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Bbq night

CNY 2013 is now officially over. I had a good one this year, as Aden is here to share CNY with me (basically everyone in the family). Apart from eating non stop and put on weight, CNY is also about meeting up friends and relatives from other places.

My girl friends and I had a fun BBQ night on the 3rd day of CNY at Crystal's house.

The host, Crystal

It was near 8pm and Aden was hungry already

Same goes to En En girl

Lucas boy, he is 15 months-old but he looks much elder than that.... Well he inherited his mum's size hehe...

Baby Xiang also hungry already. He is a michelin baby! He's just 5 months-old but have the same weight as Aden now =_= But gotto admit he is super adorable!

Cheeky Wii, when we said 'show your handsome face', he'll show this expression

Mummies and babies

My humble family in red (purposely one)

Aden is wearing the romper I got for him from Canada

With Esther who is getting married this weekend.....

So there'll be another trip down South this weekend =)

My ex school mates

Group photo without Aden :( He was sleepy by then so we decided to send him home for MIL first since our house is only 5 mins away

3rd yee sang of the year! Seriously I thought Yee Sang was originated from HK, haha xD

Lou ar! Huat ar!

How come hubby is the only guy in the photo!

Eating time!

Still a bit more about my CNY and I'll sum them up in one post soon, before I write about my girls' trip to Port Dickson.
Do stay tune!


  1. 头香?!!
    Hayley的ang ang上衣很抢眼,幸好Aden的气势也不输你,呵呵!

    1. 谢谢索妈!嘻嘻。。

  2. Loves the 2nd picture of your son... hehe...

  3. Wait! Why is the title of the post differ from its content?

    BBQ night but I see only BB (aka babies) night outing? Hehehehe....

    Somehow, SP's usually-misleading-title syndrome has infected you :p

    1. BB - Cute Night mah, no meh? XD

    2. Haha I know... Forgot to snap pict of the BBQ pit.. :p

  4. There's a lot of people in the group photo!

    I'm glad that all of you guys still managed to squeeze time out for gathering, that's very nice :)

    1. Yes, I am glad too! Must keep this trend going~

  5. Yalor, how come your hubby is the only male in the lou yee sang photo? Where were all the boys? Were they busy taking care of their kids while mommies getting HUAT tossing the yee sang?

    1. You are right, all the men was busy looking after their kids...

  6. So cute that all babies were taking bottle and enjoying their milk time, while mummy got together and chit chat.

    1. Nothing stop you guys from meeting each other from bachelor till now, after being a parent. Thumbs up for the effort for meeting all friends in CNY.

    2. Thanks!

      We try to stick to this trend, hehe.. At least must have a gathering during CNY la~

  7. Replies
    1. Muahaha.. Forgot to snap pict la, but it really was a bbq night.

  8. 你的节目真的是 non-stop~~
    现在的朋友聚会 = baby 聚会了,呵呵~~

  9. 之前新国有和我们吵过说,鱼生是他们发明的,哈!现在还是没有一个答案!

    1. 哈哈是吗?


  10. you definitely had a very wonderful CNY i guess, look at those gatherings you had.. so nice!!

    1. all the babies look so cute and adorable, i want to pinch pinch their cheeks can?? yes, each and every one.. but i scared the "michelin baby" is too tough to handle, haha~~

    2. wah, got one dozen of beauties in the gathering!! you were from a girl's school last time?? how great to meet up, and all have babies about the same age, can share experience..

    3. so happy, gathering during CNY sure got "lou sang".. but i realized i have not "lou sang" at all this year!! OMG~~ @_@"

    4. Pinch their cheeks ar? Cannot la, sayang can la!

      Yep, I was from girls school =)

  11. Hi Hayley, very nice pics. This year we did not have any yee sang.
    Can see you all had fun this CNY. Your Aden really growing up fast!

  12. 我喜欢你的红色上衣(看一次讲一次哈哈)

    1. 嘻嘻谢谢gal~


  13. Aden so rajin to hold his own bottle!

  14. many cute babies around. I love going to such gathering where adult can enjoy meeting up and children can meet new friends.

  15. Wow everyone with a baby except Esther and still can hold an open house. I remembered when my friends and I were busy with our newborns, social life was non-existent! So sad :(

    1. Oh really? But I think thats normal too, since everyone is busy with their own families...

  16. so nice to have such gathering. All my ex-schoolmates were scattered around the world. haha......we hardly have a chance to have gathering. Even if we do, only 2 - 3 person will turn up. sad.

    1. Hmm, 2-3 is better than none! But of course the more the merrier la!

  17. it was fun to have gathering with friends.

  18. 妈咪的红色上衣真的很美!当然妈咪的脸很美我才顺便称赞那衣服,哈哈!

  19. Wow such a big gathering. The babies are cute. :)

  20. Baby Aden can take bottle by himself,so cute^^

  21. Wow! So guys always have a gathering. Cool...

  22. Nice gathering. Aden holding his bottle for milk, so mommy senang lah compared to the other 2 babies keke.

    1. Yes it really saves me a lot of time!


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