's good! 90mins nap twice a day is really something every mother is looking for but not many gets that!

  20. I was like last time, very particular of my kids' sleeping time. It is good to have a routine when taking care of baby. You have done it right, Hayley.

    1. Keeping his old toys, and introducing to him again is a smart choice. Again, you have done it right.

    2. Aden is so blessed to have parents like you and your husband.

  21. Aden很可爱啊,加上你的形容,整个照片看起来有趣很多呢~ 九个月了啊~ 很快这样。

  22. It's good to record down their development. It's getting difficult to change my baby 's diaper too nowadays. She likes to flip when I lay her down.

    Aden is very cute. I'm jealous of his long eyelashes too.

  23. 我也是决定两个月一篇记录了,新年很忙,可能会拖更久@@

    Aden长大了,越来越可爱!!!^^ 亲一下先~~~
    但是我觉得他还是很苗条,不可能9kg!!!!!!! 哈哈!


    一样咯,拿到什么都放进嘴巴>_< Aden好棒哦!那么快就要长六颗牙了!好棒^^
    现在他会一直磨牙,那声音很geli, aden会吗?



  24. SIBEH KE AI!! T_T
    he still has this blurblur look that is so cute~ haha

  25. Aiyoyo....soooo cute!! I love his long eyelashes!!

  26. 他的睡眠时间让我羡慕,嘻嘻。
    Aden的睫毛好长好长,又翘,羡慕啊!=p (我发现男孩子的睫毛大多数长啊,我家男生,大大小小睫毛好长等的)

  27. How time flies. Aden is growing besutifully. Soon he is turning 1.


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