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CNY 2013: Let's eat and get drunk!

Regarding the malware infection issue, I still have no idea how to solve it, like completely. I did report this issue to the Chrome's help desk but (as expected) there's no reply til now. Seems like it only surface for Chrome's users, cause if I log in using other browsers like IE, it works fine.

My IE is slow like tortoise that's why I switched to Chrome earlier on. Anyway, I do appreciate your comments and feedbacks, so far I've changed my Blogger password and removed chloeruoyi's link temporarily from my blogroll, everything is ok so far. Shall keep on monitoring.

Back to the topic, this is part of my CNY activity, it happened on the 7th day of CNY, at one of the Chinese restaurant here in Taiping.
My ex colleague, Yvonne messaged me in FB the other day and asked if I'm interested to join the CNY dinner gathering held by my ex company (as ex staffs are welcomed). After checking with my MIL who can helped me to look after Aden, I replied to Yvonne YES! 
Of course (as usual), this is a A-A styled dinner, RM 50 per person.

119 is my lucky draw number, did I get anything in the end? Scroll to the bottom and you'll know.

The menu that night, so that you can match which is which later.

3 beautiful mummies most of you are familiar with ^^

Long time no see!

The ladies...

Get to know 2 new guys (standing at 2nd and 3rd from left) in IT department 

This is a great opportunity for us to snap a lot of photos!  

I was told that the Japanese sitting in the middle is a funny guy, I agree, somehow he looks funny to me.. Haha xD

With Angeline who has gone MIA in blogging for some times........

With Yannie 

With Ah Hua aka Yvonne

With Lorita

With Karen

And here's the food (no captions needed as you can refer to the menu above):

We had some Whisky, Budweiser beer and this Choya mei jiu from Japan

Everyone (especially the men) had fun! Most of them were already high drunk even before the food were served. I don't wanna be too rude but seriously, Japanese can be quite crazy and scary when they were drunk There was a Japanese man came and kneeled down very close to me, held my 2 hands very tight and trying to say something to me (sorry I don't know Japanese), actually I don't think he knows what he speaks also la!

I just smiled and be very careful in the case of any salt pig hands (if you know what I mean). Luckily I wasn't wearing too sexy that night, and thank God nothing unwanted happened.

As for the lucky draw, I got no luck that night, may be because I din't gamble at all during this CNY! Haha xD

Last but not least, thanks Yvonne for inviting me to the dinner. I got to see many new faces (too bad no leng zai T_T), got updated on what's going on in the company, and most of all, enjoyed myself laughing and taking photos with you ladies.

Weekend's here so enjoy yourself ok! No updates this weekend as I'll be heading South to a fun girls night out!
See ya next week~


  1. Food looks really good! Hello, everybody!!! Qong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nien Kuai Le...and Happy Chap Goh Meh!

  2. this is good, the ex-staff can also join the fun, i like the idea!! it allows the old meeting the new, haha~~

    1. aiyoh why you so mean say there is no leng chai at all?? this will hurt all the leng chai's in your ex-company lah, haha!!

    2. so good, you meet up with the Y&Y Sistaz!! then three of you form the Three Golden Flowers of Taiping!! :)

    3. the japanese sitting in the middle, hmmm, somehow he makes me think of Twilight Man.. maybe when TM is older and slims down, he will look like that~~~ :D

    4. Wah! Is SK saying TM still young and rounder? LOL! Actually the Japanese is quite young, he is only as old as SK. But maybe he got tensed sitting surrounded by leng chai and leng lui, thus frowned his face and looked like an uncle.

      p/s: Annay TM looks young frankly :)

    5. Haha nvm, they don't know my blog, but really la, no leng zai one!

      Haha Three Golden Flowers of Taiping sounds old leh~

  3. Glad we meet up that day, it's been so long!

    1. Return today to leave more comments, yesterday Blogspot sucked!

      The food was better than the dinner we attended a week earlier. The people got more crazier, perhaps because the BIGGEST Japanese boss didn't attend it.

    2. I was surprised myself to see them (Japanese) so anticipating and sporting during the dinner. Usually they are extremely serious at work and you can't even joke with them.

      Gosh, they are so professional, haha!

    3. Yvonne, thanks for inviting me!

      Yea, the food was nice that night. It was also fun to see how the crazy the Japanese went, haha xD

  4. 喝到太醉真的是挺恐怖下的


    1. 就是,不过大家都很开心啦~

  5. Good food in abundance and nice to catch up with ex-colleagues.

  6. wow! why not 118!! yi yi fatt mah XD

    ;) Happy CNY as in now havent pass chor 15 yet hehe

    1. The number was not chosen by me la~

  7. It was great having you around. You completed our Company gathering.

  8. 哇!好丰富耶!RM50人头收费,我觉得挺合理。

    1. 嗯,还好,不会贵!


  9. 五福喜临门看起来很好吃,呵呵~~

    1. 那还好,喝过醉真的很怕人一下。。

  10. Let's eat and get drunk not get fat kah? haha

  11. 你跟你旧同事的感情真好!


    那梅酒是啤酒外我的最爱!!!听说女子喝了很好,但是不懂什么好!哈哈!我很喜欢喝 =)

    1. 对,我也听说过。。不过就忘了是什么好!

  12. Looks good!
    Any young hot Jap chicks to intro?

  13. wow all the eating gonna makes you fat.. ha ha.. this year apart from the reunion dinner, there was no other heavy eating for me
    Maybe you look japanese, that's why that man was trying to tackle you?

    1. Johnnie, I dont think I look like Japanese la! :p

  14. awww you all looking wonderful and wow at the food

  15. great dinner with former colleagues :) btw, i think chloe's blog has linked to chin nee's blog - hence, the malware problem which started from demoments blog. Chin Nee is aware what happened and is fixing it :)

  16. You took some excellent pictures, certainly the one with the three mummies.


  17. Happy new year Hayley!!!
    the dish all look so tempting!!!

    and i love ur outfit(bcz of the lace design ^^)

    1. Thanks gal! I love that lace design too, too bad it's a bit loose now..

  18. 喝太醉真的太恐怖了啦!幸好会好好保护自己。

    1. 哈哈一样啦,我也忘了是什么好。。反正喝一点点就是了;))

  19. What a sumptuous dinner with great friends! The three mummies looks beautiful!

  20. Wow, all the leng lui mummies! Great food, great fellowship!

  21. Very nice gathering. Oh yes where is Angeline been ar? MIA for so long.

    1. Yalo, I think she is busy as usual...


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